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  1. Perez

    Leave of Absence Thread

    I will be on a LOA for at least another day or so as I continue to recover from eye surgery . Can't wait to be back in action in full!
  2. Name: Annabeth Perez State: Pennsylvania Majority/Minority: Majority Chair/RM/Member: Member
  3. As Chairwoman of the RNC, I am invoking Article 5 Section 6. DNA Shall be stripped of war room access for the maximum allocated 96 hours, at which time the party shall seek permanent removal for attempting to undermine the operations of the party, a direct violation of the charter. I have a screenshot of each statement in this topic and dare it be deleted like the other two.
  4. Perez


    Unfortunately for you, you are incorrect.
  5. Please remove @Dioxyribosenucleicacid's access to the RNC WarRoom.
  6. Mr. President, I second the motion for cloture. I Yield
  7. Perez

    Speaker of the House Vacancy

    Ruling of the Chair is Sustained
  8. Perez


    Congratulations Conrad!
  9. Perez

    Convention City Choices Debate

    Philadelphia will be the site of the Convention. Please do not make an announcement until the RNC Press Statement on it is released!
  10. Perez

    VOTE: Senate Rules

  11. Perez

    Motion to Suspend and Pass

  12. Perez

    Speaker of the House Vacancy

    That does not even make sense.
  13. Perez

    Speaker of the House Vacancy

    Votes are for only the individual...not the character.

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