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    Marshall Amendment 1

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    Motion to Strike: Section 3

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    Homes for our Veterans Act

    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ______________________________ Mr. Kahuhu of WASHINGTON (for himself and others) A BILL To create a program within the VA that will provide the support and benefits our homeless veterans so desperately deserve and need. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Section 101. Table of Contents Section 101. Table of Contents Section 102. Short Title Section 103. Program Section 104. Services Section 105. Funding Section 106. Enactment Section 102. Short Title. a. This Act may be titled, the “Homes for our Veterans Act.” Section 103. Program. a. The “VA Homes for the Homeless” program is now created within the VA system that will provide the following services listed in Section 104. Section 104. Services. a. The services these veterans homes will provide some or all of the following, as determined by the homes themselves: b. Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Housing Recreational Activities Social Services Volunteer Programs Hospice Nutritious Meals Community Involvement Religious Programs Transportation Laundry Beauty & Barber Shops Fishing Ponds Patriotic Interment Services c. The VA Secretary will be allowed to add any other services to the program. Section 105. Funding. a. The VA will be able to take a maximum of 100 Million dollars out of the VA Budget to establish this new program. The Department of Veterans Affairs will cooperate with the States to determine the location of construction sites for these homes. Section 106. Enactment. a. This bill will take effect immediately after signed by the President of the United States. ---END---
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    Storm I on Domestic Violence Prevention Act

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    Marshal I on Drug Importation Reform Act

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    Marshal II on Drug Importation Reform Act

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    Press Gaggle

    Name: Zander Kahuhu Party: Republican Agency: The Federal Way Mirror ”I introduced the “Homes for our Veterans Act” because I believe, like many of my fellow Americans do, that veterans deserve these sorts of benefits because they fought for our freedom and without them, our country wouldn’t be where it is today, the best in the World. I will eternally be grateful for their sacrifices for us and our rights. Homeless veterans usually are a result of poor soldier to civilians transitioning and this isn’t their fault and shouldn’t be, so this bill helps to solve that issue and will help out homeless veterans that fought for our freedom! Of course, it’s not a perfect bill, and it won’t be, but it will work for now, as we continue to seek better alternatives and more ideas that can add to the proposal.”
  8. Kahuhu Introduces Bill to Help Homeless Veterans Earlier today, Congressman Zander Kahuhu, Republican from Washington’s 8th Congressional District, introduced Legislation, titled “Homes for our Veterans Act” to establish a new “Homeless Veteran program” within the Department of Veterans Affairs. It gives the VA special permission to build VA Home Centers specifically to temporarily House and help homeless veterans and it also includes housing services like hospice, laundry, fishing ponds, Therapy, religious programs, and recreational activities like mini golf and pool tables. When asked why Congressman Kahuhu introduced the legislation, his response was, “Because veterans helped me and my constituents have the freedom we have today, the right to free speech, religion, life, liberty and many of them risk their life for it. We must pay them back and give them the respect they deserve.” The bill also gives the VA permission to cooperate with State Agencies to find land to build these homes on and States will also be encouraged to provide their own funding for infrastructure costs.
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    Multilingual Radio Act

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    Press Office of Zander Kahuhu (R-WA-8)

    Kahuhu Nominated as RNC Chair WASHINGTON, D.C- Zander Kahuhu (R-WA) is now the new RNC Chair after being nominated and seconded as the only nominee for Chairman. Kahuhu's voting record is very conservative, as an original author of several pro life and pro military bills. The nomination came after Kahuhu's proposal of the Green Card Act which makes citizenship a easier process for non criminals and provides a merit based system for criminals. On the Chair Nomination, Kahuhu stated, "It's been a privilege serving as a advocate for the Unborn, a fighter for our gun rights and a believer in smaller Government." Kahuhu describes himself as a paleoconservative and is also a strong nationalist. "Being a Republican means you support our businesses, our military, our rights, and most importantly, this great Nation." Congressman Kahuhu is considered to be one of the most conservative elected officials to ever come out of Washington State, a fairly Blue State.
  11. Zander Kahuhu

    Press Office of Zander Kahuhu (R-WA-8)

    Kahuhu Introduces Bipartisan Green Card Act of 1987 WASHINGTON, D.C- Earlier today, Congressman Zander Kahuhu (R-WA) introduced a piece of legislation he calls "bipartisan but not perfect and needs lots of work", it is titled, the "Green Card Act of 1987". It does many things including creating a merit based system for migrants who are convicted criminals, for example they have to be proficient in English and have a college degree of some sort, not meeting the merit results in immediate deportation, however, migrants that are not convicted criminals, will now have a easier pathway to citizenship, must they choose to follow it, and also migrants who have immediate family legally residing in the US get the easiest pathway, meaning lower fees and less waiting times. "It's not a perfect bill and it is quite vague, however, I believe in bipartisan compromise and hope I'll be able to fix it as we get it to the Floor so it can be as close to a perfect bill as possible. It should be a bipartisan bill and I hope we can fix it and make it better." Kahuhu stated on the bill. The idea came to him from a constituent claiming to be a legal immigrant concerned about the current immigration system and the influx of illegal immigrants coming in, "This is true bipartisan immigration reform." Kahuhu said.

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