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    Folks, I would like to clarify something regarding Iran-Contra. CIA Director William Casey died before he could give testimony IRL. For the sake of the game, we will be postponing his death to the end of 1987 in order to allow for him to testify and spice up the hearings with some alternate history.
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    Name: Kyle Fitzgerald Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: Houston Post “The Defense of Marriage Act ensures that marriage remains between one man and one woman. I support this bill, and I urge the House Majority Leader to put it on the next docket.”
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    Lt. Colonel Oliver North: I do not believe the Boland Amendments would have been beneficial in the reestablishment of peace in Nicaragua. I believe the Boland Amendments were politically-motivated due to a desire to limit the power of the President's ability to exercise his foreign policy powers and due to the less than savory means by which the Contra have funded their operation. Lt. Colonel Oliver North: My desire to carry out the wishes of my commander-in-chief and to help freedom fighters opposing a surrogate state of Moscow in Central America. As stated before, I accept the responsibility of my actions and ultimately my actions were not in coordination with the President. Admiral John Poindexter: I did not meet with the President regarding the sale of weapons to aid the Contras. I sought to maintain plausible deniability for the President and I wanted to provide the President that deniability to insulate him from the decision. Since this is not any sort of printed doctrine or dogma, it simply is a concept. I think it's open to interpretation. And my interpretation of it is simply and very straightforwardly that the ability of the President to deny knowing anything about it and be very truthful in that process. He didn't know anything about it.
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    So what you're saying Colonel is that the needs of the democratic peoples of Nicaragua against their oppressors outweighed a statutory provision passed by the Congress which you believe to be an overreach?
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    Mr. Speaker, I move for unanimous consent. I yield.
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    Now having had the time to cross reference your criteria with those that applied for the chairmanship, it would seem that the criteria you applied eliminated someone perhaps more qualified than your brother, which is Rep. Seymour. So then we are left with a pool of candidates which any reasonable bystander would say places your brother as the most qualified candidate. And I want you to consider this point for a moment because it's important. Did you create and manufacture this criteria to eliminate people more qualified than your brother, so your appointment of your brother "on the merits" would ring true and absolve you of any allegations of nepotism?
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    Mr. Chairman (@Tilsley), I also would like to move for a 72-hour extension of this hearing. Justice cannot be rushed, and a 24 hour clock does not even remotely seem an appropriate amount of time to find answers.
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