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  1. Ashcroft

    Leave of Absence

    Should have posed this a while ago, but IRL things prevent me from being active until Monday
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  4. Ashcroft

    Storm 1

  5. Ashcroft

    Motion to Recommit

  6. Ashcroft

    Committee Rosters - 115th US Congress

    ASFAJ Calvin McConnell Coburn (R-KY) - Ranking Member Dylan Macmillan (R-UT) Elias Richmond (R-PA) HELP Diego Zamora (R-NM) - Ranking Member Bob Smith (R-WY) Caroline Jefferson (R-TX)
  7. Ashcroft


    Hugh S. Merchant - @HughMerchant  Sen. Storm must resign as PPT after his flagrant misuse of the gavel.
  8. Ashcroft

    Press Office of Hugh Merchant (R-SC)

    MERCHANT: STORM MUST RESIGN AS PRO TEM Q1 2017 | Press Release #14 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Minority Leader Hugh Merchant (R-SC) officially called for the resignation of the President pro tempore of the Senate from his position as an officer of the Senate and demanded that he hand the gavel to qualified Democrat who will fairly enforce the rules of the Senate, irrespective of their partisan leanings. Merchant's demand comes after numerous cases of Storm's abuses of office, including calling Republican senators to order for no other reason than their partisan critiques and breaking the Senate rules and lying about consulting the parliamentarian to pass his own legislation without a Senate vote. "The Senate functions because it has rules, rules designed to protect the minority while making sure the chamber can still govern. Senator Storm - who's supposed to be enforcing the rules - has shown a blatant disregard for them. He's abusing the gavel to punish minority Senators who have done nothing more than criticise his party; he's abused his office to try to pass a bill without a Senate vote, and then claimed to have consulted the parliamentarian when there is no record of such a consultation. He's a disgrace to the office, and until he steps down, I do not anticipate this Congress being able to pass so much as a post office designation bill. If Senator Storm does not come quietly, we as a caucus are prepared to take every action in our power to get him out." -Romain D'Amato, Press Secretary
  9. Ashcroft

    Committee Rosters - 115th US Congress

    ASFAJ Caroline Jefferson (R-TX) - Ranking Member Calvin McConnell Coburn (R-KY) Elias Richmond (R-PA) HELP Diego Zamora (R-NM) - Ranking Member Bob Smith (R-WY) Dylan Macmillan (R-UT)
  10. Ashcroft

    Mandatory Minimum Reform Act of 2017

    On a point of order, Mr. President, a request for unanimous consent cannot be made if other action has been taken on the bill, such as amendments, etc. - as these are implied to be indications of non-consent. I trust you are aware of this fact, and yield.
  11. Ashcroft

    Letter of Protest

    Hugh S. Merchant United States Senator, South Carolina Senate Minority Leader Mr. President pro tempore, I am writing to express my deep disappointment and protest at your recent actions in the debate on the Hawaiian Homeownership Opportunity Act of 2017, in which you, in a partisan manner unbecoming of the office of President pro tempore of the Senate, abused your authority to harass members of my minority caucus. In the first instance, you accused the Senator from New Mexico, Diego Zamora, of breaching decorum in a speech in which he stated nothing more than his opinion of the Democratic majority. When I raised a point of inquiry to ask how his speech had, in any way, breached decorum, you ignored my inquiry. Then, when the Senator protested and sought answers, you issued him with a warning, alongside another Senator who voiced his support of the Senator's protest. The duty of the President pro tempore is to act as an impartial moderator in debate, calling out Senators when they have violated rules (not merely insulted partisan leanings) and ensuring that debate is conducted fairly, that all sides, opinions, and leanings are heard, and that rules and procedures are enforced. Your conduct in office has not reflected this duty. I therefore regrettably must ask you to reconsider your position as President pro tempore and contemplate whether you are, in fact, the best man for the job. I would formally demand that you issue an apology to both the Senators from Wyoming and New Mexico for your unstatesmanlike conduct and revoke your warning issued earlier in debate. If you are unable to demonstrate impartiality while in the Chair, my caucus will have no choice but to begin taking action to protect our rights as a minority in the chamber and seek your removal from the Chair. Yours sincerely, U.S. Senator, South Carolina Senate Minority Leader

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