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    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the debut show of the Savage Land. My name is Dutch Savage, and I am coming to you live from the cultural, financial, and artistic capital of the United States, the home of the greatest sport’s teams, the prettiest children, and various other lies, Cleveland, Ohio. We’ll have a song, and then there’s something I want to rant about. Alright, let’s rap. Let’s talk about life and politics. When you are born, you come into this world screaming and covered in blood. What’s that scream for? The doctors will tell you that it’s a sign that you’re breathing, yeah, but it’s more than that – it’s a primal moment it’s signifying, that last cry of freedom as you descend into a world of conformity and oppression and contouring and directing and control. In that moment your conditioning begins – you are narrowed down into a range of options, daddy, and those range of options become your whole world, your whole theoretical frame for what you can and can not do. What happens if you break the conditioning, momma? You get chastised, governed, imprisoned – your range of options are reduced even further until you have no choice but to conform or die. Christopher Williams hacked the system, baby – Christopher Williams didn’t conform. What happened? Well, the same thing that happens to you if you don’t conform. He was ostracized, punished – vilified in the press. They say that he’s corrupt – if corruption was enough to get you kicked out of Washington, they’d all be gone – and they say that without any evidence. They say that he’s ambitious – well yeah, he wouldn’t be a Senator if he wasn’t – and they say that like everyone listening to this show right now isn’t ambitious and wants something better. Ambition, man, the thing you get criticized for both having and not having. It’s what the philosophy types call a floating signifier – it means nothing until you want it to mean something, yeah, and Chris Williams’ opponents want it to mean something. But remember, nothing means nothing, jack, nothing means nothing. You can recast anything as long as you have the vision to see it that way an audience to listen to it. When you want to make money and funnel that into the pockets of the politicians and power brokers and big cigar boys then yeah, baby, be ambitious. Be ambitious all you want – be all that you can be, daddy, be it all – be a banker, be an army man, be a coffee jockey, whatever, just conform and be useful to what special interests have decided determines worth. But let’s say you want more. You don’t want to go home to your tv and your internet and your rage boxes and you just want to live. You just want to struggle. You just want to fight. You want to be a real person, not someone that has to tell you that they’re red blooded and strong and full of leadership -you want to be someone whose blood pumps America and that’s the way it is and no one can contest it. Then you are a problem. A deviant. A feminazi. A degenerate. An uppity black. A renegade. Yeah, you try and have ambition that this society doesn’t want you to have and you’re a problem, while at the same time they give faux-gold medals and cheap wooden plaques to those that bleed their lives dry for the machine. Let me tell you what Chris Williams did that was the real problem, daddy – his real sin. He deviated from what Krol and Moreno wanted, yeah, deviated from Krol and Moreno. This isn’t a fascist system, not on paper, but look at what happens to you if you don’t do what political leaders want. You get tarred, feathered, driven out on the rails - cursed to wander the land east of Eden, momma. He’s a sinner man because he violated the holy covenant with the party establishment that not a single god damn American outside of the beltway cares about. His sin is not conforming, and we see the faces of the beast, daddy. It’s not their fault – no politician is better than any other, they all conform. Democrats, Republicans, doesn’t matter, they’re all going to drown in the swamp of their own inequity. Alright, alright, alright, I’m sorry. I know we have sensitive listeners. My producer T. C. Lee has informed me that we have an interview ready. Welcome to the Savage Land, brother! Let me ask you something, T.C. over here is given me the hand sign that you’re important, a big political mucky muck. Let me ask you, rank the three biggest dicks in Washington. ‘Moreno, Krol, Benjamin.’ Oh, shooting hot fire. We don’t have a lot of time left, so any final words? ‘Fuck you, you incompetent fucks.’ Ooooh, have mercy daddy! Thanks for calling in, my man. T. C.’s giving me a pause sign over here – that was who? Jack Kline? The Big Eagle? Hold up. President Jack Kline? He retired? Well, damn. I’m going to take a pause, think about Jack Kline, and consider asking my interviewees who they are before I start talking. Here’s a song. Alright, alright, alright, let’s get to the news. President Jack Kline – Airforce Done? *Prolonged pause* Damn it, T.C. We all know now, it’s not breaking news, and never write puns again you animal. Next story. The GOP is splitting over a waiver on whether the Secretary of Defense nominee can take the job despite having recently served in the military. Given the option between the further militarization of the federal government or picking a shadowy technocrat, no one is quite sure on how to do the most damage to our country. I’m sure they’ll figure out. Is Tim Ryan challenging Nancy Pelosi for the Speakership? It sure seems likely. Personally, I support Representative Ryan – lord knows it’s high time that we get a lawyer turned career politician into high office and bring about real change. Christopher Williams is running for the Presidency. Water is wet, fire is hot, and no one is surprised. T.C. Lee, give me a copy of his platform, I want to break it down for the people. He doesn’t have a platform? Why did he announce? Jesus that’s a misstep. Is there an official campaign biography? Oh, okay, great. Let’s break that down, I have an hour to fill and I blew through the POTUS interview. ‘Senator Williams was born in the cornfields of a third-generation Iowa farm embodying the American dream.’ Christopher Williams was born in a corn-field? He’s a physical embodiment of the American dream? You heard it right here, folks – Christopher Williams is my fat white family drooling as they stare at the mere concept of celebrity, and was attended to at birth by cow nurses. I assume his bottle was filled with pure corn syrup and pseudo-nostalgia. ‘On a winter’s day in Des Moines, Iowa, Christopher and Jaclyn Williams brought into the world a son.’ Wait, I thought he was born in a cornfield? In winter? That’s just a field. An empty barren field, and who in the hell would give birth to a child in an empty field in the middle of winter? Was he born in the 1870s? ‘Christopher D. Williams III grew up on the family's ranch.’ Wait, is this a cornfield or a ranch? What the actual blue hell is happening here, T.C.? How does this work? Senator Williams, Senator Williams, listen to me here. The cows would eat the corn. The cows would eat the corn, daddy. COWS EAT CORN. Is this why they thought it was winter? Because the fields were barren because they ran a ranch and cornfield simultaneously? Did they go to a neighbor’s cornfield to give birth? Who goes to a neighbor’s cornfield in the middle of winter to give birth when you have a perfectly good birthing field of your own? Monsters, baby, that’s who. ‘His family, for the past three generations, had lived on that ranch, cultivated the land, and sold corn, wheat and other agricultural crops.’ Now there’s wheat? Where are the cows? ‘Williams also spent much of his time in the church. His father was a minister, turned pastor, and his mother was a missionary, turned First Lady, of the local congregation.’ This is a tragic narrative. It’s rare you hear a story of a minister successfully becoming a pastor. Entirely different skill set, momma, you need a lot of re-training. ‘After high school, Christopher attended college, earned a degree in political science and started working in finance. Afterward, he furthered his education, into business, and began working as a low-level staffer in his family's business. Just like everyone else, he had to work himself up. And that's exactly what he did. After marrying his high school sweetheart, getting degrees in business, law, and finance, he continued to work up the ladder of the business. Eventually, it all paid off.’ See, here’s a real story. A young man starting from nothing, going into the family business, and having to fight his way to the top. I’ve heard horror stories. Mommas making their babies sign NDAs, daddies forcing their kids to actually work. It’s a real horror show. ‘One of many lessons Christopher and Mary taught their children was: if you do your part, work hard, and play by the rules, you can get ahead and stay ahead.’ Looks like he forgot the part about being born into the business, but that seems like it would be implied in this family. ‘As a hardworking man in his family company, Williams risen up the ranks and eventually became CEO. As CEO, he created hundreds of thousands of jobs across multiple industries of business.’ T.C., am I having a stroke right now? Is this a family farm or a multi-national corporation? What kind of single corporation has hundreds of thousands of employees and still forces their original owner to give birth in the middle of a field? ‘As a longtime practicing lawyer, Williams also understood the rule of law. And in 2000, he began defending it front and center. He became a criminal courts judge, locking up hardened criminals and getting drug dealers and peddlers off the streets. The people of Illinois trusted him, launching him into the Attorney General's office.’ I do not understand a thing that is happening right now. I thought he was a farmer? Or a financier or political scientist or whatever? Is Christopher Williams multiple people? T. C., get me this man’s Congressional bio. Doo doo doo, family farm, corn, wheat, soybeans – SOYBEANS? Does this ranch do everything but cattle? Oh, here’s a treasure. ‘Williams Inc. approached low-income housing with gentrification, keeping the housing establishments up-to-par and providing child care and preschool services for tenants’ children, as well as shuttles to transport tenants to work.’ Looks like we have ourselves a slum lord here, T.C. Good thing he’ll stand up to the wealthy elite, I guess. Anyway, that’s our time. Here’s an outro song. That’s the Savage Land, brother jack dudes!
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    You forgot to ask if people approve of the owner. Ah, what am I kidding. I don't need approval. (But you guys like me right?)
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    These aren't GAME announcements but rather community or forum announcements. As such I am dedicating this thread to announcements from me. For the most part, you can ignore this thread but it's my way of keeping you guys informed with what I'm doing. And of boring you. [*] Long quotes will now be shortened to 5 lines. There will be a "read more" button added at the bottom. [*] I've installed a currency mod. It will be up to the AB if, when, and how it's used. [*] My posts are now SPECIAL in they have a special background. Pretty cool, right? No? Well too bad. I like it. [*] Members can now set up 2-factor authentication to better protect their account. Any member with access to the AdminCP MUST use 2-factor authentication. [*] There is now a Guidelines link at the top menu (under Miscellaneous) that takes you to the Terms of Service. Also: [*] If you know how to effectively use Facebook ads, please contact me. I'm not saying I'm going to run Facebook ads but I'm also not saying I won't. Can I just say I'm extremely pleased with the work @Ollie and @Kemal Bora and @Baudin and @MrAnderson and @Avner and @Ben are doing right now? They set up not just the game but most of the forum from scratch with very little assistance from me so this is all on them. One of them even did the logo! All I did was set up the domain, set up the forum on server software, and installed a couple mods. So a big round of applause to them for getting this game off it's feet. I hope your all as excited as I am for VGS to really kick off.
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    THE LONG SHADOW OF BILL RICCIO Bill Riccio with an unidentified member of the Aryan Youth Front Deep in the woods outside of Birmingham, Alabama, there is a compound. Little more than a house and a few adjoining structures, this otherwise nondescript building has become the nesting grounds for the Neo-Nazism in the American South. Forty-four years after the Allied victory in World War II and the suicide of Adolf Hitler, this building acts as a glimpse as to what might have been and, for Bill Riccio, a vision of what will come. In 1992, documentary cameras came to the compound, known as the WAR (White Aryan Resistance) House and interviewed Riccio, the leader of an organization known as the Aryan National Front and its youth-wing, the Aryan Youth Front. On camera, we saw Riccio and a collection of teenagers perform the Nazi salute, watch video of the Nuremberg rallies, eat Swastika-adorned birthday cake. Riccio, then in his mid-thirties, spoke to the documentarians about how he envisioned WAR House: “This house here has been a springboard for the skinhead movement in this area. They can hang out here, bring their dates here, we cookout, you know, they can drink, we have a good time. As we began to fellowship here, our numbers grew and we began to use it as a recruiting station.” The Riccio of Skinhead USA saw himself as a savior for disaffected white youth: “We want the broken toys. Send us your broken toys, and we’ll fix ‘em for you. These kids received a lot of material things in life: they had a car at sixteen, a stereo in their room, a tv in their room, but their father never gave them love. We have people in our ranks that were abused by their parents. They’ve run away because they could not stand living at home. They were living on the streets, they had no food, no shelter; we go to ‘em and we approach ‘em and say, ‘Look, we’ll feed you. Come in here and we’ll take care you of you. You’re white, you’re of our people, you have a home now.” 1992 was a pivotal moment for the Aryan National Front and Aryan Youth Front. Not only were they the subject of a ground-breaking documentary, they organized a 150 man-strong protest in Birmingham and established key ties with other white nationalist organizations, such as the Hammerskins and the Ku Klux Klan. Then, as always in such situations, violence broke out. On April 18, 1992, three young men and one young woman involved with the Aryan National Front encountered Benny Rembert, a homeless black man living on the streets of Montgomery Alabama. Rembert was stabbed then placed in the way of an oncoming train. Rembert’s death, carried out in celebration of Hitler’s birthday, led to the end of the Aryan National Front. The death of Rembert and the ensuing investigation saw Bill Riccio arrested and placed under eight years of supervised probation. It was not Riccio’s first brush with the law. Born William E. Davidson, Riccio was first arrested in 1979 for possession of a sawed-off shotgun, and received probation. In 1985, he was convicted of the same crime and possession of marijuana. In 1989, he was convicted of misdemeanor assault for attacking a protest organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In 1992, following the protest in Birmingham and the death of Rembert, Riccio was convicted on a range of charges including the illegal possession of firearms, the possession of grenades, and employing armed bodyguards. In total, Riccio spent a year in prison for his life of crime, all while ricocheting between membership in his own organizations, the Hammerskins, and the Ku Klux Klan. Now, in 1999, there is a second chapter in the story of Bill Riccio that can be told. Two of those disaffected teens who came to Riccio for leadership have made national headlines: Howard Cleves and Peter Robins, the two men responsible for the attempted lynching of thirteen year old Thomas Ross, whose chance at posthumous justice was thwarted when the trial of his attackers was ended by Judge Mike McCormick. Both men were members, according to sources within the FBI, of the Aryan Youth Front. With this long history of organized violence against black Americans, his grooming of white teens with no one else to rely on, and a consistent history of violating the law in the pursuit of a Nazi America, the ambush killing of the Ross family must be viewed in a new light: they were victims not of spontaneous attempted lynching and a retaliatory ambush, but a concerted effort by an organized group to inspire hatred and fear. Bill Riccio is a free man, and now it seems that those he trained to continue his war against minorities in this country might go free as well. As a member of the Aryan Youth Front said in the 1992 documentary, “I can’t say that we’re not violent. We are violent. But we’re violent for our race.” As long as men like Bill Riccio are free, the violence will not stop. The FBI has refrained from pursuing hate crime charges because Thomas Ross was not ‘engaged in a federally protected act.’ What does it say of our country in 1999 that life is not something that is federally protected?
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    Name Anderson Scooper Political/Journalistic Background Former political reporter for New Haven Register; Former Press Secretary to Mayor Anderson Sherman of New Haven; Political reporter for New York Daily News; Contributor on the Daily Show with Craig Kilbourne; Contributor on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Your Telegram @MrAndersonVGS
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    I don't know if any of you have noticed but with @Ollie having real life commitments keeping him from the game, I do think it's time I hire a new Chief Administrator. So here is where I'm at: I think the game hit the ground running, we were doing well during election season, but as it always happens during the legislative part of the game, activity dies down. It seems players simply aren't interested in participating in House/Senate debates enough to keep the game going. Not only that but the AB is being presented with real life that means they haven't been as active as they'd like. So how do we solve this without shutting the game down? I'm going to use the "r" word: I don't think a reset will fix any issues. I think we'll all get excited, people will sign in, people will run for office, and then during the break between elections, we'll be seeing the same issue. We saw it time and time again in VUSA and I don't want VGS to start that cycle. I also feel like activity is too dependent on the AB. We need an active AB but it should be players, not the AB, that generate activity. We need a new Chief Administrator that will hopefully be able to step in, shape an AB to address activity issues, AND figure out a way to get people engaged in governing when they don't seem interested in doing that....or becoming WAY more focused on elections. Problem is we don't have THAT many members so....forming a new AB is going to be tough. I don't have the time, the will, or the energy to be that CA. Nobody in the AB is that person either, they've made that clear. So I'm going to the player base. If you want to be CA and you think you can address the challenges of this reset, I welcome you to apply. But I'm going to be very clear: I don't think it's time for a reset. If we can't make THIS reset work, this early, we won't make ANY reset work. You will be able to change the calendar, make all the gameplay adjustments you want, but a reset is off the table. I also encourage all of you to stop doing nothing. Start doing PRs. Start participating in debates. Start doing stuff. Start actually playing and stop worrying about whether or not the AB will write about it. If we can't make this reset work, the game won't work. And we can't make the reset work if players just wait for a reset or they wait for the AB to act. Play the game, have fun, and give feedback.
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    Just looking at religions of the players, and I see two major trends: Baptists Rebecca Morris (R) David Brown (D - a former minister) Elizabeth Gates (D) Dylan Macmillan (R) Terry Chandler (D) Catholics Tyler Swanson (D) Robert Grant (D) Evan Clancy (R) Arthur Reese (R) Maria Richards (R) I wonder if theology will ever come up on the floor...
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    In order to stimulate activity, and just to let you guys know that VGS will be alive, I have looked over the AB. I am making a small but organizational change. As you know, I hire/fire the CAs. From now on, I will also hire/fire a new position I call Vice CA from the CA's AB-when s/he leaves the AB, I shall appoint a new Vice CA and I will also appoint a new Vice CA anytime I see fit. The Vice CA shall act as CA under the following circumstances: 1) The CA posts an official LoA for a period of more than 24 hours, there is no DCA or designated AB member by the CA to act as CA. When the CA returns from the LoA, the Vice CA shall no longer be Acting CA. 2) The CA has not posted on the forums or on the AB Chat or the VGS Main Chat in 72 hours or more and there is no DCA or designated AB member by the CA to act as CA. When the CA posts or returns to the telegram chat, the Vice CA shall no longer be Acting CA. 3) The CA resigns or is removed from office. The Vice CA should let the playerbase, as well as send a message to the Owner (me), when they take over due to reason number one and reason number two. The Vice CA comes with no other responsibilities other than to let the owner know if he or she steps down from the AB. The Vice CA shall only act as CA when the CA is gone and when the CA hasn't hired a DCA or designated someone to act as acting CA in his or her absence. The first Vice CA shall be @MrAnderson.
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    Just dropping by from my retirement to state that you have proven time after time again that you are beyond incompetent.
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    Matthias "Matt" Grunwald Republican Class 3 Senator for Idaho Full Name: Matthias "Matt" Peter Grunwald Avatar: Horst Seehofer Date of Birth: March 20, 1955 (58 in 2013) Place of Birth: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Place of Residence: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho State and Class: Idaho, Class 3 Party: Republican Party Ideology: Libertarian Conservative Religion: Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Family History: Parents: Erich and Anita Grunwald (m. 1947) Siblings: Emma and Otto Wife: Mary Grunwald (nee Roberts; m. 1979) Children: Hans (b.1982) and Hugo (b. 1985) Educational History: Coeur d'Alene High School (1969-1973) Stanford University; Bachelor of Science, Economics (1973-1977) Yale University; Juris Doctorate, Constitutional Law (1977-1980) Occupational History: Field Director; Ronald Reagan's 1980 Presidential Campaign (1980) Law Clerk; Associate Justice William Rehnquist (1981-1982) Assistant U.S. Attorney; District of Idaho (1982-1985) Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations; Treasury Department (1985-1989) Assistant Inspector General for Investigations; Treasury Department (1989-1990) Senior Prosecutor; Kootenai County (1990-1993) County Attorney; Kootenai County (1993-1995) Counsel and Senior Advisor; Steve Forbes' 1996 Presidential Campaign (1995-1996) Private Practice Attorney (1996-1999; 2000-2003) Counsel and Deputy Director; Steve Forbes' 2000 Presidential Campaign (1999-2000) State Senator; Idaho's 2nd Legislative District (2001-2003) Secretary of State; Idaho (2003-2011) U.S. Senator; Idaho (2011-Present) Detailed Biography: Matthias "Matt" Peter Grunwald was born on March 20, 1955, the youngest of three Grunwald children. Matt's paternal ancestors moved from Germany to the United States in the 1800s, settling in the St. Louis area. During World War II, Erich Grunwald, an Air Force pilot, flew many missions over the Japanese Empire, earning decorations for his bravery. After the end of World War II, Erich settled in Idaho, where he met Anita LeFleur. Anita was the daughter of French Canadians, who moved to the Idaho when she was young. The couple married in 1947 in Coeur d'Alene. Matt Grunwald was an ambitious and active child, participating in Boy Scouts (where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout) and soccer (where he was the High School team captain and star forward). While his father worked as a contractor/carpenter and his mother as a school teacher, Grunwald also helped the family by taking up small jobs around the neighborhood. Matt Grunwald was admitted to Stanford University, where he took up Economics (and eventually minored in Political Science). It was at Stanford that Grunwald first became involved with politics, meeting and campaigning for Ronald Reagan in the Republican primary of 1976. Grunwald decided to go on to law school, with the eventual hope of becoming a judge to fairly officiate over court cases. After his time at Yale Law (in which he served as Editor of the Yale Law Journal and founder of a precursor to the Federalist Society), Matt Grunwald served on the Ronald Reagan campaign and was then selected to clerk for then-Associate Justice William Rehnquist. Building off of these connections, Grunwald became an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Idaho District, where he served until 1985. He was then tapped to return to D.C. as the Treasury Department's Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations under President Reagan and Treasury Secretaries James Baker and Nicholas Brady. He was promoted in 1989 and was on-his-way to a federal judgeship. Grunwald never fully trusted President George H.W. Bush, and ultimately resigned from his post as Assistant Inspector General in the wake of Bush's signing of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990. That was the bill where he infamously broke his pledge of "No New Taxes." Sensing that his principles had probably cost him any chance at a federal judgeship under President Bush, Grunwald returned to Coeur d'Alene and served in the Kootenai County Attorney's Office as a Senior Prosecutor. He would end up elected County Attorney in 1992, after winning in his first election. During his term as a prosecutor, he saw how impactful a harsh jail sentence could be on an individual's future and his family. This marked the transition for Grunwald from a traditional conservative to a more libertarian-leaning conservative. Deciding not to run for County Attorney again, Matt Grunwald served as Counsel/Senior Advisor to Steve Forbes' 1996 Presidential bid. He would also help Forbes in the 2000 cycle, as Counsel and Deputy Campaign Director. He was elected as a State Senator in the 2000 cycle for the Coeur d'Alene city where he had grown up. At the Idaho Senate, Matt developed a reputation as the type of politician who favored less government in every situation. Grunwald served on the Judiciary and Rules Committee, as well as the Finance Committee. In 2002's statewide cycle, Grunwald ran for Secretary of State, which he won after a tough primary cycle. Matt was re-elected in 2006. He would go on to endorse Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential contest, stating "We cannot afford to continue feeding the beast of the welfare/warfare state any longer. We mustn't foreclose on our children's future." Grunwald was a major advocate for the Tea Party movement of 2010, and decided to parlay the built-up energy in Idaho to higher office. In 2010, Mike Crapo decided to not run for re-election to the Senate, instead tapping Grunwald as his preferred successor. In the highly-conservative state, Matt Grunwald's ability to tap into the anti-Obama sentiment carried him over the edge in the 2012 Senate campaign. His top priorities include a full-out repeal of Obamacare, halting the tide of new regulations, and lowering the deficit. Matthias Grunwald married Mary Roberts in 1979. The couple have two adult children, Hans and Hugo, and belong to a local Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod church in Coeur d'Alene.
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    Name: Adelbert “Del” Stewart Date of Birth: August 28, 1938 Place of Birth: Takoma Park, Maryland Place of Residence: Bethesda, Maryland Party: Democrat Family: Wife (Suzanne), 2 Kids, 3 Grandkids Religion: Methodist Education: Georgetown University, BA in Economics Yale University, JD Occupational History Student - 1956 to 1962 Air Force Reserve – 1960 to 1980 Law Clerk for David Bazelon (DC Circuit) – 1962 to 1963 Law Clerk for Justice Arthur Goldberg – 1963 to 1964 Special Assistant to Secretary of Labor W. Williard Wirtz – 1964 to 1968 Associate White House Counsel – 1968 to 1969 PEPCO General Counsel – 1969 to 1977 US Department of Energy General Counsel – 1977 to 1981 Montgomery County Executive – 1982 to 1986 Representative from Maryland’s 8th – 1986 to present
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    NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am pleased to announce that Luke will be joining the AB as the new Foreign Affairs Administrator. Luke comes to us with plenty of Admin experience and I think he was President once somewhere...Anyway. Congrats Luke!
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    THIS is CNN Breaking News........ On behalf of @Tyler Swanson, he wanted me to announce that all election results will be announced on the 21st. This includes Presidential, Senate, and House election results. Therefore, the round two submission deadline will be moved to the 18th (Monday) at 11:59pm ET.
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    On behalf of the entire AB (Vandy, myself, Lloth, Tyler, Cwill, Bella, and our owner Cyril), we would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Go eat some turkey, gain a few pounds, and we hope to see you back ready to burn off those calories here on VGS soon!!
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    I am officially returning as a Player Media, Washington Today. I am planning to make this a newspaper, and an actual broadsheet style newspaper too (something a little new for me). Right now here is my staff list, which I will expand upon as time goes on. CEO: Carlton Schneider Editor in Chief: Chris Brink Congressional Reporter: Gal Hyacinthe Foreign Policy Reporter: Tommy Weatherly Political Reporter: Mitchell Jacobs General Assignment Reporter: John Caffey
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    America was sadly super homophobic in 1998. We do welcome LGBT members to join the forum and our community though!
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    Criticism mounts as Democrats take control over Congressional Committees Washington, D.C: Since the start of Congress, the chambers holding the house committees have remained silent with no bills being docketed nor even committee membership announced by the Republicans. However Democrats have silently started the process of opening both committees, Congressman Keith Flash and Congresswoman Elizabeth Gates have both taken control of their respecting committees, the ability coming from the house rules. This move has now grown into an embarrassment for the Republican Party especially from conservative pundits. Ari Goodman from Fox News lambasted Republican leadership for their ineffective governance while being the majority power. “Where are our leaders in Congress? What the hell are they doing? Running for senate? Destroying our ties to businesses with their leftist lobby bill they docketed? What the hell is going on with the party of Reagan? It’s now time for the Republican congress members that still have the courage to gut those lazy self-serving leaders out of their positions.” While columnist for the New York Times, Diane Cantor stated the lack of even naming a chair person for either committee showed that the Republicans had little care for governance. “Honestly it is an embarrassment for the Republicans and quite honestly there is no excuse for the inaction. Most of their leaders are highly active and if the Democrats could have named ranking members and members for committee, why has the Republicans refused to do so after all of this time?” While polling has yet to be taken, growing concern has mounted especially since the Democratic takeover of congressional committees. In a letter to the editor in the Washington Post, the concern of a lack of Republican attention could be summed up in the title, “These chambers to be sold in consequence of the late occupant’s declining business".
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    Hey guys, so I threw this together. Let me know if there are any mistakes, there are bound to be some! https://tinyurl.com/ydgnlcus
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    Wherever the hot babes of the senate are located.
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    Are there any intentions to reevaluate the current game elements to align with the clearly limited player base and staffing capabilities? I.e. a bicameral sim, committees, administratively burdensome game systems (financial reporting, unleveraged media system, etc.), confusing and redundant board structures, unessentials rules and policies (I mean we have like a dozen posts in several different areas telling people how to write a press release).
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    So you may have noticed that we have changed the calendar at the top from Quarter 1 to Comic Book Time. Comic book time or CBT is best described as a floating timeline. A floating timeline is a device used in fiction, particularly in comics and animation, to explain why characters age little or not at all over a period of time — despite real-world markers like notable events, people and technology appearing in the works and correlating with the real world. I have been wanting to try this for awhile, I have never been a fan of the Quarterly system because I feel as if it rushes people along, there isn't a good chance to respond to things with the depth needed to such as for a terror attack or hurricane. So, we are going to try reverting to a Comic Book time for roughly one month or in both the Quarterly and CBT scale, 1 IG year. From Today until the announced end of the year will be 2001. After '2001' in game, we will put up a poll in the general chat forum on whether or not to keep the change or to revert back to the old Quarterly system. I will be opening a questions thread in the chat forum here immediately following this announcement, if you have any questions about our experiment please don't hesitate.
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    Since I still don't know how to change the calendar in the banner, just a reminder that today we start Q1 2000 so happy New Year
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    I am pleased to announce that I have hired Christopher Williams aka Cwill as our new Media Administrator. Cwill is a longtime player and his expertise and fresh ideas are a welcome addition to our ranks.

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