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  1. I’d rather a present day scenario since it is easiest role play what we know.
  2. It appears that the respectable individuals on both sides of the aisle in the Senate have chosen to take sides according to party loyalty. However, the President does not seem to be too concerned about this particular confirmation vote. Therefore, it could appear that Senator Braun's accusers may have merit in their objections. Though, I am a member of the House of Representatives, not the Senate. My opinion on this matter does not affect the outcome of the hearing.
  3. I am excited to hear that both houses of congress can come together and voice our support for all small businesses and their owners. I want them to know that even though it may seem that they are forgotten amidst the continuous grinding of the political machine we absolutely wish their wellbeing and success. Not every success story has to be about corporations and the powerful companies. The small businesses of America are just as important to the enterprising spirit of America and the success of the economy.
  4. Voting Record of Congressman Nathan Jarreau (R-LA 6) Votes in Favor (Aye) 1. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2001 2. National Small Business Week 4. Recognize and Organize Act of 2001 5. Military Readiness Investigation Board Act of 2001 6. Resolution expressing condolences of the House of Representatives to the families of the victims of the attack on the USS Cole 7. Criminal Justice Act of 2001 Votes Against (Nay) Abstentions (Present)
  5. Good afternoon to you all. It is truly a beautiful yet chilly morning here in the capital and yet it is a great time to be here. I want to first extend my deepest of gratitudes to the people of Louisiana's 6th congressional district for allowing me to serve them. I may not be a mater of law or political science, but my knowledge of the history of how human have treated one another gives me great insight into the tasks ahead. I will fight not just for what the Republican fights for, but what the human dignity demands me to fight for. I hope I can look back at my time here and say that I helped to make better the lives of all citizens and not just those that give me political gain. I am truly a servant of my constituents and I hope I can bring insight to the conversations we currently have whether that be about education, infrastructure, and of course one of the most vital: the defense of the human life both of the unborn and even the imprisoned. I wish the President and my comrades well, and I look forward to a productive first quarter here. I now invite you to ask any questions you may have for me.
  6. Wonderess

    The Gaggle

    Congressman Nathan Jarreau: "I am excited to hear that our president cares and is willing to do something about the state of education in our country. However, I do hope that the usual poison of partisan politics does not end up favoring some states over others. Education is one area that the state of Louisiana is hard at work to improve. Perhaps the current administration will be gracious enough and open enough to come and speak to us and our constituents so that this legislation can potentially better the education of the entire nation and not just places that are in the media's spotlight."
  7. Hello! I had a question about the parliamentary rules of the House. I attended a mock government event in high school and the motion to move the previous question was used as a mechanism to table outstanding amendments. Is it able to be used in the same way here? Also, does the bill author have the ability to claim an amendment from a colleague as hostile or friendly? (Hostile allowing for debate and a simple majority vote and friendly immediately allowing the amendment to join the main bill)
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