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    @JClay: The GOP is promising tax cuts to their rich donors, while accusing me of promising tax increases. I'm in Washington to serve Indiana, and that's why I'm working on improving healthcare, increasing the availability of crop insurance, and operating specifically with the goal of helping Hoosiers (1/2) The GOP can attack me all they want, but I will never be ashamed to support legislation that would help the people of my state (2/2)
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    I will be LOA much of the day tomorrow for a big exam. I will play catch-up on the boards Tuesday night and Wednesday and cover a few Senate stories that are brewing that, sadly, I haven't had time to handle lately. Go ahead and hit me up on TG with Qs and concerns in the meantime, I just cannot promise a prompt answer while I am taking the exam.
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    Saunders slams Storm for attitude on tax reform WASHINGTON DC - Senate Minority Leader John Saunders today slammed President Pro-Tempore Senator Osiris Storm for his attitude on cutting taxes for Americans. "A real darling of the Democratic Party, Senator Storm today has affirmed what many Americans these past ten years have thought: Democrats support raising taxes on them. After my recent announcement on the Tax Reform Act, Senator Storm engaged the reform in a demeaning way while simply making things up. In an attempt to dissuade the American people, he failed absolutely to address the substance of the tax reform proposal introduced by the Republican Party as of late. Across the board tax cuts were a policy of President Kennedy and President Reagan, a policy which worked really well for the American economy and middle class. I was lambasted for this thought by Senator Storm who preceded to tell me that I should stop dwelling on a "policy of the past". Let me be the first to tell Senator Storm that cutting taxes for hardworking families across this country is not a "policy of the past". Giving them more of their hard earned dollars and reducing their tax liability is a policy of the present and a policy of the future. I am a firm believer in the prosperity of the American people. I send my apologies out to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who are represented by a Senator who believes that cutting their taxes is a policy of the past and to many millions around the country who may be worried that one of the top Democrats in the Senate believe that across-the-board tax cuts are a policy of the past. If this is the attitude of one of their main representatives, I would hate to see what a Democratic tax plan would look like for the American people as they clearly no longer believe in "policies of the past."

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