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    I would really appreciate some coverage on the economy. How can I possibly attack wilder if I don't know how many jobs were lost?
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    One more issue, I don't know how a university student with no work experience is immediately elected mayor, like I said earlier occupational history needs to be filled in.
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    I will be LOA for the next 24-36 hours. Avner is in charge.
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    @SenatorWest In our 21st century democracy, we cannot be expanding capital punishment. It is a barbaric practice of the past that has no place here. Shameful that @JohnSaunders & the Rs would promote such a practice at this time, and then hide behind red herrings in defending it in the Senate. #StopCapitalPunishment #NoDeathPenalty #NoRedHerrings #ShamefulMinorityLeader
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    Mr. President, The following bill has passed in both houses of Congress, and is presented for your signature. /s/ Pete Sessions, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives /s/ Osiris Storm, President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Rural Wireless Access Act of 2017
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    I'll see if we can't whip up some economic data for you angsty types.
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    Welcome back but I can't approve this bio, 1. What program did you study at BYU and BYU Idaho? The dates provided show you only did three years(not to sure BYU offers three year programs for BAs) and I assume you did a master's with a year? I suggest editing the dates significantly. 2. Being a student is not a job, you will need to significantly alter your occupation history. And also explain how the mayor of two small cities was able to win the governorship. You will not be allowed to say you won the governor's race as a member of the Constitution Party so that needs to be changed as well. 3. There is no class 1 seat in Idaho, please check the senate roster.
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    SENATOR WEST PROPOSES NATIONAL COMMUNITY POLICING WEEK WASHINGTON DC- Senator Henry West of California today proposed legislation recognizing the week of December 11 through December 17 as National Community Policing Week. The resolution proposes a week of communities coming together to help aid police officers and build relationships between the general public and those who serve and protect them. "We have too many issues in our society where the general public is cut off from these hard working individuals, and it builds a distrust between both groups. We must address this, and show that they are just fellow citizens, who have taken on the enormous task of protecting us. It is our hope that this resolution, and this national week will help to ease some of those tensions in a small way at least. Every journey starts with a step."
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    Mr. President, It seems that the other Republicans have now contracted the disease of their shameful minority leader, as they can only argue in red herrings and not bring anything substantial to this debate. To quote the gentleman from Tennessee, "We cannot allow our law enforcement officers to be left without protection"; This is not what this legislation is about in its' original form, and this is not an arguable point. We have seen the militarization of many local police forces across the country. We have seen money pumped into local police forces. What we need is better, and new training programs for the police forces. This legislation in its original form is about the Republicans trying to expand a barbaric practice, not attempting to fix any of the issues that plague this country. Capital Punishment needs to be left in the past, and should not be expanded like this law attempts to do. The PPT has shown his willingness to work on a bipartisan solution to this problem. Others on our side have also shown a willingness to work across the aisle. I am willing to also work across the aisle. I am NOT willing to expand the practice of the death penalty, and I am certainly not willing to negotiate on red herrings that move the goal post and distort both the problems that are facing this country, and what this proposed legislation does in its original form. Be better than your leader Republicans, and meet us at the table. Lets discuss better training for our police officers. Lets discuss and bring actual police officers into the discussion about what they need to better do their jobs. Lets discuss how they can de-escalate situations, lets talk about things that they would like to see from their elected officials. Lets talk about community policing, and bring communities together so that we do not have such an isolated society. It is true that there are problems in our society that are beyond the police's ability, underlying issues that must be addressed by taking a hard look at ourselves. Lets talk about that and find solutions to those problems as well. Lets NOT use death and capital punishment as a panacea and call it good. Again, I call on the minority party to meet us at the table and work on ways to make us all one. Thank you, and for now I Yield.
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    I'd say several GOP-leaning states have begun to move forward with medicaid expansion and that those states that have already are seeing the benefits so yes.
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    IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES Mr. Nikolao (for himself, Mr. Coburn, Mr. Clay and Mr. Storm) introduced the following bill with thanks to Mr. Manchin; A BILL To require the Federal Communications Commission to establish a methodology for the collection by the Commission of information about commercial mobile service and commercial mobile data service, and for other purposes. Section 1. Short title This Act may be cited as the “Rural Wireless Access Act of 2017”. Section 2. Methodology for collection of mobile service coverage data (a) Definitions In this section— (1) the term “commercial mobile data service” has the meaning given the term in section 6001 of the Middle-Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (47 U.S.C. 1401); (2) the term “commercial mobile service” has the meaning given the term in section 332(d) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 332(d)); (3) the term “Commission” means the Federal Communications Commission; (4) the term “coverage data” means, if commercial mobile service or commercial mobile data service is available, information about the service, which may include available speed tiers and performance characteristics; and (5) the term “Universal Service program” means the universal service support mechanisms established under section 254 of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 254) and the regulations issued under that section. (b) Methodology established Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Commission shall promulgate regulations to establish a methodology that shall apply to the collection of coverage data by the Commission for the purposes of— (1) the Universal Service program; or (2) any other similar program. (c)Requirements The methodology established under subsection (b) shall— (1) contain standard definitions for different speed tiers, such as the 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE tiers; (2) ensure that coverage data is collected in a consistent and robust way; (3) improve the validity and reliability of coverage data; and (4) increase the efficiency of coverage data collection. Section 3. Plain English Summary This bill requires the Federal Communications Commission to establish a consistent methodology for its collection of coverage data about the available speed tiers and performance characteristics of commercial mobile and data service for the Universal Service program or any similar programs.
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    @SenatorWest Pleased that the Supreme Court chose to stand up for all Americans today, and stood up for Love by legalizing Gay marriage! #LoveIsLove #WeNeedMoreLove #GayRightsAreHumanRights
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    It is not my job to ensure that you all check which bills were used. All bills currently enacted are archived in the oval office and all legislation and votings of the Senate records are archived in the Senate archive depending on the session of Congress. It is your responsibility to check that, not mine.
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    @SenatorWest RETWEETS "@SenatorStorm: As I do believe in protecting our law enforcement, expanding the death penalty is not the way"
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    Best backroom dealer since Cwill

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