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    None of the three are thrilling from my point of view, but I'm not sure that it's possible for there to be one which would be. 2019 - I find modern politics depressing. We have laid the Honorable John McCain to rest, and with him probably any concept of the good of the country before the good of the party - whatever the party may be pushing at this time. 1987 - I remember 1987. It was still acceptable for leaders of both parties to sit down and hammer out their differences. However, earlier times tend to be played by many of the players as being post-2000, or worse, "House of Cards". How does the AB intend to prevent that? (been there, tried to do that, it's NOT easy, folks) 2003 - I think any idea of cooperative politics started to crash with the Republican majority in the House during the Clinton years. While it is my own view, I tend to look at the game as a simulation of government, with the intent to deal with the problems that arise and potentially develop an alternative approach. Experience suggests most players are focused on "winning the issues", even to the extent of destroying their own proposals if the other side adopts them. (does anyone remember that "Obamacare" was based on Republican proposals?) Now, I have been buried in work over the last half year, so I have not even poked my nose in, so I COULD be wrong on how the player base behaves (I pray I am).
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    I would love to know how this was read wrong ?
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    I'm debating becoming a player or taking a break. If I do play, I'll be a Republican.
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