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  1. Mr. Chairman, I am a strong believer in Senator Rabin’s bill on this issue today. When you talk about Israel having defensible borders, when we talk about ensuring a reality in the Middle East where Israel and all of its neighbors- not just the Palestinians, but the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Jordanians, and everyone else, can live in peace, you must start with the Golan Heights. The number of times that Israel has been attacked by Syria in its history means that Israeli control of this area, in the absence of a Camp David style agreement between Israel and Syria, is absolutely necessary for peace. Israeli control of the Golan Heights will ensure that Israel’s borders are defensible while they do not get along with their neighbors. Israel does not pose a threat to Syria- it is Al-Assad, who functionally serves as a client state of Moscow and Tehran, who poses the threat. Israeli control of the Golan Heights ensures that Syria cannot make good on that threat. As a Congress that is an ally of Israel, of course, we must look for solutions of long-term peace in the region- that, ultimately is what is best for everybody involved- from Israel, to Syria, to the Palestinians and their future state. That said, we cannot do so at the expense of indefensible borders, and this makes sure that any future peace settlement can have a secure Israel at its heart. I yield the floor.
  2. Mr. Chairman, A question for the Secretary of Defense, when he returns to this hearing. Of course, I was able to work closely with him to adopt the proposal regarding the Space Force. Does the Secretary see this as a necessary undertaking of the United States military to ensure that we maintain our strong military capabilities, considering that we were the last of the five permanent members of the Security Council to even establish a Space Command? And, of course, that does not even mention India, who has had one since 2010. Does the Secretary not also agree that, unlike the beliefs of my colleague from Minnesota, that there is no reason for the idea of a U.S. Space Force to violate the Outer Space Treaty? I yield the floor.
  3. Wilder


    Also, no errors in my trade legislation. If POTUS didn't care about North American trade (1/3) He wouldn't have renegotiated- he would've withdrew. The importance of the trade area is undersrood in D.C. (2/3) And that's why Congress must pass this bill. (3/3)
  4. Wilder


    Stepping down as Senate Majority Leader. Honored to have (1/3) Enjoyed the confidence of my colleagues to serve for as long as I did. (2/3) Looking forward to continue to serving the people of Utah. (3/3)
  5. Mr. President, I strongly rise in this House against the adoption of the Bautista amendments. They threaten the path of a sensible way forward for the people of Puerto Rico to offer a clear, and emphatic, endorsement of statehood, and instead, just threaten to rush Puerto Rico to a permanent status change that, frankly, they have not endorsed. This path to statehood offers the people of Puerto Rico a choice- one that, authorized explicitly by Congress, will send a message that we should act. And if, they unequivocally support statehood, then we should grant it, and I think it would be fairly easy for the United States Congress to find the votes to introduce Puerto Rico as the 51st state. There's no need for this to e a partisan fight- let's have a bipartisan effort, to welcome a Puerto Rico into the United States that strongly supports being the 51st state. That is the smart way to go, that is the responsible path to take, and that is the path I hope that this body can pass. I yield the floor.
  6. Mr. President, I ask that you docket the nomination of Sarah Elizabeth Vincent for Attorney General of the United States at your earliest convenience Thank you very much.
  7. Wilder


    Proud to introduce legislation to pass the USMCA. Protecting the North American Free Trade Area, responsible for over one trillion dollars of economic activity is extremely important. (1/2) Leaving that free trade area would be absolutely irresponsible. And this agreement makes that area stronger, and more conducive to American jobs. (2/2)
  8. Senator McKnight(R-GA) replaces Senator Kahuhu(R-WA) on HELP.
  9. Senator Wilder congratulates Los Angeles on successful Amazon bid, releases public details of Salt Lake City Proposal WASHINGTON D.C.- Senator Orson Wilder, the Senate Majority Leader, spoke to reporters in the aftermath of Amazon picking Los Angeles for their HQ2 Part 2. He thanked Amazon for their consideration of Salt Lake City in the process, saying that the process had allowed Salt Lake City to raise its profile in the nation, and to raise the reputation of Utah's state capitol. He then promised to release the full contents of the bid presented to Amazon by himself and Senator Phelps, in order to allow the process of full transparency to take place.
  10. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES Mr. Wilder of Utah, on behalf of the White House, for himself and others, hereby introduces A BILL To enhance trade between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and for other purposes Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States in the Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE This bill shall be called the 'North American Trade Enhancement Act'. SECTION 2: FINDINGS This Congress finds that 1) It is in the interest of the United States to have an agreement that facilitates economic cooperation between the United States, Mexico, and Canada 2) The North American free trade area, consisting of 450 million living in democracies, is an important component of economic strength in the region 3) Free Trade in North America is worth $1.17 trillion on an annual basis as of 2017, and adding barriers to that trade threatens jobs and economic growth in the United States SECTION 3: RATIFICATION OF USMCA 1) This legislation shall act as ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and all of its necessary provisions SECTION 4. ENACTMENT This bill shall be enacted upon its constitutional passage into law
  11. Mr. President, I ask that you pull S.5 Choices in Education Act Thank you very much.
  12. With the retirement(sign out) of the PPT, and the lack of a Deputy, Senator Rabin of Ohio will assume the gavel until the Senate Majority elects one. (This done with the explicit permission of the Chief Admin). @Avner
  13. Senator Bill Baudin(R-AR) replaces Senator Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo(R-FL) on ASFAJ. Senator Emily Vincent(R-NH) replaces Senator Bill Baudin(R-AR) on HELP.
  14. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES Mr. Wilder of Utah, on behalf of the Secretary of Defense and the White House, for himself and others, hereby introduces A BILL To create a military force equipped, trained and manned to provide operations to, from, and in space for the United States and its allies; to compliment, support, and assist the entirety of the United States military; to enable lethality and effectiveness in join force with the United States Air Force, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States in the Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE This bill shall be called the 'Military Enhancement Act of 2019'. SECTION 2: STRUCTURE OF THE SPACE FORCE. 1) The U.S. Space Force shall be lead by a new Undersecretary of the U.S. Air Force for the Space Force, whom shall report directly to the U.S. Secretary of the Air Force. 2) The U.S. Space Force shall share the same structure of other military branches, with an active-duty, reserve, and National Guard sections; a membership into the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff; full representation via insignia, trademarks, and recruitment efforts. 3) Any members of other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces transferred to the U.S. Space Force shall retain the same grade and rank that was held in their previous post. 4) A Unified Combatant Command shall be established in accordance with the law, able to provide resources and assist in any and all activity of the U.S. Space Force. SECTION 3: RELATIONSHIP WITH NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. The Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence shall create and enhance mechanisms for collaboration between the Department of Defense and the United States Intelligence Community in order to increase unity of effort and the effectiveness of space operations. The Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence shall provide a report to the President within 180 days of the date of this memorandum on steps they have taken and are planning to take toward these ends, including legislative proposals as necessary and appropriate. SECTION 4: BUDGET, STRUCTURE, AND REVIEW. 1) In accordance with the Department of Defense budget process, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget a proposed budget for the United States Space Force to be included in the President’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Request. 2) The Secretary of Defense shall submit a full recommendation list to Congress, appointed by the President, of new leadership roles for the Space Force, including but not limited to, Undersecretary for Space, Chief of Staff of the Space Force, and Judge Advocate for the Space Force. 3) As the United States Space Force matures, and as national security requires, it will become necessary to create a new separate military department, to be known as the Department of the Space Force. This department will take over some or all responsibilities for the United States Space Force from the Department of the Air Force. The Secretary of Defense will conduct periodic reviews (at least once every two fiscal years) to determine when to recommend that the President seek legislation to establish such a department. SECTION 5. ENACTMENT This bill shall be enacted upon its constitutional passage into law
  15. Wilder


    After what just transpired, the resignation of the Attorney General is not surprising. I look forward to the confirmation process of the next Attorney General. (1/2) I expect fierce debate, but a honest, ethical, and supremely qualified nominee should be able to navigate the process. (2/2)
  16. Wilder


    Actions taken by the Attorney General, if true, are absolutely unacceptable. Makes a mockery of the process, and destroys the country's faith in an honest investigation. (1/3) I can, most unfortunately, confirm that I did not receive a copy of this NDA. This type of action by our nation's chief legal officer is something that disappoints me. (2/3) The Department of Justice has a hard-earned reputation for fairness and impartiality- that should not be threatened. (3/3)
  17. Mr. President, The following bills will be added to the docket. Deterring and Defeating Rocket and Missile Threats to Israel Act of 2019 - Passed ASFAJ 6-1 Puerto Rico Referendum Act- Passes ASFAJ without opposition Employer Participation in Repayment Act of 2019 Thank you very much .
  18. My apologies- the second line shoudl say Senator Baudin replaces Senator Kong as a member of HELP, not ASFAJ.
  19. Senator Michael Madison(R-MO) replaces Senator Bill Baudin(R-AR) as the Chair of HELP. Senator Bill Baudin(R-AR) replaces Senator Rutherford Kong(R-RI) as a member of ASFAJ. Senator Rutherford Kong(R-RI) replaces Senator Michael Madison(R-MO) as a member of ASFAJ.
  20. Senator Hawthorne(R-TX) replaces Senator Lattimer(R-AK) as the Chairman of ASFAJ. Senator Kong(R-RI) replaces Senator Hawthorne(R-TX) as a member of HELP.
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