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    Name: Jefferson Crawford Ashcroft III Date of Birth: January 19, 1964 Place of Birth: Washington, D.C. Place of Residence: Alexandria, VA Party: Republican, Establishment Seat and Class: Virginia, Class 1 Avatar: Josh Hawley Family Info Spouse: Sarah Madison (m. 1995) Children: Hugh (b. 1997), Alexandra (b. 2000) Educational History Harvard University (BA, JD) St Albans School Occupational History U.S. Senator from Virginia (2001-present) U.S. Representative for Virginia's 1st Congressional District (1997-2001) Legal Counsel, Rep. Herbert H. Bateman (1994-1996) Attorney, Private Practice (1990-1994) Biography Jefferson "Jeff" Ashcroft was born in Washington, D.C. in 1964, a member of the Ashcroft family, prominent in Virginia politics. His father was a Republican congressman from Virginia with close ties to the Reagan Administration. Ashcroft was raised as a conservative Republican and attended the prestigious St Albans School in Washington. Upon graduating, he was admitted to Harvard's class of 1986 with a letter of recommendation from Harvard alumnus and then-Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, for whom he had interned in his senior year. At Harvard, Ashcroft concentrated in history. He was a member of the Owl Club and was described as an above-average student. In his junior spring, he studied abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing and spent his summers interning with Senator John Warner of Virginia. In his senior year, he wrote an undergraduate thesis on the Nullification Crisis, taking a favorable view of John C. Calhoun's states' rights position. He graduated magna cum laude with an offer to attend Harvard Law School the next fall. He received his JD from Harvard Law and was admitted to the Virginia bar in 1989. Ashcroft spent his first four years out of law school working as an attorney in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1994, he joined the staff of Rep. Herbert Bateman of Virginia's 1st congressional district, a family friend, as his office's legal counsel. In 1996, Bateman announced his intention to retire from Congress and endorsed Ashcroft to succeed him in the reliable Republican seat. Ashcroft stood for the Republican nomination unopposed and was elected to Congress that year, one of the youngest members taking up office. In the House, Ashcroft was a reliable Republican vote. He voted in favor of impeaching President Bill Clinton in 1998 following the Lewinsky scandal. In 2000, Ashcroft announced his intention to challenge then-Senator Chuck Robb. He won the Republican primary, narrowly defeating former governor George Allen, and went on to defeat Robb by very slim margins, with the help of aggressive campaigning alongside George Bush. He took up office in 2001. He voted in favor of the Iraq War.
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    I'd like you all to join me in welcoming @Recks to the Administrative Board!
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    Name: Michael Preston Madison Date of Birth: December 8, 1959 Place of Birth: Boston, MA Place of Residence: Philadelphia, PA Party: Republican Party State and Seat Class (use this for help) : Pennsylvania, Class III Avatar: Rick Santorum (y’know I had to do it) Family History: -Father and Mother: Edward and Catherine Madison -Siblings: Jackson Madison, Kaitlyn Campbell, George Madison, Theodore “Ted” Madison, Kathleen Warren, Elizabeth Madison -Wife: Melissa, aged 40 -Children: William (19), Edward (17), Carl (13) Educational History: -Abraham Lincoln High School, Class of 1978 Employment History: -United States Marine Corps, 1978-1989 -Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, 1989-1998 -US Senate, 1999-Present Anything Else You Want To Add: Bio: Michael Madison is the son of two immigrants from Northern Ireland. Edward, a British veteran who served in the RAF on a bomber crew, hailed from Northern Ireland, as did Catherine. Edward’s original last name was Madigan, but after the fierce fighting of the ‘20s, Michael’s grandfather, a staunch loyalist, changed their name to the similar-sounding (but English) Madison. Edward and Catherine immigrated to the United States in 1950, seeking a better life away from the declining British Empire. Settling in Boston, they made a living for themselves in the prospering post-War United States. They moved to Philadelphia in 1960, where Edward worked in a steel plant and Catherine worked as a homemaker for their many children. Originally Anglican, they began attending Mainline Protestant churches while living in Pennsylvania, before becoming evangelicals in the late 70s. Michael’s values were shaped by his childhood religious experiences, and he remains an evangelical today. Michael attended Abraham Lincoln High School, and he was known for being an exceptional student. Sometimes reserved, but very talented and intelligent, he was the star of his class. Instead of attending university after high school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He’d always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, whom he had admired since childhood, but he decided to forge his own path and join the Marine Corps instead of the Air Force. He served honorably until 1999, when he was honorably discharged and began work at Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. [more to come on service] In 1998, he decided to throw his hat in the ring to run for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat on the Republican ticket. After a close victory, he defeated the Democratic candidate to become Pennsylvania’s Class III Senator. A dedicated conservative, he has railed against abortion and the Assault Weapons Ban while supporting religious freedom, low taxes, a balanced budget, and low regulation. He criticized the Washington establishment for selling out to China and ignoring theft of American intellectual property and loss of jobs when President Clinton and Congress enacted normal trade relations with China in 2000. After 9/11, Senator Madison supported the AUMF and use of military force against Afghanistan. He has sharply criticized Islamic extremism, calling it “one of the most dangerous threats America faces today”.
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    Character Name: Jackson Clay Political Party: Democratic Faction: New Democrat Seat Held: IN- Class 3 Date of Birth: November 11, 1965 Place of Birth: Muncie, Indiana Place of Residence: Muncie, Indiana Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Methodist Family Information: Wife: Stacy (b.1963, m.1990) Children: Jackson (b.1999) Educational History: (Include school names, specific degrees, and years of graduation) Burris Laboratory School, Graduated 1983 Ball State University, BA in Political Science, Graduated 1987 Notre Dame Law School JD Graduated 1991 Occupational History: (include specific job titles and employers and years in which that job was held.) Congressional Aide Phil Sharp-1990 Associate- Ice Miller Law Firm, 1991-1995 Mayor- Muncie, Indiana 1995-1998 Senator- Indiana Class 3 1998-Present
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    I have quite enjoyed being an owner, but I feel compelled to play in what looks to be an exciting reset. I have resigned as owner, and passed my stake equally up between Anderson and Ironsides.
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    1. Administrator Emeritus 1.1 Administrator Emeritus shall be considered an honorary position for former Chief Administrators and Administrators in good standing, to enable them to form part of an advisory committee to the current Administrative Board, on issues concerning the game. 1.1.1 To be considered in good standing, a former Chief Administrator or Administrator must not have been fired or sanctioned by either the owner(s) or Chief Administrator, respectively. 1.2 In order to qualify for Administrator Emeritus status, an Administrator must serve for a length of 60 days, inclusive of leave of absences no longer than 7 days and a Chief Administrator must serve for a length of 90 days, inclusive of leave of absences no longer than 7 days. 1.3 The duties of the Administrator Emeritus will be entirely advisory in nature, though from time to time, they may petition the Chief Administrator on important matters, detailing a resolution which can either be accepted or rejected by the Chief Administrator. 1.4 In order to promote a neutrality among parties in game, those entitled to Administrator Emeritus status will temporarily forfeit such status for the duration of their active participation in "party politics" of the game. 1.5 The Chief Administrator and the Owners will not seek out those who they believe to be entitled to such status, if you believe you are entitled, please forward a message to the Chief Administrator and the owners of Virtual Government Simulation.
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    Mel Donovan, Oregon มาล่าดีโดโนแวน วุฒิสมาชิกโอเรกอน Romanized Birth Name: Maladee "Mel" Lam-Bailey Thai Birth Name: มาล่าดีาลำ-ไบเลย์ English Legal Name: Maladee (née Lam-Bailey) Donovan Avatar: Yingluck Shinawatra Date of Birth: February 28th, 1955 Place of Birth: Garibaldi, Oregon Place of Residence: Garibaldi, Oregon, Alexandria, Virginia Hometown: Garibaldi, Oregon Party: Republican party Ideology: Economic conserevative, socially Left-Libertarian, Realpolitik foreign policy Religion: Protestant Calvinist Ethnicity: Half-Thai, Half-American White Gender: Female Spoken languages: Spoken English, spoken Thai, some French David Bailey, Father, U.S. Marine Corps, owner of Evergreen Eatery, former state senator, RNC Oregon delegate, dob.4/11/1925, pob. Garibaldi, Oregon, United States, dod.12/15/2000 Pitchaya “Pu” Lam-Bailey, Mother, high school teacher, Tillamook County Board of Education, dob.5/1/1927, pob. Nakhon Ratchasima, Siam Adam Donovan, Jr., Spouse, Writer, U.S. Marine Corps, retired CIA, pob. Garibaldi, Oregon, dob. 12/21/1955, m. 5/12/1980 Esther Donovan, Daughter, dob. 7/22/1988, student, writer, pob. Garibaldi, Oregon Andrew Donovan, Son, dob. 7/22/1988, student, filmmaker, theater actor, pob. Garibaldi, Oregon Adam Donovan, III, Son, dob. 1/1/1989, student, theater actor pob. Garibaldi, Oregon Educational history: J.D., Constitutional law, Princeton College, School of Law, 1980 B.A., Constitutional law, University of Oregon, 1977 B.A., International policy, University of Oregon, 1977 Occupational history: U.S. Senator from Oregon Since January 3rd, 1997 Member, Oregon State Senate, 16th District 1991 - 1997 Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency 1980 - 1988 Chief Editor, Princeton Law Review 1978 - 1980 Oregon Delegate, Republican National Convention 1976, 1988, 1992 Organizer, Oregon College Republicans 1973 - 1977 Maladee Donovan (born on February 28th, 1955) is an American politician and lawyer serving as the Junior Senator of Oregon. Previously a member of the Oregon Senate, Donovan is a member of the Republican Party and is the first Asian-American woman elected to the Senate and first Thai member of the U.S. Congress. Born and raised in Garibaldi, Oregon, Donovan graduated from the University of Oregon in 1977, earning a Juris Doctorate from the Princeton College School of Law in 1980. Donovan would also serve in the Central Intelligence Agency as an analyst. Donovan retired after eight years. Elected to the Oregon Senate in 1990, she would become known for her support of free trade policy and free market economics. Donovan announced her intention to run in the 1996 Oregon Special Senate Election to replace disgraced Senator Bob Packwood. Donovan ran with her reputation, playing up her bipartisanship for free trade and business. Oregon Senate Pro Tempore Gordon Smith eventually won the nomination, with Senator Donovan ending up in third due to a poor campaign. Donovan would run in the regularly-scheduled 1996 Oregon Senate election, branding herself as a “Neo-Republican” that supports equal opportunity, economic rights, balanced budgets, and guaranteed employment. The pseudo-Rockefeller Republican campaign was ambitious, though far from perfect, with Gordon Smith running again after losing to Ron Wyden. Donovan attempted to appeal to Libertarian Republicans, arguing her support of Federalism would protect individualism. Donovan eventually won the nomination by a very close margin over Smith and a divided conservative field. Donovan ignored social conservative Oregonians to run as a “responsible moderate” in the summarily moderate-to-liberal Oregon, though Election Day turnout was very much down due to her seemingly apathy to the social conservative cause. The state senator would win a very narrow margin against the Democratic party nominee, 48.3% to 47.5%. Donovan has since served as the Senator from Oregon, defeating Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury in 2002 55.4% to 43.9%. Donovan relishes her being a recurring thorn in the side of movement conservatives, though she is adamant of her support of the party.
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    Statement to the Press 2Q 2003 (7/21/2019) Good afternoon. I have a brief statement. I will not be taking any questions at this time. I am pleased to announce that I will be serving as Chair of the Senate's Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Commercial. I am already talking to Republican Ranking Member Leo Walker of Texas, and Democrat Ranking Member Thomas Jenkins of North Carolina, with the intent of the committee, to the greatest extent possible, operating in a bipartisan manner. This will, hopefully, mark the beginning of the return to the concept of politics stopping at the water's edge. Thank you.
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    Thanks to @Anthony for pointing out I hadn't set the party group permissions. You should be able to post in the hopper now!
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    Name: Anthony D. Granata Date of Birth: 5/6/1942 Place of Birth: Chicago, IL Place of Residence: Will County, IL Party: Republican State and Seat Class: Class III Avatar: Rudy Giuliani Family History: Married - 3 children Educational History: BA Political Science Eastern Illinois University, MBA University of Illinois Employment History: (1989 - 1993) U.S. Congressman IL-11, (1993 - present) U.S. Senator from Illinois
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    Hey you all! As some of you may know, I usually make signatures for folks in the game. If you are looking for a signature I am willing to make them. Portfolio of past signatures:
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    Would you make one for Mel Donovan, perhaps including a mountain resembling Mt. Hood atop or behind the words "Mel Donovan, Senator for Oregon"? If not, then an evergreen would behind the aforementioned words would be great. Y'all we really need to give Bolster a round of applause for taking the time with these designs!
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    Mr. Daniels, for himself and others proposes A Resolution Condemning and censuring Senator Mollie Fowler of Hawaii Whereas the Declaration of Independence declares, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Whereas recent remarks made by Senator Mollie Fowler bring shame and disgrace upon the United States Senate and all of congress Whereas the remarks by Senator Fowler promote an infanticidal agenda that has no place on either side of the debate concerning abortion and reproductive issues Whereas the remarks by Senator Fowler do not represent the views of either party in Washington D.C. and are disavowed by all members of this chamber. Now therefore, be it Resolved, That- (1) The United States Senate strongly condemns the remarks made by Senator Mollie Fowler of Hawaii which dehumanize the lives of innocent unborn children and promote an infanticidal agenda contrary to American ideals and beliefs; (2) Senator Fowler of Hawaii be censured; (3) Senator Fowler present herself in the well of the U.S. Senate for the pronouncement of censure; and (4) Senator Fowler be censured with the public reading of this resolution by the President Pro Tempore
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    Mr President, I'm a conservative. I believe in balanced books. But I have to ask, what on earth are my colleagues thinking, politicizing the debt while we are at war? It was not even two years ago when I joined my colleagues in one of the first major acts as a United Senator to vote in favor of the decision to send our boys to war, following the dastardly attacks on our country on September 11th, 2001. When we voted in favor, we were committing to the long haul. At the very least, surely we were not going let our debts lapse, less than two years later, while American fighting men and women are on the ground, under fire, in another country. Let's not forget, Mr President, how privileged we are to sit here and grandstand about dollars and cents while others are risking their lives on the other side of the world. So I say this: let's pay our bills, whatever the cost. Let's get our armed forces the resources they need to finish the job. Let's keep the lights on at home. And when the job is done and our boys are home, then we can talk about balancing this budget. I yield.
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    Yaaaaaas. Nice avatar choice!
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    Mr. President, This procedure involves the almost full birth of what is obviously a human baby. The abortionist will then stab the baby's skull , vacuum out the brain, and crush the baby's skull. That is intensely barbaric. The most delicate and innocent of our species have no business being savaged like that. This dangerous technique must be banned. It has no place in the civilized world. I yield.
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    “Gentlemen! I don’t want to interrupt your party of speaking of the war but would anyone care to share a blooming onion with me?”
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    "Arguably, yes. But as the saying goes, if you want to see what you will look like in a war, look at your enemy. How many democratic governments did we overthrow because we thought their views were wrong? We may have started with the best of intentions, but in the end, sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between us, the Viet Cong, and the ChiComs."
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    Waller enters, mumbling the lyrics to "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" to no one in particular. He grabs a booth as far away from his colleagues as possible and attempts to avoid eye contact.
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    Molly Kiely Fowler @Fisher I have already introduced multiple bills that would make farming a viable profession once more by allowing farmers to sell their crops for fair prices in weak seasons and rewarding commodity pool members with trust certificates. These reforms will benefit your home state and mine. I encourage you to place them on the HELP docket.
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    Congress is live. To get things jump-started, the AB will allow the SML to place half a docket (2 bills) up for debate. This is in keeping with previous reset-launch rules. Committees are also live, and going forward all bills must have passed a Committee in order to be docketed by the SML.
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    Senator Rick Daniels, responding to criticism of the Blue-Collar Jobs Act from U.S. Senator Molly Fowler Newsline: "Senator Fowler is clearly out of touch with her constituents' needs. Her state runs one of the largest per capita trade deficits of any state in America. The Blue-Collar Job Act would give every business owner in Hawaii the relief and investment they need to expand and become competitive. Instead of backing bills that send pillows and baby bottle to terrorists in Gitmo, Senator Fowler would send Hawaii businesses some of their money back on their next tax form."
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    The adjustment has gone better than expected, so basically back in full for right now. I'll be gone for about half the day on Thursday, probably be available around late afternoon or early evening.
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    Name: Charles "Chuck" Stevens Date of Birth: 7/4/1953 (age: 50) Place of Birth: Des Moines, IA Place of Residence: Davenport, IA Party: Republican State and Seat Class: Iowa, Class 3 Avatar: Craig Huey Family History: Shelly (nee: Heinz) Stevens Educational History: Iowa State University (1971-1975), B.A. in Agriculture Studies Employment History: U.S. Army, (1975-1990) Davenport City Council At-Large Alderman (1991-1995) Mayor of Davenport (1995-1998) US Senate (1999-Present) Anything Else to Add: Religion: Born Again Christian NOTABLE VOTES: 2001 - Patriot Act - Aye 2001 - Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 - AYE 2001 - Authorization for Use of Military Force against Terrorists (9/11) - AYE 2002 - No Child Left Behind Act - NAY 2002- Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 - AYE
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    Signing In Name: Alexander Winter State & Party Affiliation: D-NM Committee Position: Member
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    Works for me. Thank you.
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    How about a committee seal/logo/sign?
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    "My congratulations to John Allen on being elected as Senate Majority Leader. I look forward to working with him and my colleague across the isle in finding common sense solutions for the American People this session."
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    https://i.imgur.com/oVhOr13.png Hope you like this 80 styled Sig. Seems like what your character is that kind of person with the retro vibe lol.
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    Since you the king of Signatures can you make me one. Oh great one
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    @Bolster Will you do one for my guy?
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    Firstly, it is great to be a part of the AB! I look forward to serving as your Federal Affairs Administrator; my door is always open. I recently posted the Senate Standing Rules, the OOC Congressional Rules, and the Faction System. Please take this brief pre-game period to familiarize yourself with each of them. Specifically, for the Factions System - please reply to that thread with which faction you will affiliate closest with. This will come into play for the House version of the Congressional Vote Calculator (or "CVC;" formerly known as the IVS).
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    Thanks Bolster, this looks great!
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    Press Release #1 The Honorable Craig Smith US Senate 520 Hart Office Building Washington, DC FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SMITH AMONG FIRST TO SUPPORT DEBT CEILING INCREASE WASHINGTON, DC -- Senator Craig Smith of New Hampshire was the first to step forward in support of the Debt Solvency Act today when it was filed for Senate consideration. The Act, authored by Senator John Allen of Nevada, raises the Federal Debt ceiling from $6.4 trillion to $8.5 trillion. Senator Smith, when asked, stated "It's a clean Debt Ceiling increase, necessary to maintain the functions of Government, including the current and future actions in Iraq and services for our unemployed here at home." The Senator went on to express concern that some of the more radical Democrats might try to block the bill, putting their own desires ahead of the needs of the Nation. The Debt Ceiling establishes a limit on how much money the Federal Government can finance through borrowing. The increase proposed would allow the Federal Government to continue operation until the Second Quarter of 2005. Without the increase, the Federal Government would run out of borrowing authority in late May, 2003. For further information, contact Media Specialist Cory Gardner at (202) 224-2841 ext 4. fax: (202) 228-3194. email: cory@nh.senate.gov
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    @Brady https://i.imgur.com/CEajx16.png
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    Name: Thomas Howard Carroll Date of Birth: 4/3/1956 (age: 47) Place of Birth: Eagleville, Missouri Place of Residence: St. Louis, Missouri Party: Democratic State and Seat Class: Missouri, Class 1 Avatar: John Slattery Family History: Father: Albert Howard Carroll Mother: Chrisanne (nee: Yates) Carroll Wife: Lisa (nee: Martin) Carroll (b: 1958) Children: Thomas Jr. (b:1990), Evelyn “Evie” (b:1994) Educational History: Eagleville High School, (1970-1974) George Washington University, B.A. in Political Science (1974-1978) University of Cambridge, J.D., (1978-1981) Employment History: Employee, Henry’s Furniture, Eagleville, Missouri (1971-1974) Busboy, The Ole’ Yankee Pub, Foggy Bottom, Washington D.C. (1974-1978) Civil Rights Attorney for Gretchen & Harris, St. Louis, Missouri (1981-1987) Legal Counsel for the St. Louis County Democratic Party (1983-1985) Deputy Chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party (1985-1991) Assistant Legal Counsel for the Missouri Veterans Commission (1989-1993) State Senator in the Missouri Legislature (1993 to 2001) Democratic Leader in the Missouri State Senate (1995 to 2000) U.S. Senator from Missouri, Class 1, (2001 to present) Anything Else to Add: Religion: Methodist Ancestry: Irish, German, French, British NOTABLE VOTES: 2001 - Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 - NAY 2001 - Authorization for Use of Military Force against Terrorists (9/11) - AYE 2002 - No Child Left Behind Act - AYE 2002 - McCain-Feingold - AYE 2003 - Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 - NAY 2003 - Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 - NAY 2003- Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 - AYE
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    I love making Signatures for New Mexican Characters! Of Course I have time!
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    Name: Maj. Wesley Worthington Jr. Date of Birth: 8/10/1943 Place of Birth: Newport, Rhode Island Religion: Episcopalian Place of Residence: Providence, Rhode Island Party: Democratic State and Seat Class (use this for help) : Rhode Island Class 1 Avatar: Oliver North Family History: Mother, Rosemary (Smith) Worthington Father: Wesley Worthington Sr. Wife: Mary Worthington (B. 1944, M. 1964) Son: Jackson "Jack" Worthington (B. 1965) Son: Harrison "Harry" Worthington (B. 1966) Son: Wesley Worthington III (B. 1974) Daughter: Hailey Worthington (B. 1975) Educational History: St. Georges School (1957-1961) United States Military Academy at Westpoint (1961-1965) Yale Law School 1975-1978 Employment History: U.S. Army (1961-1975, includes time as a cadet, retired as a Major. Law Student (1975-1978) Prosecutor, Rhode Island Department of Law (1978-1983) Rhode Island Attorney General (1983-1987) Congressman for Rhode Islands First Congressional District (1987-1995) Class 1 Senator for Rhode Island (1995-Present) Anything Else You Want To Add: Born to an upper class family in Rhode Island, the greatness of the United States was instilled in Wesley from a young age. Like all hard working Americans, he was able to achieve the American Dream, gaining admission to Westpoint despite somewhat lackluster grades. In 1964, he married his high school sweetheart, and was later deployed to spread freedom and democracy in Vietnam during the late sixties and seventies. While serving, he was astonished by the perceived lack of loyalty shown by his fellow Americans, especially at his own party's presidential nominating convention in 1968. During his campaign for Attorney General of Rhode Island in 1982, an old quote from Worthington about the ending of the war surfaced, nearly ending his campaign. He had said that "American heroes died while hedonistic ingrates without a modicum of respect for the stars and stripes, for the freedoms forged from the blood of the valiant, could chase skirts, sing hippie tunes, and use holier than thou language to condemn a war they were too cowardly to fight". However, he was able to characterize his gaffe as "misguided patriotism" and defeated his Republican opponent in part by labeling him un-American for never serving in uniform. He served as AG from 1983-1987, before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and in Congress he strongly supported the Gulf War and President Bush's efforts to free Kuwait from tyranny. He was a strong supporter of President Clinton, voting for the 1994 Crime Bill, Welfare Reform, and de-regulation of the free market. During his 2000 Senate re-election campaign, he ran partially on his support for the two latter initiatives. Worthington was quoted as saying that "This country was built by God, hard-work, and capitalism, but in recent years many of us have lost touch with the good brought by all three. During my time in Congress, I've helped put an end to excessive freeloading off the Government, and cleared the way for the free market to work its magic and grow our economy for decades to come." Worthington now lives in Newport with his wife, and enjoys golfing, sailing, and working with veterans groups, in addition to his duties as a Senator. They are currently grandparents to four girls and three boys.
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    I was waiting on you to complete the bio. Approved!
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