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  1. Press Office of U.S. Senator Orson Wilder(R-West Valley City) of Utah
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    Did it happen?

    Will we need to do the confirmation process for William Barr and a SoD?
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    Orson Wilder(R-UT)

    U.S. Senator Orson Wilder(R-West Valley City) Name: Orson Joel Wilder Avatar: Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Birth: February 1st, 1963, in Green River, Wyoming Residence: West Valley City, Utah Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Seat: Utah Party: Republican Party Family Info: His parents are George and Romina Wilder. He is an only child. His wife is Cassandra Wilder(married June 8th 1988), and he has two sets of twin sons, Joseph & Jacob(b. November 17th, 1989), and Porter & Wyatt(January 23rd, 1992). Joseph is married to Hannah Wilder(married July 8th, 2013). They have three children (Orson II, born December 1st, 2015, Xavier, born January 22nd, 2017 and Brigham, born February 2nd, 2018). Jacob is married to Katherine Wilder(married June 19th, 2012). They have three children (Eric, born May 2nd, 2013, Fred, born July 17th, 2015, and James, born October 11th, 2018). Porter is married to Alyssa Wilder(married July 1st, 2015). They have 2 children(Melinda, born March 22nd, 2017, and Victoria, born August 15th, 2018). Wyatt is married to Nicole Wilder(married August 31, 2017). They have one child(Nathaniel, born December 23rd, 2018). Education: Graduated Brigham Young University in May 1988 with a BBA in Accounting. Obtained Master's Of Business Administration from Marriot School of Business(BYU) in December 1989. CPA earned in 1990. Occupational History: LDS Missionary from 1982 to 1984 to Singapore Student from 1984 to 1989 at Brigham Young University Internal Revenue Officer, 1990 to 1992 Chief of Staff to U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. to Singapore, 1992-1993 Member of Salt Lake County Council, 1993-2001 - Chairman of the Salt Lake County Council, 1999-2001 Vice Director General/Senior Executive Board member of the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, 2001-2002 Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, 2002-2005 Chief Financial Officer for Real Salt Lake, 2005-2008 Chief Financial Officer for the Utah Jazz, 2008-2010 United States Senator for Utah, 2011-present Long Form Biography: Orson was born as an only child to Mormon parents, George and Romina, whose distant ancestors had both pioneered across the country with Joseph Smith himself. He grew up in a small community, on a farm in Wyoming, learning how to take care of livestock. He lived on that farm, earning high marks in high school and earning a scholarship to Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah. Before leaving, however, he completed his two year LDS mission, working in Singapore. After he came back from his mission, he went to school at BYU, and in four years, earned his undergraduate degree. He stayed an extra year to get his MBA, and earned his CPA designation the next winter. While at Brigham Young University, he was able to meet the love of his life, Cassandra, who was a Mormon from Salt Lake City, who studied architecture. They got married at the end of their time, and have had two sets of twin sons, as well as grandchildren from all four of them. He worked for the IRS for 3 years in Salt Lake City, commuting from the nearby suburb of West Valley City. He was active in local politics at the time, in proximity to the state capitol, which had always been so fascinating to him. That was when he met Jon Huntsman Jr. at a state party fundraiser, a connection he made that he described as the ‘second smartest decision I’ve ever made- after marrying Cassandra’. They stayed in touch, remaining friends and professional acquaintances. At that point, he was able to earn his first foray into politics, when Jon Huntsman Jr. was appointed as the U.S. Ambassador to Sinagpore, and asked his good friend from home, Orson Wilder, to serve as his Chief of Staff- back in the country where Wilder was a missionary. After discussions with his wife, he brought his family to Sinagpore in June 1992, where they lived until Huntsman’s term expired in January of 1993. Going back home, he wanted to remain involved in politics, and he decided to run for the County Council, the legislative body for Salt Lake county. In his suburban he was able to win election in 1993, and win re-election in 1997, even becoming the Chairman of the Committee in 1999. When he was gearing up for a third campaign in 2001, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee was in crisis. Mitt Romney had been called upon to fix the Olympic Committee, and when he was asking around for members to join him on the Committee’s executive board, Jon Huntsman Jr. recommended Orson. Orson accepted, and joined the committee. He stayed on the committee through the end of the Paralympic Games, seen as an integral part of Mitt Romney’s turnaround of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He was able to use that momentum to secure an appointment to the federal government from the younger President Bush, as he was appointed the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. He stayed there for 3 years, thoroughly enjoying the job. He left when an opportunity came, however, to go back to the sports scene in Utah. He was offered the position of Chief Financial Officer for the newly found Real Salt Lake MLS team back home, and considered the payraise that came with it, he gladly accepted and took his family back home. He stayed in the position for three years, until he was promoted in early 2008 to Team President, a position he stayed in until 2010. IN early 2010, he resigned his position to make what would be the biggest political gamble of his life- to make a run for federal office. Everyone in Utah knew that Senator Bob Bennett was on the ropes, and with the unique convention to primary system the Utah GOP was operating at the time, he figured the three-term incumbent would be in tough shape. Bob Bennett was eliminated on the third ballot, and him and Mike Lee were the top two finishers at the State Party Convention, and they faced off in the primary. While Mike Lee was slightly more conservative than him, in this year where Republicans were coming forward with all kinds of energy, Orson Wilder had some connections. With both the Huntsman and Romney families behind him, due to his work earlier in his career with two of the country’s most famous Mormons, he was a fundraising juggernaut. He outspent Mike Lee 3 to 1 in the primary, and he squeaked out a victory, winning 51% of the vote to Mike Lee’s 49%. And, being Utah in 2010, he cruised to victory, winning 65% of the vote in the General Election. Torn being the Huntsmans and the Romneys, he didn’t endorse in the GOP primary until Jon Huntsman dropped out, and quickly endorsed Mitt Romney after that happened. In the 2016 election cycle, he was noteworthy for being an early public advocate of Mitt Romney running again, though Mitt Romney decided not to run. While he cruised without serious opposition in both the primary and general in 2016 in his own race, he was one of those seen as an early critic of President Trump, as were many Utah Republicans, most prominent among them Mitt Romney. He did not endorse Trump until the convention, though he withdrew his endorsement after the Access Hollywood tapes. He was reportedly “floored” at Trump’s win in 2016, though he pledged to work with the eventual 45th President of the United States ‘for the betterment of Utahns and all Americans.’
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    Donald J. Trump (R-NY)

  5. Mr. Chairman, I second the motion for hearing. Helping make clear this legislation's effect is crucially important for the ability of this House to make an informed decision. I ask that we bring in the Treasury Secretary as well as the OMB Director for this hearing. I yield the floor.
  6. Orson Wilder Democrat Utah's 2nd Member
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    Orson Wilder(D-UT-2)

    Representative Orson Wilder(D-Salt Lake City) Name: Lieutenant Orson Joel Wilder Avatar: Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Birth: July 1st, 1924, in Provo, Utah Residence: Salt Lake City Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Seat: Utah's 2nd Congressional District Party: Democratic Party Family Info: His parents are George and Romina Wilder. He is an only child. His wife is Barbara Wilder(married June 8th 1951), and he has two sets of twin sons, Joseph & Jacob(b. November 17th, 1952), and Porter & Wyatt(January 23rd, 1954). Joseph is married to Hannah Wilder(married July 8th, 1974). They have three children (Orson II, born December 1st, 1976, Xavier, born January 22nd, 1978, and Brigham, born February 2nd, 1984). Jacob is married to Katherine Wilder(married June 19th, 1979). They have three children (Eric, born May 2nd, 1980, Fred, born July 17th, 1981, and James, born October 11th, 1984). Porter is married to Alyssa Wilder(married July 1st, 1984). They have 2 children(Melinda, born March 22nd, 1985, and Victoria, born August 15th, 1987). Wyatt is married to Nicole Wilder(married August 31, 1985). They have one child(Nathaniel, born May 23rd, 1988). Education: Graduated Brigham Young University in 1956 with a BBA in Accounting. Graduated in 1957 with a MBA. Night School JD obtained at University of Utah in 1965. Occupational History: Member of the United States Navy in WWII(Pacific Theater. Enlisted soldier from 1942-1946, commissioned officer from 1946-1950; honorably discharged with rank of lieutenant) LDS Missionary from 1950 to 1952 to Japan* Student from 1952 to 1957 at Brigham Young University Internal Revenue Officer, 1957-1967 Director of the Salt Lake City IRS Office, 1967-1971 State Treasurer of the Utah Democratic Party, 1971-1975 Member of the Utah State House, 1975-1979 Member of the Utah State Senate, 1979-1987 IU.S. Representative for Utah's 2nd Congressional District, 1987-present *= Got a dispensation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to do his Mormon mission at the end of his military service.
  8. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in strong favor of passing this legislation- protecting American manufacturers, and specifically, ensuring that the Godless communists and the South Africans are not funding their immoral societies off of the backs of hardworking Americans. This is a bill that passed with 300 votes in the previous session of Congress, and a strong majority in the United States Senate, only to be vetoed by our 40th President. I am of the belief that President Anderson won't make the same mistake as his predecessor. And the Congressman from Florida should understand that this is good for both American workers and consumers. The Congressman says that this bill will raise prices for American consumers- but is that really true? With Section 5, we are offsetting the loss of textile imports from the Union of South Africa and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to protect American consumers. Let's pass this bill for the benefit of the people, and let's put it on the President's desk. I yield the floor.
  9. Press Office of Representative Orson Wilder(D-Salt Lake City) of Utah's 2nd Congressional District
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    USA Today Roundup

    Roundup of what is happening in the various states of the Union.
  11. Judiciary Chairman Reginald King(D-CA) and Speaker of the House Edward King(D-CA) WASHINGTON D.C- With leadership elections now finished, we have seen some surprising results on the Democratic side. The King brothers, a trio of African-American legislators from California, who happen to be brothers, seem to have come out on top as the real winners in the Congressional leadership elections. They come from one of the smallest factions of House Democrats, the progressive faction, and yet, they stormed their way to taking almost complete control of the House Majority. First-term Representative Edward King(D-Oakland) was elected as the House's first African-American Speaker, and the highest ranking African-American in Congress ever. The position of second highest ranking African-American in Congress ever will go to one of his own brothers, Representative Augustus King(D-Los Angeles), who was elected as the House Majority Leader by his caucus. A stunning result for those two, to immediately gain the confidence of the caucus, and give the progressive faction some outsized influence in running the House- making the theory of strength in numbers almost irrelevant. The progressive faction completed the sweep of the top positions in leadership within the House Majority, with Representative Blackstone(D-MA-2) elected the House Majority Whip. A controversial and stunning takeover, many members of the left, like Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and Reverend Al Sharpton, as well as former Presidential nominee George McGovern, has said that this push to the left of the Democratic Party is 'a net positive for our country'. However, it has received a lot of consternation from elsewhere in the party. Noted moderate Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas said that the party was 'a big tent party', while many rural Southern Democrats, many of whom are part of the infamous Conservative Coalition, simply refused to comment when we contacted their offices. That, however, is not even the most controversial part of the stunning takeover of the House leadership positions by the left, and the pair of brothers specifically. House Majority Leader Augustus King has announced the appointment of his brother, Representative Reginald King(D-Los Angeles), as the Chairman of the House Committee on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary. Many see this as a move to consolidate by appointing his own brother in this powerful position, which oversees legislation including, but not limited to, the military, foreign policy, judicial issues, and various ethics issues. The House Majority Leader and the Speaker have been accused of nepotism for the appointment. House Minority Leader Paul Cavalieri(R-CA) said that " I will be seeking a formal legal opinion as to whether this appointment is consistent with anti-nepotism laws," which generally prevent public officials from appointing relatives to any public office. There are, of course, many questions to answer here. Who makes the appointments- the House Majority Leader or the Speaker? On whose advice? Is a Chairman of a Committee a public office, when you consider that Congressman Reginald King is already a duly elected member of Congress in his own right? We seeked a comment from Representative Clay of Indiana's 6th Congressional District, and his comment was scathing. “I don’t want to be a member of the Democratic Party if nepotism is its method for appointing committee chairs. I think this should be seriously investigated and if there was misconduct, it should be punished severely”. Speaker of the House Edward King, however, also had a comment responding to these allegations. ""I think its a silly thing for the Republicans who obviously sent this letter, many of these Republican congressmen apparently went to law school and don't even understand the code that they're quoting. My brother is already a public official and was given chair of the judiciary committee because of twenty years of serve to the law. There was no quid pro quo. Besides in the words of John Kennedy who also faced this similar charge, after twenty years of being a lawyer, I can't see the issue of giving him a little more law experience before he goes out to practice law." The Department of Justice waded into the issue, with a Justice Department spokeswoman addressing the issue in her daily briefing. She said that the Attorney General has received "anonymous correspondence" requesting that he look into the issue of nepotism in this case. She said that the Justice Department, with that request, was "considering" whether or not to issue a legal opinion on the issue, though she said that decision could, in fact, take a while. "While this Department has not received correspondence from the office of any Congressman, we have received anonymous correspondence on the issue, asking for a legal opinion. This is something that could take a period of time, and may or may not be the right idea. However, as this is a case regarding the misconduct of a sitting Congressman, we will refer the anonymous letter to the House Ethics Committee, and they can do with it as they please." The present Chairman of that said Committee, of course, is Representative Reginald King- the man at the very center of this controversy in the first place. We'll have to wait and see how this potential firestorm plays out in Washington D.C.
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    Pre-1987 News Articles

    The United States enacts anti-apartheid legislation over the veto of President Reagan The international community is becoming less tolerant of apartheid- but will it be enough? PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA- The tide of public opinion, around the world, is turning decisively against South Africa. The United States Congress, on October 3rd, 1986, passed the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, which imposed heavy sanctions on South Africa while they continue their apartheid policies, and continue to imprison political leaders like Nelson Mandela. The legislation, of course, was enacted by overriding the veto of President Ronald Reagan, with very large majorities in both chambers. While the President argued that punitive sanctions only hurt black South Africans, many in Congress rejected that argument. The legislation is beginning to take effect, and many are watching closely to see how this impacts apartheid within South Africa. In August of 1986, six Commonwealth members- India, Canada, Australia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the Bahamas all announced stringent economic sanctions on South Africa, and in September of the 1986, the European Community did the same. International efforts have been going on for many years to isolate South Africa in the sporting world for a number of years. South Africa was expelled from the International Olympic Committee in 1970, and haven't participated in a Summer Olympics since 1960. In 1977, members of the British Commonwealth signed the Gleneagles Agreement, to discourage competition between member nations and non-integrated South African athletic teams, though the United Kingdom, most notably under Margaret Thatcher, has not seriously enforced that agreement. With the boycott going on in sports for a number of years, it was only a matter of time before the international community began to bite harder- and as is shown, with sanctions from various Commonwealth members, much of the European Community, and even the United States Congress, that effort is starting. However, the support of both British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan of these efforts can only be best described as lukewarm, and most would say that is far too generous a term. And President PW Botha of South Africa, of course, remains as defiant as ever, as opposed to black majority rule and integration now as he has been for his entire political career. We'll have to wait and see what these efforts have on apartheid policies in South Africa.
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    VGS Reset 2 Timeline

    The player base clearly feels, But I wanna just state my two cents. I believe that 2019 allows for the most creativity. Not simply because it's the present (no RL historical map that has to be followed and less THOMAS) but because of the specific era that we are in.. Internationally there are massive numbers of options for the AB. A lot can happen with Brexit, to options w/ NAFTA, to the Korean Peninsula being the most interesting in peace time it's ever been. Not to mention the obvious (Vladimir!) and other more traditional issues(ME/Israel). Domestically, you have a Democratic Party almost coming to blows with itself. Ocasio-Cortez's band of freshmen in the House. We can make our own issues with far less limits. Those are my thoughts on this anyways. Do with them as you wish
  14. Harrison LeClavers(D-Milwaukee) Name: Sgt. Harrison Wilder LeClavers Character Type: Class III United States Senator from Wisconsin Avatar: Cyril Ramaphosa(Deputy President of South Africa, President of the African National Congress, and the next President of South Africa) Birth: July 1st, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois Residence: Milwaukee Race: African-American Sex: Male Religion: National Baptist Party: Democratic Party Family Info: His parents are George and Romina LeClavers. He is an only child. His wife is Amanda LeClavers(married June 8th 1977), and he has two sets of twin sons, Isaiah & Leonard(b. November 17th, 1979), and Kyle & Brian(January 23rd, 1982). Leonard is married to Hannah LeClavers(married July 8th, 2002). They have three children (Louis II, born December 1st, 2003, Xavier, born January 22nd, 2005, and Michael, born February 2nd, 2009). Isaiah is married to Kassandra LeClavers(married June 19th, 2003). They have three children (Eric, born May 2nd, 2004, Fred, born July 17th, 2006, and James, born October 11th, 2010). Kyle is married to Alyssa LeClavers(married July 1st, 2005). They have 2 children(Melinda, born March 22nd, 2007, and Victoria, born August 15th, 2009). Brian is married to Nicole LeClavers(married August 31, 2007). They have one child(Nathaniel, born May 23rd, 2008). Education: Graduated Marquette University in 1977 with a bachelor's degree in international relations. Graduated Ave Maria School of Law in 2009. Occupational History: Drafted as a member of the United States Army in Vietnam. Enlisted soldier from 1969-1973; honorably discharged with rank of sergeant. Owner of Harrison's Ribs, a family business in Milwaukee, 1977-2004.. Private practice attorney, 2007-2009.. Member of the Wisconsin State Senate(2009-2013). Member of the United States Senate(2013-2014). Vice President of the United States(12/15/2014-12/31/2014) President of the United States(2015-present) Harrison LeClavers was born on July 1st, 1949, on the South side of Chicago, Illinois, to George and Romina LeClavers. He grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and he grew up an only child, though he had an uncle living in Milwaukee. He graduated Edward Tilden High School in 1967. He originally did not have plans to go to college, and worked at the Chicago Assembly, a Ford Motor Company automotive plant, for 2 years. He was a proud member of the United Auto Workers, and was very politically active. In 1969, Harrison LeClavers was drafted for the War in Vietnam, and went on to serve for 3 years. By the time he came back to the United States, in late 1972, he was honorably discharged, and had, at that point, attained the rank of Sergeant. Harrison LeClavers, after fighting in Vietnam, was not interested in returning to the line. He was deeply against the Vietnam war, and had participated in protests, but he didn't ever attempt to dodge the draft, willingly complying with the Selective Service when he was drafted for this fight. Upon his return, he wanted to make sure that he went to school, and he wanted to make a difference. He decided to go to Marquette University, in Milwaukee, and after 4.5 years, he graduated with a degree in international relations. He originally wanted to try and work for the U.S. State Department. However, soon after graduation, tragedy struck, and his uncle, Louis LeClavers, died of a massive heart attack. Which meant that there was nobody left to run the family business in Milwaukee, as he had no kids. As Harrision had worked there while in school, he wanted to make sure it stayed up. He took over the business in August of 1977. He had met his wife, Amanda, in college, and that had gotten married only a few months before that. So with that, they were in the family business of selling ribs. He grew the business, going from one location to, when he passed it down to his son, 4 locations in Milwaukee, 2 in Madison, and 2 more in Chicago. He made the process much more efficient, and was able to franchise out the business. The whole while, he was an active member of the Wisconsin Democratic Party and in local Milwaukee politics. In 2004, however, tragedy struck his family when his father had a heart attack in June 2004, and then his mother a month later, in July 2004. They were both retired at the time, and lived in Naples, Florida. The LeClavers knew that they had to take care of Harrison's parents. They ended up passing the family business down to their oldest son, Isaiah, and went to Naples. They lived there for 3 years, taking care of Harrison's parents in the last years of their lives. While doing this, Harrison LeClavers decided that he wanted to fulfill an life ambition of his, which was to complete law school. He went to a local, Roman Catholic law school, the Ave Maria School of Law. He finished law school in May of 2007. Soon after, both of his parents died in June 2007, as his father suffered a fatal heart attack and his mother suffered one just a week later. They had a joint funeral in Naples, Florida. At that point, the LeClavers did not want to stay in South Florida anymore. They packed it up, and went back to Milwaukee. With Harrison's new law degree, he worked as a criminal defense attorney for about a year. He was a big fan of the Barack Obama 2008 campaign, quickly volunteering in Wisconsin, and it ultimately inspired him to get involved in politics, after the end of the primary season. He decided to run for State Senate in the 6th District, in Milwaukee, a majority-black district with a retiring incumbent. He won the primary with 35% of the vote against 5 other competitors, and cruised to victory in the general election without an opponent, as he hailed the election of Barack Obama 'a watershed moment' for our country. In the Wisconsin State Senate, he had a fairly liberal voting record, which was expected for somebody who held a seat as dark blue as his. After the 2010 midterms, when Scott Walker was elected, he emerged as a staunch opponent of the Governor. He began to garner a statewide profile in 2011, when, as a former union member himself, he helped lead the fights and protests against the Scott Walker union bills. He strongly supported the legislative walkouts and the large protests, saying that 'the regressive policies of this Governor must be turned on its head'. He ultimately was a strong supporter of the recall effort, and wanted to play a major role in the campaign to recall Walker, until Herb Kohl announced his retirement. IN early 2012, he announced his intention to campaign for U.S. Senate. Facing a tough primary against Tammy Baldwin, he eked out a 1 point win, with 45% of the vote to 44% of the vote. He moved onto the general election, and won the election with 50.0% of the vote to 47.5% of the vote for Tommy Thompson, the Republican candidate. Electoral History 2012 U.S. Senate Election- Democratic Primary Harrison LeClavers- 45% Rep. Tammy Baldwin- 44% Others- 11% 2012 U.S. Senate Election- General Election Harrison LeClavers- 50.0% Tommy Thompson- 47.5%
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    Harrison LeClavers(D-WI)

    The sign out is complete.
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    In this time of the prison crisis, it is crucial that we confirm Tracie Hattie Butler. Her qualifications are impeccable. (1/3) A member of the civil rights division for 17 years, she has experience within the DoJ that will help her succeed. (2/3) Tell Congress that she deserves a vote. (3/3)
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    We have a Vice President.
  18. I thank the Congress for their confirmation.
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    Check out the President's statement on Syria
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    Oval Office Address

    My fellow Americans, I would like to thank you for taking the time to turn into the Oval Office, to tune into the address. I will try to keep it brief. The regime of Bashar Al-Assad is a regime that has lost the support of its people, its neighbors, and the international community in general. Bashar Al-Assad has committed almost every human rights violation in the book- he has tortured his opponents, waged war on his enemies, divided his country on strict ethnic and religious lines, and refuses to listen to the ultimate and sovereign authority of the people of Syria. He has turned the country, with a beautiful history in the Levant, into a hell hole. He has chased millions of Syrians out of their homeland, and is not fit to continue ruling over Syria. His power hunger makes him put the interests of himself over the conditions of his people- he must step down, and hand power back to the people of Syria. When you see the conditions that the Syrian people have endured, when you see how they continue to stand against him, even when the ultimate sacrifice is demanded- death- you see a people aspiring to be free. A people who want to take control of their own destiny, who want to take control of their government, who believe in freedom. The United States has stood, and we have stood with the Syrian people. We stand with those who support democracy in Syria, we stand with those who oppose dictatorship and a totalitarian government. That is why, today, we are ordering a round of limited airstrikes, to begin almost immediately, against the government of Bashar Al-Assad. The United States has long been involved in the fight in Syria against ISIS, and similar groups. However, we cannot win that fight without addressing the real cause- the instability caused by Bashar Al-Assad remaining in power. He must be shown the door. That said, we are not going to recklessly run into Syria without a plan. We will hit targets that will weaken the government of Al-Assad, and we will follow our constitutional bounds- under the powers given to the President via the War Powers Resolution, this campaign will not extend past sixty days. And, of course, you will not see American boots on the ground. However, with this help, we will hope that this will aid the Syrian rebels, and that those who support democracy can take advantage and a restore a government of, by, and for the people of Syria within that nation. Thank you all for your time, and have a great night.
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    Executive Orders

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America- A State of emergency is declared in the State of Louisiana. A major disaster declaration is also issued for the entire State of Louisiana.

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