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    After some consideration, I feel that there is a need to provide the full scope of options for players with this upcoming reset. There was a third idea that was floated around to some players that received an assorted mix of responses but it's an idea that I feel the community at large should have the ability to weigh in on. I want to do another vote with this additional option so I apologize to those who have already given their opinions on the upcoming reset date. Time Period: 1987 A potential 1987 round would be the most ambitious setting VGS has ever undertaken. Such a time frame would definitely be the most intensive on the AB but it's a challenge we are willing to undertake if the desire to think outside the box is there among the player base. We begin at the end of the Reagan Administration with an announcement from George H. W. Bush that he will not seek the presidency while the Miami Herald finds out about Gary Hart alleged infidelity sooner than expected. A reset in 1987 will put players in a period of significant change in both America and globally. The Soviet Union is on the brink of collapse and the Iron Curtain itself is breaking under the pressure of people across Eastern Europe embracing democracy. The US faces race relations issues, social upheaval, and economic inequality. The 1986 midterms would also be tweaked to allow a more balanced House composition and a competitive Senate. A 1987 reset would allow the AB and players significant amount of freedom to change the course of history. The idea of 1987 would also mean that we would switch to a house-based simulation as the House allows for both more ideological diversity and literal diversity. The AB is ready to give players the resources they need to immerse themselves in the mind of a Republican or Democrat in the late 1980s just as we are ready to make sure that those who play like it's 2018 are dealt with accordingly. 1987 would be our most ambitious reset to date and one that I'd be happy to take on if the desire is there. Time Period: 2019 A potential January 2019 round would start us off in the modern era. With President Trump's declaration that he has "Made America Great Again", he announces he is not running for re-election, tweeting "I did more in one term than any other President has done, ever". The Vice President announces that he will not run, and just like that, 2020 is a free for all on both sides. Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed in October, 2018 by a strict, 51-49 party line vote- the first ever nomination to be secured strictly on a partisan vote. The 2018 midterms were a mixed bag- Democratic pickups in Arizona and Tennessee were offset by Republican pickups in Florida and Indiana, so the Republicans maintained their slim, 51-49 majority. The blue wave hit the lower chamber, however, and Democrats won the slightest of House majorities, with 220 Democrats to 215 Republicans. An opportunity, of course, to shape the issues of the day as our world moves forward into the future. We are also open to beginning in 2018 to allow both parties a change to shape those elections if the desire is there. Time Period: 2003 A potential 2003 round would start us fresh off of the 2002 midterms. With the War in Afghanistan raging on and talks of WMDs in Iraq, America finds itself in a precarious position on the world stage. The "Axis of Evil" has been identified and the Bush Adminstration is ready to bring the fight to them. We have begun to enter the digital age and politics as we know it, while still very pre-2000 in terms of attitude and cordiality, is changing rapidly. Social issues have a renewed focus with the economy stimulated by massive tax cuts but economic inequality remains as prevalent as ever. George W. Bush will announce his decision to not enter the upcoming 2004 presidential election, leaving a wide-open field to change the course of America forever. The 2003 reset gives the opportunity for players to reshape recent modern history in their own way while also placing a renewed emphaisis on foreign policy and political identity as both parties struggle to find where they stand in a rapidly evolving political climate.
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    I want begin by thanking everyone for the positive messages of encouragement sent my way that compelled me to consider the position of Chief Administrator. I want to personally thank both @Cyril and @MrAnderson for their faith in me to carry VGS forward. I remain of the firm belief that Anderson's AB set this game on the right path and helped the current reset survive as long as it has. I think we can all agree that the 2016 elections went from potentially not even happening to a resounding success and the credit for making that happen goes to Anderson and his AB. After consulting with Anderson and a few other individuals, we have come to the decision that VGS will be resetting. This is a decision made with careful consideration and an understanding of the need for a fresh start. I want to thank everyone who participated in the current reset who played their part in making it such a success. It's time for us as a community to move forward and I believe a reset will make that possible. Over the next few days, the AB will be working on archiving the current reset and establishing a new time table for when players can expect the new reset to begin. We will be reviewing our current game mechanics while also entertaining the development of new ones if the player base deems it something of particular interest. I have my own ideas for game mechanics that will aim to enhance the IG world for the player base that I hope to roll out in the coming days but I want to encourage all members of our community to give suggestions on ways we can improve. VGS isn't just a game but a community. We've got a wide array of folks from across the political spectrum that have come together to engage in spirited debate with one another and work with one another to create a realistic simulation of our own world. I remember back when I joined the 4th reset of Virtual America and I'm happy to say I've been around ever since. I've grown both as a player, as I bet people like @Conrad and @Baudin can attest to, and I'd argue I've grown as a person in both my own beliefs and knowledge of politics. VGS is a community worth fighting for and I am ready to keep this game moving forward. I'm looking forward to being a CA you all can be proud of and I hope to live up to the precedent that people like Anderson have left for me.
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