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    The Gentleman from Texas will treat the nominee with courtesy. Your opinions on her experience are germane to the discussion, however your insults to a nominee are not.
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    My fellow Americans, I would like to thank you for taking the time to turn into the Oval Office, to tune into the address. I will try to keep it brief. The regime of Bashar Al-Assad is a regime that has lost the support of its people, its neighbors, and the international community in general. Bashar Al-Assad has committed almost every human rights violation in the book- he has tortured his opponents, waged war on his enemies, divided his country on strict ethnic and religious lines, and refuses to listen to the ultimate and sovereign authority of the people of Syria. He has turned the country, with a beautiful history in the Levant, into a hell hole. He has chased millions of Syrians out of their homeland, and is not fit to continue ruling over Syria. His power hunger makes him put the interests of himself over the conditions of his people- he must step down, and hand power back to the people of Syria. When you see the conditions that the Syrian people have endured, when you see how they continue to stand against him, even when the ultimate sacrifice is demanded- death- you see a people aspiring to be free. A people who want to take control of their own destiny, who want to take control of their government, who believe in freedom. The United States has stood, and we have stood with the Syrian people. We stand with those who support democracy in Syria, we stand with those who oppose dictatorship and a totalitarian government. That is why, today, we are ordering a round of limited airstrikes, to begin almost immediately, against the government of Bashar Al-Assad. The United States has long been involved in the fight in Syria against ISIS, and similar groups. However, we cannot win that fight without addressing the real cause- the instability caused by Bashar Al-Assad remaining in power. He must be shown the door. That said, we are not going to recklessly run into Syria without a plan. We will hit targets that will weaken the government of Al-Assad, and we will follow our constitutional bounds- under the powers given to the President via the War Powers Resolution, this campaign will not extend past sixty days. And, of course, you will not see American boots on the ground. However, with this help, we will hope that this will aid the Syrian rebels, and that those who support democracy can take advantage and a restore a government of, by, and for the people of Syria within that nation. Thank you all for your time, and have a great night.
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    The 2018 Game Calendar Q1 2018: Aug 13th - Aug 22nd Q2 2018: Aug 23rd - Sept 1st Q3 2018: Sept 2nd - Sept 11th Q4 2018: Sept 12th - Sept 21st
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    @WSJ: Mansfield Motor Speedway in Ohio for sale, according to local ownership.
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    The following states will be up for player election in 2018, and will impact similar races across the country. States For Player Elections Indiana (PC Incumbent) New Mexico (PC Incumbent) Ohio (PC Incumbent) Florida North Dakota Missouri The following player seats will automatically be held by the incumbent. Texas Hawaii All other Senate races will be determined by the outcomes of player races.
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    Just dropping by from my retirement to state that you have proven time after time again that you are beyond incompetent.
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    I dont know where you got the impression that you’re loved or missed, lol. Also nobody calls you the old school polisimmer

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