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  1. Ashcroft

    Election of the Speaker

    Mr Speaker, Pursuant to section 1 of the Rules of the House, I request that the Speaker-designate hand the gavel to the clerk of the House for the formal election of the Speaker. I yield.
  2. Ashcroft

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Paul Cavalieri Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Orange County Register I'm glad the Majority Leader did the right thing and removed his brother from the committee. I hope we can put this issue behind us and focus on doing what's right by our country and focusing on the issues that voters want solved.
  3. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    Anyways, that's all the time we have, thank you all for your questions, have a good day. Cavalieri leaves the press room with staff in tow.
  4. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    I'm not sure what you're referring to Kirk, maybe you ought to take a breather.
  5. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    I'm going to refrain from commenting on an ongoing investigation of that sort. What I will say is that for many years - decades even - Washington has been getting more and more out of touch with average American voters. The American people aren't happy with what goes on in this city, and rightly so. Too often politicians here on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the capital mess around, fudge the rules, and play dirty to score political points, focused not on what is right, not on what is ethical, not on what will help the people of this country, but rather what's best for them come election season. Both parties are at fault, and that's why it will take both parties to fix it. Under my leadership, I hope that Republicans can lead the way in this bipartisan effort to restore our democracy and return power and influence from the lobbyists, from the politicians, and to the people.
  6. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    Now with that, that's all the questions I'll be taking about the King investigation, if anyone has questions pertaining to this broader government reform agenda, I'm happy to field them at this time.
  7. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    One of my staffers will give you a copy of the rules of the committee. Feel free to dig in if you want, but the summary is – yes, the Chairman can call a hearing, and yes, the Chairman can subpoena witnesses to an investigation. A Cavalieri staffer gives Kirk Roman a copy of the committee rules.
  8. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    Well, it's not my perspective, Kirk, it's longstanding precedent, virtually since the first committee on Ways and Means was established in 1795. *Chuckles* I'll let you dig through the relevant laws, rules, and precedent and you'll find I'm correct, or you could just ask anyone who's worked on the Hill more than ten minutes.
  9. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    I'll give one answer for both questions – Ranking Member Williams was handed the gavel of the committee by Chairman King, and with it the authority thereof, including the authority to unilaterally call witnesses and the authority to carry on the investigation that Chairman King convened himself. The Chairman has these powers – he does not need a committee vote to convene a hearing, call a witness, or issue a subpoena – and he willingly handed them to the Ranking Member for the duration of the hearing when he handed her the gavel, rightly I might add. I have to say I take it with a grain of salt when a third King intervenes in the hearing about nepotism to defend his brother who's accused of favoring his other brother. The noise from the progressive faction of the DNC about the hearing being 'illegal' is pretty silly and we're not really thinking too much about it. Thanks for your question.
  10. Ashcroft

    Press Conference: Government Reform

    Nepotism is already explicitly illegal under the current law, but we want to strengthen those rules for Congress specifically regarding all kinds of insider appointments. Nepotism is only the most obvious form of this kind of abuse of office – we want important positions in Congress to be filled by the most qualified, not the most connected, individuals.
  11. Ashcroft

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Paul Cavalieri Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Orange County Register When the core of your argument is about procedure, rather than substance, you know you've lost. The hearing into the Majority Leader's conduct was fully legal, Ranking Member Williams was clearly given the authority of the Chairman, and the Majority Leader's testimony tells you all you need to know. He knows he committed nepotism, he knows it's wrong, and he did it anyways. That's all there is to it.
  12. Ashcroft

    Press Office of Paul Cavalieri (R-CA)

    CAVALIERI: KING HEARINGS RAISE SERIOUS ETHICAL, LEGAL QUESTIONS Q1 1987 | Press Release #5 WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Minority Leader Paul Cavalieri (R-Fullerton) made a statement to the press regarding the ongoing hearings on Majority Leader King's decision to appoint his brother as Chairman of the AFSAJ Committee. "The Majority Leader himself has said – and these are his words – that 'nepotism degrades our democracy.' And yet that is exactly what he did, it's the dictionary definition of nepotism: giving a job to your relative that you have control over. Nothing that Majority Leader King has said contradicts the fact that he committed an act of nepotism. Whether it fits the legal definition is up to the courts, and I think that these hearings have brought forward sufficient evidence for the Department of Justice to open an investigation. But legal definitions aside, from an ethical perspective, the Majority Leader's actions are undoubtedly wrong – and even he acknowledges that nepotism is a very serious ethical violation. Mr. King should either rescind his brother's appointment and apologize to the American people – or step down from his position and make room for somebody with the moral fiber that his job requires." -Mark Keys, Press Secretary
  13. Ashcroft

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Paul Cavalieri Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Orange County Register Majority Leader King has just told the AFSAJ Committee that he believes "nepotism degrades our democracy." The question has to be asked then, why does he do it?

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