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  1. Madam Chairwoman, I would note that this bill does not have a plain English summary as required by the rules and ask that it therefore be withdrawn from the docket. I am also slightly confused as to as to the purpose of this bill. It appears designed to hand out hardworking taxpayers’ money to a limited selection of the author’s favorite schools. What evidence is there that the schools need these funds? Is there really no better use for these funds? I yield
  2. Madam Chairwoman, I want to state my support for this legislation and will offer an amendment to improve it further. Family farms are the backbone of much of our country, yet in my district and in districts throughout rural America families are being forced out of farm work and selling property that has been with them for generations to developers and to corporate farms. Why? Largely because our tax code gives huge advantages to corporate farms and huge tax bills to family farms. My district produces more tart cherries than I believe any other congressional district does, and most of our orchards are owned by family farmers. Every single one of those farmers worries about what will happen to the farm when they pass away. Many don't know how they will be able to pay the estate tax and keep the farm. Others plan to sell off most of the farm and continue farming just a bit of their original land. This is unethical and hurts our family farmers right when they are already hurting from the death of a loved one. That's why I support this bill and why I move to amend by adding the following provision: Thank you, I yield.

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