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    This was an April Fools joke. I apologize for those who got all excited for the gift card.
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    As many of you know, forums and especially forum games have been on decline as people have moved on to different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and reddit. In order for VGS to survive, @TexAgRepublican and I are proud to announce we will be shutting this forum down. Instead, we will be utilizing Skype. With Skype we can have live in-person Senate debates, speeches, and public relations. Players will be able to, using Google Docs, schedule stuff based on the real-life schedules of the AB. We will also be implementing a point system. The player with the most points will win a $50 giftcard to Ross Dress for Less. You get points by passing major bills: extra points for bipartisan bills and for becoming President. Can you be the most effective politician?
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    Robert DeNiro is an absolute idiot
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    @realDonaldTrump: If GOP senators don't support our National Emergency on the Southern Border, I will personally recruit and fund candidates to replace them who do. @TexAgRepublican @realDonaldTrump bold words from a man who will be replaced by one of those Republicans in two years time.
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    He just couldn't see you 🤣
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    1. Yes, the Russia Hoax is ongoing. 2. If we don't have borders, we don't have a country. I did what I had to do. (Yes, and I'll be releasing a news story about it) 3. All the shutdowns IRL occurred IG, yes. 4. I didn't like it. It didn't do the trick. But I signed it anyway. Basically, we'll be starting on the date the new round starts and going from there. So everything that happened before the round begins happened IRL, just to make it easier for everyone. We also didn't want to start a round in the middle of a shutdown.
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    (Don't always believe what you read, this publication will have some outrageous articles and some serious. Obviously, this could argued to be in the outrageous category) Is Lady Jacky Secretly Black? Recently, California Republican Congresswoman “Lady Jacky” Jacky Williams made a comment to the San Diego Union-Tribune that she thinks Black America “deserves better than a family that uses rampant nepotism to gain power. That's not how the system is supposed to work. One day we will have a Black president, and it won't be a 'King.” That is of course in reference to the recent appointment by Speaker of the House King’s appointment of his brother, Reginald King, to the chair position of the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary committee. However, those comments in particular have led to speculation in the beltway about why Jacky Williams thinks Black America deserves better when she herself is not black. Could she actually be black? Could she be like Ellen Ripley in last July’s sci-fi hit, Aliens? Maybe she has been rescued by a deep salvage team after being in hypersleep for 57 years. A hidden part of the movie could have been that Ellen Ripley was actually black before being in hypersleep. Is Jacky Williams here from the past, or in this case 1929, where she was actually a black woman living in America? We will keep you updated on this story, and more importantly, the latest speculation as we get it.
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    Name: Jefferson Crawford Ashcroft III Date of Birth: January 19, 1964 Place of Birth: Washington, D.C. Place of Residence: Alexandria, VA Party: Republican, Establishment Seat and Class: Virginia, Class 1 Avatar: Josh Hawley Family Info Spouse: Sarah Madison (m. 1995) Children: Hugh (b. 1997), Alexandra (b. 2000) Educational History Harvard University (BA, JD) St Albans School Occupational History U.S. Senator from Virginia (2001-present) U.S. Representative for Virginia's 1st Congressional District (1997-2001) Legal Counsel, Rep. Herbert H. Bateman (1994-1996) Attorney, Private Practice (1990-1994) Biography Jefferson "Jeff" Ashcroft was born in Washington, D.C. in 1964, a member of the Ashcroft family, prominent in Virginia politics. His father was a Republican congressman from Virginia with close ties to the Reagan Administration. Ashcroft was raised as a conservative Republican and attended the prestigious St Albans School in Washington. Upon graduating, he was admitted to Harvard's class of 1986 with a letter of recommendation from Harvard alumnus and then-Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, for whom he had interned in his senior year. At Harvard, Ashcroft concentrated in history. He was a member of the Owl Club and was described as an above-average student. In his junior spring, he studied abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing and spent his summers interning with Senator John Warner of Virginia. In his senior year, he wrote an undergraduate thesis on the Nullification Crisis, taking a favorable view of John C. Calhoun's states' rights position. He graduated magna cum laude with an offer to attend Harvard Law School the next fall. He received his JD from Harvard Law and was admitted to the Virginia bar in 1989. Ashcroft spent his first four years out of law school working as an attorney in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1994, he joined the staff of Rep. Herbert Bateman of Virginia's 1st congressional district, a family friend, as his office's legal counsel. In 1996, Bateman announced his intention to retire from Congress and endorsed Ashcroft to succeed him in the reliable Republican seat. Ashcroft stood for the Republican nomination unopposed and was elected to Congress that year, one of the youngest members taking up office. In the House, Ashcroft was a reliable Republican vote. He voted in favor of impeaching President Bill Clinton in 1998 following the Lewinsky scandal. In 2000, Ashcroft announced his intention to challenge then-Senator Chuck Robb. He won the Republican primary, narrowly defeating former governor George Allen, and went on to defeat Robb by very slim margins, with the help of aggressive campaigning alongside George Bush. He took up office in 2001. He voted in favor of the Iraq War.
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    First of all, I want to thank everyone for responding to the player survey. These surveys help give us a picture of how we’re doing and how we can improve. Since then, we’ve had some pretty serious discussions internally about where we need to go from here. The area of improvement most cited by players in the survey was reality response, and therefore generating/developing more scenarios will be a priority for the AB moving forward. To help us do this, I have decided to hire one more admin. @Huffines will be joining us on the AB. While Huffines is a new player here, he is not new to govsimming or politics in general. He’s been involved in real life politics here in Texas and played extensively on Tedder’s Capitol Hill game for the past year, eventually becoming President. He has always wanted to be an admin, but for various reasons (too valuable as a player, ideological balance on the AB, etc) the opportunity never presented itself. He is very excited to have the opportunity to do so here on VGS. His main focus will be on two things that we are currently lacking: scenario development and PAC’s. Huffines and @Sweet Daddy have already talked to me about new scenarios, and these will be rolled out soon (along with Trump’s reaction on twitter of course). Huffines will also be rolling out PAC’s to get more money to players and simulate the effects of special interests. Please welcome Huffines to the AB, and thanks for your continued interest in VGS.
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    I 'd like to thank @Reed for his service. I think he did a wonderful job and we're going to miss him. Good luck on your LSATs dude! @TexAgRepublican will be taking over as CA starting March 1st.
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    U.S. Senate Descends into Chaos During Congressional Battle Royale Washington D.C- The carnage on Capitol Hill was apparent from miles away as the first annual Senate Battle Royale commenced this Wednesday. Wielding armor, googles, and paintball guns, Senators across the Hill duked it out for ultimate supremacy in an attempt to appeal to younger voters. Elizabeth Sawyer (D-MD) struck the first blow in the competition after finding an automatic paint rifle hidden by the Candy Desk in the Senate chamber, using it to zap Senator James Sutherland (R-IL), who was desperately searching for armaments up in the gallery. From that point on, it was open season for the members of Congress’ upper house, with no clear favorite emerging. During the mid-game, it appeared that a bi-partisan Gang of Six was going to wipe the floor with all contenders, but paranoia got the better of Senator Jared Elkins (D-NJ). Elkins first shot fellow New Jerseyite Gio Pagnotto in the back before turning on the other members of the group, which erupted into a fracas that left none of the former front-runners alive. Joe Dotson (D-WA), who had been tracking the group, was able to pick up the pieces of the melee, looting weapons from the cold, proverbially dead hands of his Republican colleagues. In the end, the contest seemingly came down to Dotson, Sawyer, Wilson Baudin (R-AR), and Luke Recks (R-AZ). Recks then pulled off the play of the game, dispatching Dotson and Sawyer in a three-way battle before sniping Baudin from long distance. The accomplished economist, mistakenly claiming victory, returned to the Senate House to claim his reward as the final zone began to close in. At press time, Republican Senator Grayson Manado of Washington had won the contest. Manado, who had been hiding under the Senate clerk’s desk with a paint pistol throughout the duration of the contest, claimed victory by shooting Recks in the lower leg as he returned to the chamber.
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    Interest Groups Scramble as Congressional Trade Deadline Approaches Washington D.C- Rumors were swirling across the Beltway this Thursday as corporations were faced with tough choices to make at the United States Congressional Trade Deadline. Perennial legislative contenders Exxon Mobile and Lockheed Martin were hoping to bolster their roster of purchased congressmen, while formerly major players in the law-passing game such as the American Coal Council were left staring down a long rebuild. After Exxon re-signed company favorite Senator Bill Malcolmson (R-AL) to a multi-year extension during the last lame duck session, many were wondering whether they had enough in the budget to trade with NARAL for highly sought after Senator John Hawkins (R-OK). But the petroleum giant proved doubters wrong, dealing Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and a third-round pick in the 2019 Freshman Congressman Draft for the rights to the hard hitting lawyer from OKC. In the Democratic Conference, JP Morgan Chase was looking for a partner with which to offload former 2017 first round draft pick Chet Winger (D-NC). Once a highly touted prospect for the banking conglomerate, Winger’s stock within the tight-lipped organization reportedly fell after the centrist Democrat began to spout some left-leaning populist dogma during a press conference at the the end of the 115th congress. In the end, the best they could do was swap him with Time Warner Cable for some cash and several state legislators, with CEO Jaime Dimon rationalizing that it worth worth swallowing an imperfect deal in order to move what they saw as a cloakroom cancer off the company books. The other big story of the day was the AFL-CIO’s fire sale, as they offloaded Senators Justine-Sana Bauer and Anderson Whitman for a haul of 2020 and 2021 draft selections. When asked if the organization was calling it quits on getting anything done in the 2019 legislative session, union president Richard Trumka urged his members to “trust the process”. At press time, fans of the USC were groaning and preparing for another year of legislation dominated by the NRA dynasty, who's entire roster took pay cuts in order to keep their squad together.
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    Hi there. So most if not all of you know me, I'm Conrad and I've been appointed by the triumvirate of owners as the new Chief Administrator of Virtual Government Simulation. My previous experience involves being a player, administrator and of course owner and Chief Administrator of the game directly preceding this one, Virtual America. As most of you know, Virtual America was a relatively successful/active game and I plan on making VGS as active as possible also. I recognize there was a level of bad blood following the closure of VUSA and the emergence of VGS with myself and Christopher Reed, I would hope given previous going on's in this game that the bad blood people had with me has cleared up. With my appointment as Chief Administrator, I want to take this opportunity to alert members of the community that had previous feuds or problems with me that they can now come to me and talk about it. I want VGS to succeed and return and to do this we must come together as one community. When I was approached to take the role of Chief Administrator just over a month ago by one of the owners, I told them I would think about it and just a few days ago I went back and told them that I would take the job. I recognize that certain could-be players will/do have issues with some of the owners, but as a condition of my appointment, I requested complete and total control over game affairs, which includes direction of resets, rules and what some sceptical players/members are concerned about: discipline and punishments. Despite my often trollish behaviour, I'm sure most of you recognize me as a generally serious and fair person, where needs be. With this in mind, I hope it will help assuage concerns regarding what could happen to members if they return to the community and I want to give them an opportunity to read this post, which I have no doubt they will or get wind of. My decision to head the revival of VGS lies in my belief that we ought to see a return of a traditional medium level sim, different from what I categorize as the "capitol hill model". I am confident that a chunk of players hold this belief as well, and I'm willing to test that. Over the next few days after spreading word that there will be a new round etc, I will open up the particular threads surrounding things like reset dates and other gamely functions which we traditionally look at, fundraising, house/senate and others to name a few. I will also be reviewing the rules in order to make the place work better. I will say, and I will go back to my reputation for being tough on those that don't conform to the rules. I will not allow the type of flaming, insulting and otherwise damning behaviour that occurred before throughout the community to affect it again, the administrative board will operate a zero tolerance policy on this, for the good of the entire community. Members can be assured that they can play the round without facing open harassment from other members. That's it from me for now, I will continue to update the community via forum and telegram over the next few days and I hope to see a return of our previous members who migrated in the past.
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    The official twitter of Senator Eugene Chillings of North Carolina Proudly representing the Tar Heeled state.
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    *Senator Rivera was booed out of the rally and all but chased away by the crowd he angered. He may no longer speak at the rally.
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    A big welcome to Huffines ^ Since some have asked, the debates for both primary fields being held by an independent entity on the same day required priorities to be transposed slightly so yes, barring complete cataclysm ARs should come out some time tomorrow. I didn't get home until well into the evening last night, and had to catch up on everything I'd missed and make sure y'all had your SIG money after Clay had to pick up the slack of my unexpected LOA this week, and have had to fit AR grading in between the two debates, but you'll get them by tomorrow night.
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    This website fiasco is a total embarrassment for Crooked Catherine and the Democratic Party. Stick to English next time!
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    The United Farm Workers should look into a lawsuit against Randy Rivera for stealing their trademark.
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    Dolores Huerta Reacts to Si, Se Puede and #SiSePueda Dolores Huerta, the American labor leader who popularized the phrase ‘Si, se pueda’ during the struggle for Latino labor rights released a statement to the Associated Press following a tweet from United States Senator Randy Rivera (D-NM) about Senator Catherine Williams’ (D-CA) use of the phrase in her own tweet promoting the Spanish-language version of her campaign website. Huerta, long known for her unwillingness to mince words, condemned both Senators. “’Si, se puede’ is a registered trademark of the United Farm Workers. It is our slogan. It was something that emerged from deep within our souls during a dark time in our history and helped empower us to overcome our oppressors. It was already stolen in the past for broad political campaigning, and with every use it becomes more disassociated with what we intended it to be. It is about labor liberation, the rights of the worker, and the freedom of Hispanics. It’s not about getting anyone elected to political office, but that is what it has become.” She said, likely referencing the English translation of ‘Yes we can’ used by Barack Obama during the 2008 election as well as various other times the phrase has been re-appropriated for personal, commercial, or political use. “At the same time,’ Huerta continued. “It has become part of the public consciousness. It has come to mean more than those initial struggles, and the spirt of si, se pueda belongs to all those that have embodied its spirit over the decades. While it is our legal property at the United Farm Workers, it is something that stopped being exclusive to the spirit of Hispanic Americans or laborers long ago.” So far, the use of the phrase by Rivera has not particularly resonated with Democratic voters, who have been torn between seeing it as pandering to a narrow part of Rivera’s base and it just being a rip from the Obama 2008 campaign, where it became a rallying cry for his base. The use by Catherine Williams has been even more chastised due to Rivera’s embrace of the phrase, and the larger twitter-verse has mocked her misspelling of ‘puede’ as well as various other errors in her Spanish language website, such as when she claimed that she had ‘announced with the diverse and extraordinary women of the view.’ As it stands, neither the use of the phrase or Rivera’s claim to misappropriation have had a significant impact in the polls, but both have turned some heads and caused some chuckles. When pressed on her interpretation of the Iowa Straw Poll, Huerta commented that she was going to refrain from endorsing at this point in the primary, but that she had seen very little from Rivera’s campaign that bolstered his claim to being the primary representative of labor in the election. “There was a lot of lip service to unions and wages at the Iowa Straw Poll, but the only one I saw go beyond that was [Minnesota Senator Harvey] Newton. I’d like to know more about how he would approach issues affecting Hispanics, but I like that he takes labor seriously.”
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    I'm happy to announce that @Clay has agreed to join the Admin team. Clay brings a lot of great experience and insight to our team both as a former player and admin. He'll be available to contribute in many areas, but he will mostly be focusing on economic and domestic scenarios right now. Please welcome Clay to the AB. Thanks.
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    I didn’t really get to this before but I’d like to thank @FrankP for the confidence in my abilities to coordinate our senate campaigns for the upcoming cycle. I have a pretty strong record in terms of flipping seats in favor of the party I’m apart of whether it be winning as a Republican in Oregon, a Democrat in Georgia, or helping flip seats like Iowa into the Democrat column in previous resets in difficult election years. We have arguably one of the strongest crop of players when it comes to running races this upcoming cycle and I’m very confident we will win big. Republicans are defending 22 seats this election cycle to our 12 with over 10 of theirs as possible pickup opportunities. We currently need 4 seats to gain an outright 51-49 majority in the next session of Congress. Based off of RL data, we can expect to already lose Alabama which means we realistically need a 5 seat gain baring any other loss (the only real other potential loss would be NH). This doesn’t really take into account how the new system will operate. Without players being required to sign into seats held by the RL Party, pre-planning is kinda difficult. What I would like to ask now just so we can get a better understanding of our end is for players on our side that are up for re-election in 2020 to just comment below since we can expect to be defending those seats.
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    The full Senate is now meeting to debate the Georgia Support Act, numbered per the orders of the Majority Leader as Senate resolution 6. The members of this noble chamber, especially my fellow Southerners should please note that this bill is pertaining to the Country of Georgia not the great state of Georgia which is on my mind.
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    Yes. We have the best people.
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    I want to address the issue with the Nepotism hearings and the rationale of the AB in response to the process. The hearings were pursued essentially like a witch hunt, which was realistically neither called for nor appropriate. The AB is doing it's best to simulate realism and the conduct of the hearing was... not realistic. I apologize that we did not address this sooner.
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    I usually do not try to criticize the AB publicly, but I think the last 24-72 hours have shown us that there are some things which need to be fixed. I think there is an AB backlog which needs to be resolved ASAP. Today's issues would have been made a lot better if there was an AB member there to provide guidance on how to handle this situation. I understand Baudin is on LOA right now, so I am not blaming him as he has a legitimate reason to be away. Not to mention, there are things we are still waiting on from the AB which have been requested for. A game calendar, IVS (the House already has votes which need tallied, so this needs to be a top priority), and technical requests are among those things. We have players literally going on rage LOA due to the AB backlog. We should be lucky they aren't ragequitting. Again, I do not want to criticize you guys and I do understand you have a real life, but I am afraid things are just starting to fall a little too far behind right now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and resolving the issues.
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    IT HAS RETURNED! Dark Secrets will make a comeback in VGS Reset 2! In the age of Gary Hart, the Keating Five, and Iran-Contra, it would be a disservice to not allow this option for players. Dark Secrets is completely optional for all players. Benefits of Dark Secrets include influence in the IVS and a bump in cash to a player's bank account. As we all know, dark secrets may not stay secret forever and thus you risk exposure and fallout if your dark secret is uncovered. Keep your eye out for inquisitive Miami Herald investigative reporters and the occasional flash of a camera from the National Enquirer! The Biography Guidelines have also been updated. I encourage everyone to take a gander at the changes that have been made before considering making your new character. You will notice a new component called "Faction" underneath your political party. The new faction system will be expanded on over the next few days but it will significantly contribute to the new IVS influence system we will be rolling out shortly.
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    I want begin by thanking everyone for the positive messages of encouragement sent my way that compelled me to consider the position of Chief Administrator. I want to personally thank both @Cyril and @MrAnderson for their faith in me to carry VGS forward. I remain of the firm belief that Anderson's AB set this game on the right path and helped the current reset survive as long as it has. I think we can all agree that the 2016 elections went from potentially not even happening to a resounding success and the credit for making that happen goes to Anderson and his AB. After consulting with Anderson and a few other individuals, we have come to the decision that VGS will be resetting. This is a decision made with careful consideration and an understanding of the need for a fresh start. I want to thank everyone who participated in the current reset who played their part in making it such a success. It's time for us as a community to move forward and I believe a reset will make that possible. Over the next few days, the AB will be working on archiving the current reset and establishing a new time table for when players can expect the new reset to begin. We will be reviewing our current game mechanics while also entertaining the development of new ones if the player base deems it something of particular interest. I have my own ideas for game mechanics that will aim to enhance the IG world for the player base that I hope to roll out in the coming days but I want to encourage all members of our community to give suggestions on ways we can improve. VGS isn't just a game but a community. We've got a wide array of folks from across the political spectrum that have come together to engage in spirited debate with one another and work with one another to create a realistic simulation of our own world. I remember back when I joined the 4th reset of Virtual America and I'm happy to say I've been around ever since. I've grown both as a player, as I bet people like @Conrad and @Baudin can attest to, and I'd argue I've grown as a person in both my own beliefs and knowledge of politics. VGS is a community worth fighting for and I am ready to keep this game moving forward. I'm looking forward to being a CA you all can be proud of and I hope to live up to the precedent that people like Anderson have left for me.
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    @DMH will be the new CA. I believe he will do a great job at leading the AB and launching the new reset.
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    I'd like you all to join me in welcoming @Recks to the Administrative Board!
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    Thanks to a handy little map given to us to @Evan giving us a better way forward for the primary/caucus states without RL dates yet than just roughly allocating them to the later rounds based on 2016 placement by making us realize the clear geographic logic to the map, we have updated the primary schedule. April 17 has had Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, and Kansas added. April 24 has had Utah, Colorado, and new Mexico added. April 28 has had New York, North Dakota, Wyoming, Maine, Alaska, and all non-state territories added. The official calendar found in the Presidential Election forums has been updated to reflect this.
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    @SenRabin: RT RT
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    @RecksAZ: #DemDebate on @ANC just shows how inept, how far-left the Democrats are willing to go to get some power: #FreeMoney, #LetIllegalsVote, #NameCalling. I look forward to the #GOPDebate so the American people can see a real vision for the future.
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    We have made a ruling on third-party and independent candidates for President. We will allow such candidates to run but to simulate the uphill battle that is ballot access, we are going to make them petition to become official candidates. This means that we will start a thread in the OOC forum where 2/3rds of the active player base as per the roster is going to have to "sign" the petition (so post in the thread) for them to quality as an official candidate. Later on tonight I'm going to go through and make sure the roster is updated with all the active players and the people who have passed activity limits signed out to determine the official threshold for @Marmot_Of_The_Marsh and start the thread for him to start collecting signatures.
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    One of the reasons I’m not running for another term is because I don’t want to end up like @SpeakerHaynes and long outlast my welcome. America wishes that he wasn’t running for another term.
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    Approval Rating Postscript: Is California a Microcosm of a Larger Battle? When polling the popularity of US Senators across the country recently, one common thread across many states with Democratic Party US Senators was a real struggle to find a balance within the growing ideological duels within their own party or otherwise members willing to simply draw a line in the sand. Nowhere is this more evidence than in the State of California, where both of the state's Senators have been subject to Presidential buzz and are currently embroiled in growing neighborly feud with one another. Although she doesn't totally fit the progressive mold, with more hawkish approach to foreign policy at times and having faced a lot of criticism for her initial outreach on a bill dealing with the divisive "Mexico City Policy", Catherine Williams has started to find some real support among social media-friendly younger and progressive voters due to her outspoken nature which seems to court controversy. Her approach has often been blunt, and her rhetoric on the poverty gap, race relations in this nation, and taking on the more traditional liberal elements in her party such as Joe Dotson of Washington have won her just as many admirers on the movement left as they have stern critics both within her party and beyond from moderates. In the latter group, many point to her strong opposition from the left to TANF Reauthorization (joined by fellow emerging progressive voice in the Senate, Randy Rivera of New Mexico) which most of her own party supported and her roundly criticized moment on the Senate with Rutherford Kong, an African-American Republican from Rhode Island, which many saw as her challenging him on his "blackness" as examples of her being outside the mainstream within her own party. However, with the much more enthusiastic left-wing in the aftermath of the 2016 elections and the 2018 midterms that saw several notable examples of a new generation of progressives ascend to Congress, she has also found an increase of followers who ascribe to the idea that the left needs their own blunt-force personalities to take on President Trump and the Republican Party.  Martin Arroyo on the other hand, couldn't strike much more a different figure if he tried. Vocal but more cautious with his word, critical against the Trump Administration but willing to compromise, Arroyo comes across very much as the type of center-left Democrat which dominated the party's leadership and public face throughout much of the Obama Administration for better or worse. Coming to prominence as one of the lead combatants in the battles with the former Attorney General whose resignation and followed not long after by the successful bid he spearheaded to bring the new Amazon HQ2 to his home city of Los Angeles has his star shining bright in the Sunshine State right now although with battle lines between his counterpart being drawn clearly and in public. Although broadly popular within the extended LA metro area, it wasn't long that Catherine Williams began to set her sights on Arroyo and the Amazon deal despite her early endorsement of a new HQ coming into California. Citing many of the same the areas of criticism that ultimately led to the original bid's failure in New York in regards to labor and business practices, Williams wasted no time attacking not only the decision but Arroyo himself for the way in which he handled the bid and the several other major cities in the state which were overlooked. Arroyo quickly shot back by both highlighting the previous endorsement of a California Amazon location by Mrs. Williams as well as promoting the estimated economic benefits the deal would bring to the state. While certainly the possibility of a Presidential primary showdown between the two has heightened tensions of late with their shared homestate being the biggest delegate prize, it also seems to act as a microcsm and the growing divides between insurgent progressives and more traditionally center-left Democrats in the country as seen on issues such as the Green New Deal, minimum wage increases, and the TANF re-authorization where some like Mrs. Williams, Randy Rivera and Senator Dave Bautista of New York have openly challenged perceptions of how statewide officials in their states traditionally carry and align themselves while the more entrenched traditionalists like Senator Arroyo, Joe Dotson of Washington, and Elizabeth Sawyer of Maryland are faced with navigating the landminds of becoming targets of their party's own left flank. 
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    National and Congressional News 1. Senate Majority Leader Orson Wilder of Utah introduced legislation on behalf of the White House to ratify the USMCA, essentially a renegotiation of the divisive NAFTA trade agreement which was a central focus of President Trump's campaign in 2016 and of his Presidency thus far. Many early responses of Democrats ranging from Speaker of the House Trent Haynes to West Virginia Senator Andrew Swift and New Mexico Senator Randy Rivera, have largely been focused on wanting increased labor protections included in the agreement while there has been little Republican reaction outside of the SML himself at publishing time. 2. Senators Catherine Williams (D-CA) and Cassius McKnight (R-GA) have introduced an amendment to the Opioid Action Act currently being considered in the Senate HELP Committee which would authorize an additional $10 billion worth of funding over the next 10 years for various programs dedicated to addiction prevention and treatment. The Committee had previously approved an amendment, from New Hampshire Republican Emily Vincent, which struck the bill's proposed increases to maximum penalties for illegal distribution or manufacturing of Schedule II and Schedule III narcotics. 3. While awaiting a final vote count, a vote to censure Senator Rutherford Kong of Rhode Island seems poised to fail primarily along party lines with several Democrats either voting to abstain or against the motion. The censure motion came as a result of comments Senator Kong made accusing the Democratic Party of racism during debate of the Choices in Education Act which he later requested be struck from the Congressional record. 4. The ASFAJ Committee has begun voting as to whether to recommend the nomination of Attorney General-Designate Sarah Elizabeth Vincent of Michigan to the full Senate for confirmation. Vincent faced some tough questioning regarding the Mueller Report as well as the actions of her notorious predecessor by members of both parties on the committee, as well as outlining a judicial philosophy which many seemed to believe was fairly moderate in comparison to past Attorneys General in the Trump Administration. Judicial observers have largely given Vincent positive marks for her handling of the hearing, and no Senate Democrats have yet announced support or opposition to the nomination.
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    Interviewing Agency: The Virginia-Pilot (Norfolk, Virginia daily newspaper) On the construction of the border wall: "What nobody talks about is the impact that the President's imaginary emergency is taking critical funding away from our armed forces at a time when they need it. By diverting money away from military construction, tens, potentially hundreds, of millions of dollars that were meant for providing critical upgrades to military bases like Norfolk Navy Yard, Naval Station Norfolk, and Joint Base Langley, are being diverted to building this wholly unnecessary wall on the southern border. We're putting constructing quality housing for America's troops here in Virginia, and even across the ocean in Korea and Germany, in the back seat - hurting America's military families - just so that this irresponsible President can achieve his right-wing talking point that, at the end of the day, will do nothing to make America safer. This irresponsibility must end today. America's military families and military facilities must become a top priority for defense funding. We cannot have a partisan, pathetic, poorly planned pet-project weaken the strength of America's brave men and women in uniform and their families."
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    I've been troubleshooting some of the major masking and mod groups to make sure everything is working how it should, I've created some new ones for those who needed it, and I've moved the Senate, House, and Library of Congress back home to the The Capitol Hill forum out of the White House. Please let me know if there are any issues.
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    @AG must publicly release the Special Counsel's report.
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    @SenRabin: @realDonaldTrump consider looking for my primary contender @SenRabin: A wall will not secure the border, we need a bipartisan solution not threats. @SenRabin: But Mr. President after serving 30 years and in two military conflicts, your threats dont scare me.
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    @SenatorSawyer - Congrats to Senator Bill @Baudin for standing up to leaders when they're wrong. Country over party isn't dead yet in the GOP, it seems.
  46. 4 points
    With Senator Chet Winger having withdrawn his own nomination and endorsing Thomas Blackstone, Thomas Blackstone is now made DNC Chair effective immediately. Congratulations @FrankP Senator Thomas Blackstone!
  47. 4 points
    Can we put the game on hold while we work this stuff out? We have some important deadlines approaching. I think we should work this stuff out before we proceed further.
  48. 4 points
    Well, a few notes from my perspective: 1. First and foremost: I'm personally kind of on the fence when it comes to a reset, though leaning against. On one hand, it is easier to attract a new CA and AB (should Ollie not want to stay on in the position) when they can build their own scenario from the ground up rather than trying to fix the problems that came before, and the several people who decided to leave largely because of inactivity of the AB are probably more likely to return for a new reset. However, on the other hand at the beginning of this round we saw a lot of people who in the past haven't stuck around for long or ever been too active really get into the game due to the unique setting of '88, as well as people like myself and Anderson who were kind of exhausted after last round and probably would have taken a pass on at least the first few months has the scenario not piqued our interest. Likewise, there are a lot of people who have put a lot of effort into building their characters even despite the odds stacked against the round lasting too long who would probably (rightfully) feel kind of cheated, especially since R1 proved that no round is beyond saving. 2. I agree with Anderson and Ollie that the number one issue has been Admin Activity in general, as well as Admin Communication. There's been very little in the way of coverage of player activities outside, the scenario creation tended to fall into either the categories of esoteric or nonexistent, and many technical requests and scenario-based questions took days (if ever) to be addressed with the line of communication being so thin that at times I often wasn't even sure who was on the AB. I think so many of the issues of this reset could be fixed with just having an AB that is more tapped into what's going on in the player base both in-game as well as OOC as well as provide more avenues for players to engage in the game than just the legislative or running for office. 3. There are a few things that I think can be done to refocus things within this current round. Some suggestions I would have include scrapping the factional system which thus far has seemed to really have no impact on the game with the factional IVS having never been adopted and people freely voting how they want thus rendering any "voting blocs" (especially considering there are some that have just one or zero players representing them) moot, as well as exploring the idea of giving a little bit more freedom with the player media system which would allow players to keep some of the money they make from grading (with a stiff transfer penalty to ensure that we don't have situations like Anderson and Thyne in the VUSA R10 Senate races never having to post a single fundraiser and still having tons of money left over) as long as they invest some to at least maintain their media's current standing so as to encourage more people to launch one and thus be able to take some workload of the hands of the AB.
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    Character Name: Lilakai Wauneka Avatar: Luci Tapahonso (First poet laureate of the Navajo Nation) Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: United States Senator, New Mexico (Class 1) Date of Birth: 19 November 1961 Place of Birth: Shiprock, New Mexico Place of Residence: Shiprock, New Mexico Race/Ethnicity: Native American (Navajo Nation) Gender: Female Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Family Information: No spouse; no children Parents: Hoksay (father, b. 1931) & Ahson (mother, b. 1935) Wauneka (m. 1954) Siblings, Siblings-in-Law, Nieces, & Nephews: Hastiin Wauneka (brother, b. 1955) & Alex Johnson (b. 1954) (m. 1982) - No children Klah Wauneka (brother, b. 1957) & Angelica Clahchischilliage (b. 1961) (m. 1985) - Ángela Wauneka (niece, b. 1989), Jorge Wauneka (nephew, b. 1991), Cecilia Wauneka (niece, b. 1994) Atsidi Wauneka (brother, b. 1958) - Unmarried Radmilla Wauneka (sister, b. 1966) & John Frank (b. 1959) (m. 1999) - No children Educational History: 1976-1980, Shiprock High School, High School Diploma 1980-1982, Diné College, Associate of Arts in Social & Behavioral Sciences 1982-1985, University of New Mexico, Bachelor of Arts (Major: Political Science) Occupational History: 1985-1986 - Bureaucrat, United States Bureau of Indian Affairs 1986-1988 - Researcher, Congressional Budget Office 1989-1990 - Reporter, Navajo Times 1991-2005 - Delegate (Shiprock), Navajo Nation Council 1999-2003 - Speaker Pro Tempore, Navajo Nation Council 2003-2005 - Speaker of the Council, Navajo Nation Council 2005-2013 - Representative (New Mexico's Third Congressional District), United States House of Representatives 2013-present - Senator (New Mexico, Class 1), United States Senate
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