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  1. Mr. Chairman, I am a strong believer in Senator Rabin’s bill on this issue today. When you talk about Israel having defensible borders, when we talk about ensuring a reality in the Middle East where Israel and all of its neighbors- not just the Palestinians, but the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Jordanians, and everyone else, can live in peace, you must start with the Golan Heights. The number of times that Israel has been attacked by Syria in its history means that Israeli control of this area, in the absence of a Camp David style agreement between Israel and Syria, is absolutely necessary for peace. Israeli control of the Golan Heights will ensure that Israel’s borders are defensible while they do not get along with their neighbors. Israel does not pose a threat to Syria- it is Al-Assad, who functionally serves as a client state of Moscow and Tehran, who poses the threat. Israeli control of the Golan Heights ensures that Syria cannot make good on that threat. As a Congress that is an ally of Israel, of course, we must look for solutions of long-term peace in the region- that, ultimately is what is best for everybody involved- from Israel, to Syria, to the Palestinians and their future state. That said, we cannot do so at the expense of indefensible borders, and this makes sure that any future peace settlement can have a secure Israel at its heart. I yield the floor.
  2. Mr. Chairman, A question for the Secretary of Defense, when he returns to this hearing. Of course, I was able to work closely with him to adopt the proposal regarding the Space Force. Does the Secretary see this as a necessary undertaking of the United States military to ensure that we maintain our strong military capabilities, considering that we were the last of the five permanent members of the Security Council to even establish a Space Command? And, of course, that does not even mention India, who has had one since 2010. Does the Secretary not also agree that, unlike the beliefs of my colleague from Minnesota, that there is no reason for the idea of a U.S. Space Force to violate the Outer Space Treaty? I yield the floor.
  3. I wrote a Bill for a PR referendum after half of our caucus CSed a Dem Bill to give Puerto Rico statehood straightaway(6 GOP co sponsors). We needed a halfway bill. Puerto Rico elects Republicans to local office all the time(their previous Governor was Republican and their current resident Commissioner is Republican). So to say PR will be blue Because Puerto Ricans in NYC are blue is simplistic at best, I think.
  4. Also, no errors in my trade legislation. If POTUS didn't care about North American trade (1/3) He wouldn't have renegotiated- he would've withdrew. The importance of the trade area is undersrood in D.C. (2/3) And that's why Congress must pass this bill. (3/3)
  5. Stepping down as Senate Majority Leader. Honored to have (1/3) Enjoyed the confidence of my colleagues to serve for as long as I did. (2/3) Looking forward to continue to serving the people of Utah. (3/3)
  6. To confirm this. I haven't been able to put up the activity necessary to keep the role of Senate Majority Leader. I still intend on helping the team however, and like the round, so will be playing and maintaining Orson Wilder.
  7. Mr. President, I strongly rise in this House against the adoption of the Bautista amendments. They threaten the path of a sensible way forward for the people of Puerto Rico to offer a clear, and emphatic, endorsement of statehood, and instead, just threaten to rush Puerto Rico to a permanent status change that, frankly, they have not endorsed. This path to statehood offers the people of Puerto Rico a choice- one that, authorized explicitly by Congress, will send a message that we should act. And if, they unequivocally support statehood, then we should grant it, and I think it would be fairly easy for the United States Congress to find the votes to introduce Puerto Rico as the 51st state. There's no need for this to e a partisan fight- let's have a bipartisan effort, to welcome a Puerto Rico into the United States that strongly supports being the 51st state. That is the smart way to go, that is the responsible path to take, and that is the path I hope that this body can pass. I yield the floor.
  8. Mr. President, I ask that you docket the nomination of Sarah Elizabeth Vincent for Attorney General of the United States at your earliest convenience Thank you very much.
  9. Proud to introduce legislation to pass the USMCA. Protecting the North American Free Trade Area, responsible for over one trillion dollars of economic activity is extremely important. (1/2) Leaving that free trade area would be absolutely irresponsible. And this agreement makes that area stronger, and more conducive to American jobs. (2/2)
  10. Senator McKnight(R-GA) replaces Senator Kahuhu(R-WA) on HELP.
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