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    Kaine: "Thank you, Thomas. My voting record is actually among the most pro-worker in Congress for either party, with key co-sponsorships and being more outspoken than anyone else in Congress on their needs. But those bills you're asking about don't help working Americans. They hurt them, and I can't in good faith support that. Minimum wage should be handled at the state and local level, because there are a lot of problems with a national policy that races so far ahead of the states. And I have been clear and consistent in that regard in my public statements to that affect. A national minimum wage increase encourages outsourcing not just to other countries, but out of the rural districts that make up much of this country and move to big cities that would still be tantamount with poverty wages there. Let the states, and communities, raise their minimum wage to address their cost of living, and let people in the rural parts of the country have a wage that let's them keep their job and keep regional inflation low. Supporting a national minimum wage is picking winners and losers in the economy. I'd rather all Americans won. And as I've said now several times, the RRTWA doesn't help workers. It kills jobs, plain and simple. The bill is just bad policy."

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