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    Rev. Kaine Speaks Against AIDS Slush Fund Defends Christian Values in HELP Committee Reverend Anderson Kaine (IL-20) spoke vehemently against the AIDS Prevention and Information Act of 1987. The bill would provide nearly $1.4 Billion annually to HHS to teach children about sex and use tax dollars to test addicts and homosexuals for AIDS. "This law would be a fundamental violation of the US principles of rule of law, of Christian values, and of the inherent rights of parents to teach their children. Creating a billion dollar slush fund to override parental rights to teach, to take money away from hardworking Americans to test people for a disease we know how to prevent, is an appalling misuse of government funds. It's simple. Don't do anything your grandma wouldn't do, and that includes promiscuity and illegal drugs," Reverend Anderson said to the media in Washington. "This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of faith. And millions of American Christians agree." Reverend Anderson has served as a leader and pastor within his church since he was 23 years old, and is known as one of the foremost religious leaders in Washington.
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    Press Release #01 AIDS Bill needed, Republican lies would further growing health crisis Washington, D.C: Congresswoman Karen Boxer, the author of the AIDS Prevention and Information Act of 1987 which would invest $1.3 billion in federal grants to properly test blood and to educate youth on AIDS concerning prevention to exposure and transmission of the disease. The congresswoman who's been watching the current congressional committee on her bill launched a blistering attack on Congressman Kaine, calling the congressman an "uneducated snake oil salesman" who would rather increase the spread of the dangerous disease instead of containing and getting a hold of it. She also attacked the continued Republican ignorance on President Ronald Reagan's failures of being pro-active towards fighting AIDS and that the current defense that AIDS was just a "gay disease" was a myth considering that heterosexual Americans are increasingly being infected by AIDS due to drug use or through blood transfusions. "Quite frankly Congressman Kaine is a religiously ignorant bigot, this has nothing to do with gay people. I believe in God, I am a very religious person however I also realize the government must act on a disease that has continued to spread into all sectors of American life from poor to rich, uneducated to educated, gay to straight, white to black. The congressman claims, hardworking Americans should not bail out the poor choices of "those Americans for their poor life styles." So according to the congressman, Ryan White who was infected with AIDS due to a blood transfusion due to his hemophilia, he deserves to die? Because the federal government has failed to provide funding to test donated blood at blood banks? This gay hatred is putting millions of Americans who need blood transfusions at risk and they can blame the Republican indifference and opposition . This bill would provide state governments with the funds to test blood and to test blood of even women who have been raped to protect them. This bill would provide education for kids who are (1) are homeless; (2) are unemancipated minors away from home for a significant period without parental consent; (3) engage in intravenous substance abuse. No where does his bill mandate we begin teaching sex-education to school children, instead of remembering his glory days as a preacher, Congressman Kaine should finally transition to his new career and learn to not only read legislation fully but show compassion and understanding, something that he used to preach to his parishioners."
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    Name: Ron Tilsley Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) AIDS is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated. Right now, we are discussing legislation on how we're going to combat the disease going forward. But there are some within the Republican party who are on a mission to make sure that legislation does not see the light of day on the house floor. We need to make Americans aware of this disease and we need to do what we can to stop AIDS by any means necessary. This bill will set the stage for our country to lead the charge.
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    Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Cherryville Tribune The American people want tax cuts and further tax reform, this much is clear. The opportunity for economic growth can't be clearer when we pass a tax cut, most recently last year with the Tax Reform Act of 1986. What we will now see is the Democratic controlled Congress attempt to reverse the cuts that help the American middle class, tax cuts that were in fact introduced by a Democratic member of Congress and passed with huge bipartisan majorities. I ask myself why now that they decide it is time to call these cuts bad and no doubt will look to repeal them.
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    @Ollie is hereby appointed as Speaker Pro Tempore, and I temporarily pass the gavel over to him. OOC: Ended up getting stuck in a social situation against my will, I'll be back to retake the gavel in the morning/early afternoon.
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    Also, looking at the last round, it looks like the Office of the Speaker needs a Legislative Inbox for bills that have passed committee.
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