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  1. Tapp


    @SenMattWilliams: "For the last four years, we’ve dealt with a Republican White House and Senate that has acted exclusively in the interests of their corporate allies. I, on the other hand, believe that our economy can lift up all Americans, but only when our public servants protect the people and make sure all citizens have their fair shot and opportunity at prosperity." -@MartinArroyo
  2. Tapp


    @SenMattWilliams: Catherine Williams is stopped in her tracks after being confronted about courting big donors while Senator Arroyo was out working for the common man. #ANCDemDebate
  3. Tapp


    @SenMattWilliams: Is Senator Williams seriously questioning the experience of @MartinArroyo, a combat veteran, to handle pressure of presidency? @SenMattWilliams: It is uncalled for that Senator Williams would disparage and diminish @MartinArroyo service in the Armed Forces. This is an insult to veterans like myself everywhere.
  4. Mr. Chairman, I motion for UC. I yield.
  5. Tapp


    @SenMattWilliams: Today my dear friend @SenatorKingKong and I introduced the #SAFEAct which is a bipartisan bill regarding gun control in this country. Tune into our press conference here.
  6. Tapp


    @SenMattWilliams: The President has gone too far in vetoing the Georgia Support Act. I will be voting to override his veto.
  7. Senators Williams of Ohio and Kong of Rhode Island hold a press conference after introducing the SAFE Act to Congress. Today my friend Senator Kong and I introduced our SAFE Act that will change how we treat guns in this country. We have lost too many of our fellow countrymen to senseless gun violence and we decided it was time to put partisan issues aside and work out a compromise bill. The SAFE Act is a bipartisan compromise bill. It has elements that we believe people across this great land will be able to get behind regardless of their political ideologies. For example, Democrats should love that we made the background check process more intense while Republicans should love that we are letting them carry guns in their cars nationally and they will no longer have to worry about what state they are in and checking the local laws. We see this bill as a big step in the right direction for curtailing the number of innocent deaths that happen every year. This is what we were sent to Washington to do after all. To work across the aisle and pass legislation that makes America safer and advances our great nation. I’m confident this bill will do just that. I hope my fellow Senators and then my colleagues in the House will support this bill and send it to the President’s desk for his approval. Now to say a few words before we take your questions is my dear friend Senator Kong of Rhode Island. Thank you, Senator Williams. Today we struck a blow for bipartisanship and cooperation to help provide a solution to a problem which has been marred by party politics for far too long. Today with the SAFE act Senator Williams and I have provided a way for both parties to come together and keep people safe while not infringing on their constitutional right to protect themselves, and we both hope that this will be a symbol to continue to fight against gun violence from a bi partisan perspective. We also hope that both parties will put the American people above petty PACs and partisan politics to send this bill to the President's desk soon, thank you all. We will now answer your questions.
  8. Tapp

    Fantasy Baseball

    I unfortunately don't think is going to work. My apologies to the two who showed an interest.
  9. Tapp

    SAFE Act of 2019

    116th Congress S. X IN THE SENATE Mr. Williams of Ohio and Mr. Kong of Rhode Island, for themselves introduce A BILL To establish a national system of gun laws for the United States of America. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Sec. 1 Short Name This act may be cited as the “Sensible American Firearm Enforcement Act” or “SAFE Act” Sec. 2 Definitions and Legality Both of the established federal definitions of “handgun” or “long gun” will be used in this bill. “Assault weapon” is any weapon that will accept and use “a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition.” This bill will override any pre-existing federal, state, or municipal law or ordinance relating to firearm safety or purchasing. This will bill go into effect immediately upon its constitutional passage. Sec. 3 State Permit Each state shall be required to establish a permit that will be used to purchase and own a firearm within their borders. This permit will be acquired by the owner of the firearm during the background check procedure as detailed in Sec. 6 of this bill. Each state shall recognize the permit of another state as being legal. Sec. 4 Assault Weapons Anything below a military grade assault weapon shall be legal to purchase. Weapons listed in the National Firearm Act are still restricted. Sec. 5 Carrying the firearm All handguns and assault weapons will have to be registered with the US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Long guns do not have to be registered. Firearms in the car Handguns will be allowed to be carried in vehicles if they are unloaded and safely locked away. Long guns are not allowed to be carried in vehicles on a daily basis. People travelling across state lines will not be stopped purely because of a firearm if they are following the law described in Sec. 5.2(1) and Sec 5.2(2) Firearms when in the home must be locked away in a secure certified safe. Sec. 6 Background Check for receiving a permit or firearm All states will use this process when giving out a license/permit or overseeing the purchase of a firearm. Take a firearm class and pass a firing test, and retake the firing test every 5 years to be recertified. Get a doctor’s note saying you are mentally fit and do not have a history of drug abuse. Apply for a permit to take firing training. Pass a review of your criminal history, gun possession record, employment, involvement with organized crime groups, personal debt and relationships with friends, family and neighbors. Obtain a certificate from a gun dealer describing the gun you want. Buy a gun safe and an ammunition locker that meet safety regulations. Allow the police to inspect your gun storage and have it checked every 5 years with owner present at time of check.
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