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    No, Congressman, I can say unequivocally that I would be fully capable to carry out the functions as Chairman of the Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary committee. I have been representing my constituents in Los Angeles and California for nearly twenty years -- be it on the city council, as Mayor of Compton, or now as Representative of the 9th district of California here in Congress. I was elected and I have been reelected three times. Prior to that, I spent nearly twenty years practicing law. I worked with the NAACP, the ACLU, among other civil rights groups in order to fight for the rights of black men and women across this country. I have dedicated my life to public service and I have dedicated my time and my energy to making this country a better place for my contemporaries -- to try and make sure they have a chance at the same opportunities that I had. My father always told me, when I was a child, that there is nothing stopping me from achieving my goals other than myself. I took that to heart and for the rest of my life, up until this very second, I can say that I believed that. Now let me be very clear. I would never accept a position if I thought I was being offered it for anything other than my ability and my knowledge. If I believed House Majority Leader King was appointing me to this committee because of our relationship, because we are brothers, there would be no question -- I wouldn't have accepted. The committee which I previously Chaired, and many of its members, have worked tirelessly to tarnish my reputation and throw out the twenty years of public service I've committed to. They've ignored my qualifications, they have made up my motivations for themselves, and they've relentlessly questioned my integrity and the integrity of my family. I've worked my entire life to build a reputation as a man who works for his family, as a man who dedicates his life to public service, and as a man who believes he can make a difference. That's what I've done. The character assassination of myself over the course of the past month, since this Congress began, has been grotesque in nature. There have been outright accusations of corruption based on no evidence, based on no actual wrong-doing, based on nothing more than a preconceived notion of nepotism. I've achieved everything in my life through hard work and determination -- not nepotism. I graduated from Morehouse and later Stanford because I studied, I worked, and I made it a priority in life -- not because of nepotism. I spent twenty years in public service and have won more than five elections because of the reputation I built, the policies I represented, and the people who turned out to vote for me -- not because of nepotism. And yes, I became Chairman of the Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary committee because of my history in public service, because of my tenure in Congress -- NOT because of nepotism. It was asked earlier why House Majority Leader King got 'defensive' when asked about nepotism. Well, Congressman, I can tell you why. I am defensive today because I am quite frankly revolted at the tone of this hearing, at the tone of the questions coming from members of this committee. I am revolted at the erroneous, baseless, unfounded accusations that have been thrown around in the media. I am absolutely appalled that my reputation, twenty long years of public service and twenty long years of working for my constituents has been tainted because of this. It's an outrage. The bigots that exist in this country are having a hardy laugh today because of this hearing and the tone it has taken on. I was more than happy to personally open this investigation into this matter and provide the responsibility of that investigation to the minority party, so as to ensure there was no question about the integrity of the investigation. What has since proceeded has been a disgraceful and overtly partisan attempt to try and further tarnish my reputation as well as the reputation of House Majority Leader King. I am not sure, quite frankly, what the aim of this investigation even is anymore -- other than what I've described.
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    Name: Anderson Kaine Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: WGN News  "The aggressive nature and accusatory interrogative outbursts of HML King are truly unbecoming of a member of Congress, and are incredibly hostile to the very idea of what the Ethics Committee was asked to achieve by a unanimous vote of the House. I hope the Ethics Chairman can ask the Democratic Leader to give the committee his respect going forward."
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    Madame Chair, Unlike my esteemed colleague, I would like to rise in full support of this legislation. As this legislation is largely written in Plain English, I do not believe that a Plain English Summary is needed. I yield.
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