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  1. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    By now I believe many of you have seen the report(s) by Ironsides on the mishandling of the election by the previous CA and a previous member of the AB. While I don't think the election was necessarily rigged, I am very concerned by the findings of the report. I do believe that they have also contributed to an extremely toxic atmosphere that has appeared on this site. I'm not going to blame Reed for helping out, he should have never been asked in the first place. This is hard. On the one hand, is incompetence by AB members a bannable offense? At the same time, we do need to hold members of the community accountable and to this point, they really haven't. Which has contributed significantly to the out of character problems that have formed including certain members of the GOP treating certain members of the DNC with a level of hostility that isn't healthy and vice versa. If VGS is to survive, people must let go of grudges and they must stop treating in-game actions so seriously. People should not be taking advantage of real-life sicknesses or problems for in-game advantages nor should they be using people's real-life information against them in telegram or on the forum. I'm aware that we formally separated telegram from forum rules but there is still an informal relationship between the two. As a leader of this community, as owner, I sometimes have to make hard choices that often might not seem fair to one side or the other. I am left with a quandary here. On the one hand, Ollie and Storm mishandled a major in-game election and that has led to tensions and brought down the reset in many ways. On the other hand, few people already want to serve on the AB or be CA of a site where a significant portion of the player base seems to mistreat them. Banning people for incompetence on the AB might backfire in a way that discourages people from serving on an AB or becoming CA. There is a serious problem with the community of this site and frankly, I think everyone is guilty on some level. I'm not entirely sure there is a real solution. But based on the report, based on the fact that no rules were broken but that the reset was tainted to a point that has excaberated the toxic energy of VGS, I have decided some action is necessary. After consulting with the AB, @Storm will be banned from serving on any AB and there will be a restriction from being able to play the game for one month, after which he will be on probation. @Ollie is banned for 7 days. Since he's currently serving a 3-day suspension, this means he will be unbanned in 4 days. @MrAnderson's ban will also be reduced from two weeks to just one week.
  2. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    Today during Main Chat, @MrAnderson threatened to kill the reset if we didn't ban a few members that he thought were playing the game in bad faith. He also launched personal insults against them. I believe any player, regardless of their previous position and any relationship they have with me, that threatens to kill the game or lead a walkout should not be held accountable for their actions. Taking into consideration that there's a five-day pause, I have decided to ban Anderson for two whole weeks. As he is President of the United States, I estimate that the 25th will be temporarily invoked to make @Ben Acting President when the game is unpaused. I will leave the AB to determine in the way they choose any IC ramifications of this but in no way should this suspension end any chance for Anderson to win re-election. I also understand he is sick in real life and I do pray that he fully recovers. I have also taken efforts to investigate allegations Anderson has made towards some players. This investigation is on-going and may lead to repercussions against certain players.
  3. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    This was quick but I think we can all agree that there is one member of the AB that has excelled in his position. Welcome our new CA, @Reed
  4. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    Hey guys. When @Ollie took over VGS, it was largely supposed to be a temporary measure. He works full time and has a family but he wanted to step in to correct the ship. I didn't expect him to try and save the reset but rather start over but I think his steps were the right ones in the end and the reset has managed to survive. But as I said, this was always supposed to be temporary. I think he's done a great job and something that was supposed to only last for a short period became a longer period than either of us were intending. We have thus begun the process of looking for a new, more permanent CA to take the position. Please submit an application as well as a list of at least two other people you'd think would make a good job as CA. You can also just send a list of at least three people if you don't want to apply. If you think people will be nominating you but you definitely don't want it, feel free to me let me know as well so I don't spend any time considering you. Until we have a new CA, @Ollie will be staying on as CA.
  5. Cyril

    NFL Conference Championships

    Saints vs Pats Superbowl. Brees vs. Brady. Mahomes vs. Goff will have to wait for the old guard to have one final epic battle.
  6. Cyril

    NFL Wildcard Weekend

    Thanks to a missed field goal, I am 2-2 for the weekend. Got Eagles and Colts right. Got Cowboys and Chargers wrong.
  7. Cyril

    NFL Wildcard Weekend

    I went 1 for 1 on the first day. Colts delivered with a dominant win making the Texans look bad. Meanwhile the Cowboys and Seahawks had a defensive battle but in the end, Dak Prescott actually leads his team to a victory.
  8. Cyril

    NFL Wildcard Weekend

    Colts at Texans: Colts: The Colts have Andrew Luck who has proven he can win playoff games and is having one of his best seasons yet. He might not be making as many highlight plays as before but he's moving the ball efficiently, protecting it, and doing enough to win games. He now has one of the best offensive lines in the league thanks to the addition of Quentin Nelson: an offensive guard with a major mean streak who seeks to destroy the will of any opponent he faces. A defense that has tightened up this season and can make key stops when they need to. It's hard to bet against the Colts. Texans: There seemed like a time in September where it would have been really hard to believe the Texans making it to the wild card round or even winning their division but they have learned how to win football games on a consistent basis. Deshaun Watson is a great franchise quarterback but he's banged up and this is his first playoff game. The defense is good (thanks to its impressive pass rush) but not always good enough to win games meaning this team must depend on an offense that has suffered key injuries. Final: The two teams split their division games. They are probably even on paper but the playoff experience and strong coaching by the Colts I think means they win...by a field goal. Seahawks at Cowboys: Seahawks: Russell Wilson finds himself in the Wildcard race due to a strong running attack by the Seahawks. They actually lead the league in rushing yards-beating even the Ravens-thanks primarily to Chris Carson. They can also pass the ball: Russell Wilson has a perfect passer record when he throws the ball to Tyler Lockett. The defense might not be as good as the Legion of Boom days but it's sturdy enough that they can win games when the offense falters. It's going to be hard to beat them but the only advantage their opponents don't have? They will be playing road games since beating them at home during the playoffs would be all but impossible. Cowboys: I think of all the playoff teams I trust the Cowboys the least. They might have figured out how to make their offense work due to Amari Cooper but Ezekiel Elliot hasn't been as dominant as many people thought he would be this season. Their defense has become a top unit in the league which will help them stay in any playoff games they are in. My biggest problem with the Cowboys though isn't with the roster: it's with the coaching. They might escape the Wild Card weekend with home field advantage but once they hit the road, I'm not convinced they can win. Final: The Cowboys lost the last time out versus the Seahawks early in the season but that was before the Seahawks figured out their offensive identity and their defense tightening up. I just don't see them winning this time around. It's going to be close though but I think Seahawks win by a touchdown. Chargers at Ravens: Chargers: The Chargers are the most complete team: a defense that can win games, an offense that can light up the field and put points on the field, a kicker that can make field goals. Their victory over the Chiefs shows they can win the big games when they need to. Anthony Lynn has managed to reign in Philip River's worst instincts and taught him how to protect the ball. Everything this season is trying to tell people that these aren't the self-destructive Chargers of old. They haven't lost a game outside of Los Angeles all season: clearly playing in the Stubhub Center has made them mentally tough. Everything seems to say it's the Chargers year. Ravens: They are the hot team right now: they've won most of their last games including beating the Chargers. They have a defense that can rival the unit that won them a Superbowl with Joe Flacco. They have a unique offensive identity that makes it difficult to prepare for them under Lamar Jackson. They went from being a team with a lot of promise failing to live up to it with a washed out quarterback to an interesting team that keeps on winning football games. They will have home-field advantage as well. Final: Until the Chargers actually win a playoff game, I just don't feel like I can pick them to win. I don't think the Ravens will make it to the Superbowl with a rookie quarterback but I think they survive the wild card round...in a low-scoring affair. Eagles at Bears: Eagles: There's something about games that matter that seems to flip a switch in Nick Foles. He began this year playing poorly but then he had to come in for an injured Carson Wentz at the end of the year and he's doing what he can to keep the Eagles in and win the games. I'm not sure you want Nick Foles starting a season but if you can put him into a team deep in a playoff hunt he might be your guy. The Eagles defense isn't as good as it was last year nor is the offense as explosive. They do relish being underdogs though and they did win the Superbowl with everyone counting them out every game. Bears: Khalil Mack turned an already top defense to a Superbowl-caliber defense. The offense hasn't exploded like it was supposed to under Matt Nagy but then again it doesn't need to: the defense can win them games. They've won games against the top teams this season proving the Bears are for real this season and they are playing this game at home. The Bears are one of the top teams in the league right now but they are facing the Superbowl defending champions. Final: As good as the Bears defense has been, Nick Foles seems to tear apart defenses this time of the year. Maybe his luck will run out but that's a big if. I think the Eagles will escape with a win here....with a final two-minute heroic drive that will add to Nick Foles legend.
  9. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    I'd like to thank DMH for his service but I've looked at the state of the game and while I think DMH is a great player and admin, I've decided we need new leadership for the game. I've hired Ollie as CA for now. I understand he plans to have a discussion with the playerbase on how to move forward but I'll leave it up to him.
  10. Cyril

    AB Player Suggestions

    Good thing player media can easily become player editorials and newspapers players can build up and stuff.
  11. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    @DMH will be the new CA. I believe he will do a great job at leading the AB and launching the new reset.
  12. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    @MrAnderson has told me that with his current school load, he sadly can't act as CA going forward into the future. He'll remain on board until we find his replacement. As usual, please send me applications/nominations if interested and nominations, if you aren't on who you'd think, would make a good CA.
  13. Cyril

    Nomination of Jane L Kelly

    A sudden cold breeze suddenly is felt by those in the committee. A feeling that the American people don't want overly complicated questions to their Supreme Court nominees fills the Senators.
  14. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    Happy Memorial Day. With Tyler going MIA, I am hiring @MrAnderson as full-time CA. He has accepted the job and I'm sure he will do a swell job. I am appointing @Ben as Vice CA. If Anderson is unable to fill his duties as CA and doesn't appoint a deputy take over when that happens, he will serve as Acting CA.
  15. Cyril

    Owner Announcements

    I have updated the site. This is primarily maintenance fixes and comes with no new features.

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