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    Madam Chair, I believe the gentleman from Texas is confused as I just provided a PES in my previous remarks to the committee. I invite him to consult the record. Furthermore, his arguments regarding this affecting state's rights is nonsense. Point out to me where in this bill we are telling states what they can and can't do. We are respecting states rights by giving effect and support to their laws in respect of their marriage laws. I yield
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    Madam Chairwoman, As the PES sets out, there is nothing in this legislation that tells states to do anything. All it does is simply reinforce their ability to grant marriage exclusively to men and women, while strengthening the institution of marriage. I yield
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    Madame Chair, I simply wish to rise in full support of this committee recommending full passage of this legislation. I yield.
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    Madame Chair, While I am a strong supporter of the traditional, God-given definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman as a proud Christian, I am also a proud man of the South born and raised and simply cannot abide by the federal intrusion into state affairs because we all know exactly where that gets us. Were this a Constitutional amendment, I'd be among the first to rise in support, but as it currently stands I cannot abide such a blatant violation of the 10th Amendment. I yield.
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    Lady Jacky Republican from California Speaking to the Washington Post: "The Majority Leader, Mr. King, owes me an apology for calling into question my patriotism on the floor of the House of Representatives. It was unfair to say my opposition to the anti-trade principles in the textile bill makes me a 'communist sympathizer' - as Mr. King asserted. This sort of talk is dangerous and, quite frankly, I'm certain had I been the 'gentleman from California' instead of the 'gentlelady from California', that comment would've never been made."
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    Mr. Speaker, What's the rush? I happen to support this bill, but I feel some of my colleagues don't support it or have some problems with this bill. We should use this time allotted to work on this bill and maybe we, as a congress, can come off as bi-partisan working together, just an idea for the House Minority Leader. Lets not rush this and make this bill as perfect as it can be and not mess up this great opportunity that my colleague from South Carolina has presented us. I yield
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    Mr. Speaker, My distinguished colleague from Texas asked what a bipartisan financial aid bill would look like, so let me tell her. I was a teacher for many years, and my family is full of teachers. We know firsthand the harm and bureaucracy that federal government intervention introduces in our nation's educational system. As such, I would be happy to work with any of my colleagues on either side of the aisle to bring forth a bill that ensures that states can and are incentivized to offer appropriate financial aid to students attending schools within their boundaries. From a federal perspective it is far better to give families money that they can use to pay for education by cutting their taxes rather than by expanding government bureaucracy to offer restrictive loans and grants. I yield.
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