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  1. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    I'd like to thank DMH for his service but I've looked at the state of the game and while I think DMH is a great player and admin, I've decided we need new leadership for the game. I've hired Ollie as CA for now. I understand he plans to have a discussion with the playerbase on how to move forward but I'll leave it up to him.
  2. Cyril

    AB Player Suggestions

    Good thing player media can easily become player editorials and newspapers players can build up and stuff.
  3. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    @DMH will be the new CA. I believe he will do a great job at leading the AB and launching the new reset.
  4. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    @MrAnderson has told me that with his current school load, he sadly can't act as CA going forward into the future. He'll remain on board until we find his replacement. As usual, please send me applications/nominations if interested and nominations, if you aren't on who you'd think, would make a good CA.
  5. Cyril

    Nomination of Jane L Kelly

    A sudden cold breeze suddenly is felt by those in the committee. A feeling that the American people don't want overly complicated questions to their Supreme Court nominees fills the Senators.
  6. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    Happy Memorial Day. With Tyler going MIA, I am hiring @MrAnderson as full-time CA. He has accepted the job and I'm sure he will do a swell job. I am appointing @Ben as Vice CA. If Anderson is unable to fill his duties as CA and doesn't appoint a deputy take over when that happens, he will serve as Acting CA.
  7. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    I have updated the site. This is primarily maintenance fixes and comes with no new features.
  8. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    In order to stimulate activity, and just to let you guys know that VGS will be alive, I have looked over the AB. I am making a small but organizational change. As you know, I hire/fire the CAs. From now on, I will also hire/fire a new position I call Vice CA from the CA's AB-when s/he leaves the AB, I shall appoint a new Vice CA and I will also appoint a new Vice CA anytime I see fit. The Vice CA shall act as CA under the following circumstances: 1) The CA posts an official LoA for a period of more than 24 hours, there is no DCA or designated AB member by the CA to act as CA. When the CA returns from the LoA, the Vice CA shall no longer be Acting CA. 2) The CA has not posted on the forums or on the AB Chat or the VGS Main Chat in 72 hours or more and there is no DCA or designated AB member by the CA to act as CA. When the CA posts or returns to the telegram chat, the Vice CA shall no longer be Acting CA. 3) The CA resigns or is removed from office. The Vice CA should let the playerbase, as well as send a message to the Owner (me), when they take over due to reason number one and reason number two. The Vice CA comes with no other responsibilities other than to let the owner know if he or she steps down from the AB. The Vice CA shall only act as CA when the CA is gone and when the CA hasn't hired a DCA or designated someone to act as acting CA in his or her absence. The first Vice CA shall be @MrAnderson.
  9. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    The forum has been updated again. Rejoice all of ye. I did the update because our old Captcha system had been discontinued by Google which meant nobody could register. This replaces it with a new Captcha system that will allow new registrations. There’s also some more improvements but I’m not sure if they are applicable to this community. The AB is free to do as they can. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-43-r1055/
  10. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    The forum has been updated. Rejoice all of ye for we are now on the latest software. This update was mostly bug fixes and security updates.
  11. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    I plan to update the forums sometime before the weekend. During the update, there may be some temporary and brief downtime.
  12. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    First of all I would like to thank @Vandy for his service to the game. He took over a game at an important juncture and ensured it's survival with an active AB. He then successfully reset the game with major gameplay mechanic reforms that were seen as necessary at the time. I applaud him and I think he did an amazing job in the position. I truly believe he left the game in a better position than when he first came in. He might not have always been popular and he had his fair share of criticisms but I think we can all agree on that point. Finally, I'd like to announce I have hired @Tyler Swanson as the new CA. He has a rock solid plan on keeping this reset going and on the future of VGS.
  13. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    For the record if you don't wan to apply for CA but wish to endorse/nominate people for CA,. feel free to send me a message on the forums or on telegram.
  14. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    With @Vandy resigning as CA, I will need a new CA. Until I find a new one, @Brink will be Acting CA beginning at 6PM EST. If you are interested in becoming CA, please PM me on the forums (not telegram) with your resume, what you plan to do this reset (I believe the players want to continue this reset rather than begin anew yet again), as well as recommendations for OTHER people for the CA job.
  15. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    I have given @HugePlayer 3 warning points for violating basic community standards on decency. These points are permanent and not appealable. Basically his attitude towards Alzheimer's and then having his character kill himself was insensitive. It violated IG rules but also OOC standards. My uncle has Alzheimer's and my grandfather died from the disease. Other members might have sadly had to deal with this disease, or suicide for any reason, with close family members. It came across as deeply insensitive to myself and to other members as well. While the AB is free on IC issues, OOC issues are my purview.

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