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    Name: Axel Storm State: New York Party: Democrat Birth Date:06/24/1939 Place of Birth: Bronx , New York Place of Residence: Bronx, New York Religion: Baptist Faction: Libertarian Democrat Family: Father: Faulkner Storm (December 19, 1894-December 20th 1986) Mother: Brianna Storm(March 19, 1912-?) Aderyn Storm-Wife (08/16/1937) Educational History: B.A. In Political Science and Economics (1957-1961) Howard University J.D with a focus on Constitutional Law 1961-1964) Columbia University Occupation: Community Organizer for the NAACP (1961-1964) Public School Civics and Social Studies Teacher (1969-1977) Civil Rights Lawyer for the NAACP in New York (1977-1982) Representative of the 15th District of New York from (1982-) Military Service and Awards: Major(1964-1969) Meritorious Service Medal Vietnam Service Medal Bronze Star Medal Axel Storm grew up in the Wakefield Section of the Bronx. He attended the Historically Black College/University, Howard University where he earned his B.A in Political Science and Economics. Axel passed up the offer to attend the prestigious Columbia University, due to his passion for civil rights and his wanting to attend the Black Harvard of his time. From attending Howard University, Axel strictly followed the African proverb "Each one,Teach one" which prompted became very involved with the Civil Rights Movement where he participated in sit-ins, community organizing, and voter drives to increase Black political participation and Black consciousness. Axel stood vehemently opposed of the system of Apartheid in South Africa that he tied himself to a tree near the Pentagon and would not leave until he was forcefully removed. Shortly after graduating from Howard University, Axel enrolled at Columbia University where he pursued his J.D under the concentration of civil rights. Axel believed that in order for the Civil Rights movement to become a success that their needs to be an increase of Black Lawyers willing to defend their communities and other communities from unjust policies implemented during the days of Slavery and Jim Crow. After graduating from Law School, Axel was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. Axel believed that forcefully drafting individuals to fight in a war was Government sponsored murder of black people, brown people and poor whites. He also believed that no system which gives rich white people a pass from "serving" their nation is unjust and should be abolished. Upon serving in Vietnam he earned the rank of Major and befriended two other black men named Augustus and Edward King. Axel found solace in his friends, as the Vietnam War as he describes it was "A series of human violations, which took the boundaries of war out of any type of civility or respect. I have witnessed such atrocities that no human should ever have to experience and I hope the people at home are watching and experiencing why war should always be the last option". During on his mentions, Axel attempted to save a child from a burning building. Upon saving the child, Axel was admitted to the hospital, where he was later honorably discharged due to a severe case of bronchitis. His bravery did not go unnoticed as he earned the Meritorious Service Medal. Axel later stated that "being a decent human being should not be something that should be rewarded. He called for the end of the war and for his fellow servicemen to be allowed to go home". After returning home from the war, Axel was even more inspired by the "Each one,Teach one". He decided to become a Civics and History Teacher at a local public school located in the South Bronx. Axel wanted to ensure that future generations of poor black and Latino Americans had a fighting chance and would be able to combat the racism and discriminations that haunt them today and may haunt them in the future. Axel fell in love with his teaching job. In 1977, Axel took his students on a trip to see a local Yankee game. The Yankees were up 2-0 and then it was suddenly announced that the Bronx was burning. Today this fire is proclaimed as the "Great Bronx Fire". The fire left many families displaced and homeless, and even many of his own students. Axel grew very angry due to the lack of accountability by the city of this fire and also by the government mistreatment of Black and Brown people. After 8 years of teaching, Axel became left his job to use his J.D and to become a Civil Rights Lawyer with the NAACP. He helped win cases on matters of housing, income and the loss of property in the fire. Axel believed that the work that he was doing was what the community needed, and then, later on, announced his bid for the congressional seat of New York's 15th in 1982. Since his election, Axel has been a steady voice against apartheid, believes that the Iran-Contra needs to be investigated thoroughly and believes that we must protect the civil liberties of every American.
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    It just explicitly banned being the governor of a big state, so I assumed I could pick a governors mansion where I can keep an eye on Russia.
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    Name: James (Jimmy) Taylor Parker Jr. Avatar: Dan Quayle Date of Birth: July 26, 1951 Plate of Birth: Oceanside, CA Residence: San Diego, CA Party: Republican Faction: Establishment Religion: United Methodist Family Information: Father: James Taylor Parker Sr. 1919) Mother: Amelia Arlene Parker (b. 1921) Wife: Maryanne Parker(formerly Daniel) Married 1978 Son: James Taylor Parker III (b. 1980) Daughter: Daniela Amelia Parker (b. 1984) Educational History: B.A. Political Science - United States Naval Academy 1973 J.D. - University of Southern California 1983 Occupational History: United States Marine Corps (Active Duty), Captain - 1973-1980 United States Marine Corps Reserve, Major - 1983-Present RAND Corporation, International Law Consultant - 1983-1986 James Taylor Parker Jr. was born on July 26, 1951 in Oceanside, CA, to James and Amelia Parker. James Parker Sr. was a career Marine Corps officer stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time of Jimmy's birth. Jimmy grew up traveling the world as his father was stationed in California, Okinawa, and North Carolina. After Jimmy graduated high school in 1969, he went on to the Naval Academy like his father. Jimmy graduated the Naval Academy in 1973 with a degree in Political Science. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the USMC in 1973 and began flight training. In 1975 he joined his first operational squadron, VMFA-232 in Iwakuni, Japan, where he flew the F-4 Phantom. In 1978, at this time he was a Captain, he returned to his native San Diego to be an instructor at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School at NAS Miramar. He married his wife, Maryanne at this time. In 1980, Jimmy decided to resign his commission and go to law school. He attended the USC law school and earned his J.D. in 1983. After graduation from USC, he worked as a legal consultant at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica dealing in international law. While doing this, he returned to the military, this time in the Marine Corps Reserves as a JAG officer. He is currently a Major. In 1986 he was encouraged by his father's good friend Donald Rumsfeld to run for congress, which he did, and won.
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    Signing out. Time constraints outside of here is the reason why I'm leaving. But recreating history starting with Reagan's last years in office is probably the best idea in a poli sim like this. Take care, y'all.
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    Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Cherryville Tribune After weeks and weeks of back and forth with the Ethics hearing and Augustus King's nepotism, I'm glad that we have a publication of a report which shows special treatment was applied to his brother. His resignation is an affirmation of guilt, and I'm not sure why he couldn't have done it sooner. I'm happy to see the conclusion of this affair."
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    Major International News - Q2 1987 Margaret Thatcher Claims Victory in Third Consecutive General Election London - British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has led her Conservative Party to a third consecutive general election victory. Despite a net loss of 21 seats in the House of Commons, Mrs. Thatcher has successfully maintained a commanding 376 seats in Parliament. The victory for the Prime Minister is the second consecutive landslide for the ruling Conservative Party and a reaffirmation of Mrs. Thatcher's position as leader of the United Kingdom. The electoral triumph can be attributed to a booming economy, record-low inflation, and declining unemployment levels. The victory for the Conservatives come as the Labour Party continues to struggle with its political identity as moderates and left-wingers continue to battle for control of their party. Mrs. Thatcher's reelection is also a victory for U.S. President Ronald Reagan as he maintains one of his closest allies in the fight against communism. The "Iron Lady" is expected to continue to play a significant role in the Western World and the Cold War. State Department Designates Waldheim an "Undesirable Alien" Vienna - Secretary of State George Schultz and Attorney General Edwin Meese have announced, following a thorough investigation, that Austrian President Kurt Waldheim participated in Nazi-sponsored persecution during World War II. The actions of President Waldheim therefore prohibits his entry into the United States by federal statute. The joint-investigation found that, among other events, Kurt Waldheim assisted in the transfer of civilian prisoners to the SS for exploitation as slave labor; the mass deportation of civilians to concentration and death camps; the utilization of anti-Semitic propaganda; the mistreatment and execution of Allied prisoners; and reprisal executions of hostages and other civilians. President Waldheim has effectively been labeled persona non grata by the State Department as a result and has received similar condemnation across the Western World. Reports have also indicated that the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia used information regarding Waldheim's past as a means of blackmailing him throughout his tenure as UN Secretary General. LOT Polish Airlines Flight 5055 Crashes in the Katby Woods - 183 Dead Warsaw - Thousands of mourners have descended on Warsaw following the deaths of 183 passengers aboard LOT Polish Airlines Flight 5055. The crash occurred shortly after takeoff as both engine 1 and 2 reportedly experienced multiple catastrophic events. The flight crashed into the nearby Katby Woods Nature Reserve and there were no survivors. The crash is the deadliest aviation disaster in Polish history to date. An outpouring of condolences have been sent from around the world ranging from General Secretary of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev to U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Pope John Paul II also released a statement expressing his sadness over the situation with many noting the location of the crash being the pope's native country. West German Youth Detained After Landing Private Plane on Red Square Moscow - Mathias Rust, an eighteen-year-old youth from West Germany, has been detained after landing on Red Square in a private plane. The notable flight was impressive as the young man evaded Soviet air defenses and landed in the very heart of the Soviet Union. A video tape of Mr. Rust flying over Red Square was captured by a British doctor. Mr. Rust was arrested two hours after landing on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. The fact that Mr. Rust has been described as an inexperienced pilot has caused considerable concern within the Soviet Union over the ineffective nature of their aerial defenses. Massacre of Muslim Youth in India as Riots Rage On Meerut - 42 Muslim youth have been reported dead following what is being described by international observers as a mass murder. An unknown amount of personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary rounded up Muslims in the Hashimpur mohalla in Meerut. The elderly and children were removed from the rounded up individuals and the rest were brought to the outskirts of the city where they were shot and murdered. The bodies were found in nearby canals a few days after the events occurred. Rioting in Meerut had begun in May over communal disturbances between Hindus and Muslims. The rioting had ended for a period of time before spiking again after arson attacks in May. The PAC was called in to restore peace in the region. The suppression of the riots have been similarly violent with claims of Muslims being burned alive and a specific case of a Muslim girl being crushed by a police jeep. No indictments have been made in the massacre and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi refused to comment. Talks Between Portugal and China Break Down Over Macau Sovereignty Macau - Portuguese Foreign Minister João de Deus Pinheiro has announced that talks regarding the transfer of Macau's sovereignty to the People's Republic of China have broken down following fears of suppression of a liberal society within the territory. The recent decision by the PRC to take making Macau a Special Administrative Region off the table for consideration was seen as the driving force behind opposition from Portugal to turn the territory over. The future status of Macau now remains in question as most international observers assumed the transfer of territory to the PRC was a forgone conclusion. Portuguese Prime Minister Aníbal Cavaco Silva has stated that he will not allow his foreign ministry to continue negotiations with the PRC regarding Macau until they put SAR status back on the table as a guarantee. New Zealand Passes Historic Nuclear Free Zone Wellington - New Zealand's Labour Government has passed the historic New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987. The act codifies the legal framework of New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy by establishing a nuclear free zone. This decision is the culmination of years of advocacy by anti-nuclear activists in New Zealand and the victory for David Lange's Labour Party in 1984. The sinking of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in 1985 spurred popular support within New Zealand to adopt anti-nuclear policy. U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz and Defense Secretary Weinberger expressed skepticism over the new policy and how it would affect the movement of nuclear weaponry in the region.
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    Atwater and Trippi Find New Potential Candidates Lee Atwater, a key political staffer on President Reagan's last Campaign, has found his new home for the 1988 election. After talking to many potential candidates, Atwater appears to have settled on Representative Anderson Kaine, a preacher and veteran Congressman. Atwater is said to find the idea of a former preacher, with legislative experience an appealing package to run in the Republican Primaries, and found the pitch from Representative Kaine very persuasive. Rumor has it that Representatives Williams and Fitzgerald made aggressive plays for Atwater's support, but Lady Jackie has had trouble with the investigations she has led, and Leader Fitzgerald has yet to make a conservative splash in Congress. While Atwater's support is an important sign of strength for Kaine's future, the other two potential candidates have much to offer if they decide to make a run. In similar news, Joe Trippi has also made his 1988 plans known, signing on as a strategist to the Seymour in '88 exploratory committee. Representative Seymour, a boll weevil Democrat from South Carolina, has made waves in Congress for his independence from his party on some issues, and for his willingness to compromise across the aisle. Apparently, this was enough for Trippi to join the campaign, in a race that will likely turn out to be a battle of the conservative and liberal wings of the party. Other potential candidates who attempted to win the support of Trippi include Representatives King, Blackstone, Tilsey, and Speaker Welles. All have the potential to be the next nominee, but the support and expertise of Joe Trippi is sure to give Douglas Seymour a bit of a head start in the race for the White House.
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    Name: Douglas Seymour Party: Democratic Interviewing Agency: WYFF-4 (NBC)
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    Madam Chair, I rise to a point of order. It is my understanding that the Made in America Act should have passed this committee by a vote of 3 ayes to 2 nays. There are only, at any given time, five members of this committee, and I was appointed to the seat held by Speaker Welles. Therefore, I ask that his vote - as a former member of the committee - be disregarded. I yield.
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    Mr. Chairman, I submit the following to be voted on to become the official findings of this committee regarding its hearing into the Nepotism case. I yield.
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    Madame Chair, I believe unless I am mistaken that the vote Congressman Seymour is speaking of was cast prior to his appointment on the committee, so Madame Chair I would assume that the vote cast by the former member of the committee should stand, since at the time of its casting, the Speaker was the actual member of this committee, and not Congressman Seymour. It would be a very bad precedent to start allowing members to overturn votes of their predecessors in this way. I Yield.
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    Welcome to the game and party! However, I'm unsure if you can have Governor experience in your bio. Nvm, it's fine, my bad.
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    The bill passes the Senate on a vote of 71-28-1.
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    Name: Anderson Kaine Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): The Chicago Tribune  I am glad to have worked with Chairman Tilsley to ensure the committee report on the nepotism hearing was bipartisan and thorough. It is clear that Majority Leader King made special rules for his brother, and then failed to apply those same standards to later appointments to the chair committee. His resignation from leadership in the days following the hearing is a surefire sign that this committee did its job in uncovering this double standard, and I am glad to put this behind us.
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    Mr Speaker, I rise in the House today to address a concern that I have in regards to this piece of legislation. If a provision from this bill was successfully amended in committee then why now are we seeking to re-implement it, subverting the committee process. Why do we even have committees if we are just going to ignore what legislative head work they do on a bill before it reaches the house floor? I yield.
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    This meeting is adjourned. A report will be presented by myself and the Ranking Member soon. @MrAnderson
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    Jefferson Elected as Minority Whip Washington D.C- Earlier this week, Congressman James Jefferson (R-Herndon) was elected by his colleagues to serve as their party's whip in the House. He replaced Congressman Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX-7) when he was elected to serve as the House Minority Leader. Jefferson released a statement on the recent promotion: Press Secretary Debbie Smith
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    Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Cherryville Tribune The Helping Others Home Act is nothing but an excuse to spend more money on a problem without identifying the root cause and addressing it. Homelessness in the greatest country on earth isn't something we should have nor are we proud of it. If we are truly to address homelessness we need to understand why people can't get homes and create a policy based on our understandings. The Congress should not be voting to simply give people more temporary homes.
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    The Problem With Raising the Minimum Wage: Midwestern Jobs The US House of Representatives has been engaged in a discussion of raising the minimum wage that appears to be across party-lines, after the same bill passed the HELP committee by a 3-2 party-line vote. There are real economic benefits and concerns about such a measure, and it appears to have a strong benefit based on national region. The rhetoric in Washington from the GOP has been about economic concerns, citing fear of rising costs and concerns about small businesses in one speech from Rep. James Jefferson (R-VA). Democrats such as Rep. Thomas Blackstone (D-MA), on the other hand, have largely condemned Republicans for fear mongering and have wrongfully claimed that opposing the bill was the same as opposing any minimum wage. The minimum wage was first set in 1938 and has continued uninterrupted since then. Blackstone's biggest ally has been Maine Representative Rosemarie DuBois-Granger (D), who has seconded his amendment to tie the minimum wage to Congressional salaries. Here in the Midwest, no state has a minimum wage higher than the national average, although Minnesota may be raising theirs in the next year by twenty cents. This helps foster domestic work leaving higher-wage states and relocating in states with lower costs. So who does benefit from raising the national minimum wage? There are seven states with minimum wages currently higher than $3.35, six of which are located in the Northeast. Alaska is the outlier, though they lack the same issues of people crossing state borders to purchase cheaper goods in neighbors and have significantly higher costs regarding shipment and sales to turn businesses away as well. In total, Massachusetts and Maine are tied for the highest minimum wage in the continental United States, and in no surprise the loudest Democrats in support of it are advocating for bringing other states to the same level. Each state has a minimum wage of $3.65, lower than the lowest hike in the bill, which will shortly be dwarfed by the bill calling for minimum wages as high as $5.00 per hour in five years. So how would a change impact us here in the Midwest? The industrial Northeast has seen its economic power weakened in recent years, as manufacturing leaves and heads to greener pastures in other states and abroad. Companies in the Midwest could see the chance to move to the Northeast, if wage costs were equal, giving it more direct routes to sea ports thereby lowering shipment costs. This incentive to move their base of operation would hinder the Midwest economy, while boosting economies in the Northeast that have seen damaging effects from raising their own wages. So of course, for those Representatives from Massachusetts and Maine, raising the minimum wage makes a lot of sense. For the rest of us, it may draw away jobs and hurt our local economies.

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