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    Marshall Amendment 1

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    Motion to Strike: Section 3

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    Storm I on Domestic Violence Prevention Act

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    Marshal I on Drug Importation Reform Act

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    Marshal II on Drug Importation Reform Act

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    Press Gaggle

    Name: Zander Kahuhu Party: Republican Agency: The Federal Way Mirror ”I introduced the “Homes for our Veterans Act” because I believe, like many of my fellow Americans do, that veterans deserve these sorts of benefits because they fought for our freedom and without them, our country wouldn’t be where it is today, the best in the World. I will eternally be grateful for their sacrifices for us and our rights. Homeless veterans usually are a result of poor soldier to civilians transitioning and this isn’t their fault and shouldn’t be, so this bill helps to solve that issue and will help out homeless veterans that fought for our freedom! Of course, it’s not a perfect bill, and it won’t be, but it will work for now, as we continue to seek better alternatives and more ideas that can add to the proposal.”

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