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    Biographical Information Name: Lawrence "Lance" Kingston Dunne Date of Birth: December 6th, 1953 Place of Birth: Panorama City, California Place of Residence: Brandon, Mississippi Religious Affiliation: Southern Baptist Political Affiliation: Independent (1972-1977) Democratic Party (1977-1981) Republican (1981-) Family Information Wife: Erin (Nee Culbrett, 59) Children: Lawrence Jr. (27), Zach (26), David (30), Cathie (34) Educational History Ole Miss (JD) Ole Miss (Political Science) Occupational Information Lawyer (1978, 1982-1984) Assistant District Attorney, DeSoto County (1979-1982) Republican Nominee, U.S. Senate Seat from Mississippi (1982) Assistant United States Attorney, Northern District of Mississippi (1984-1989) Committeeman, Mississippi Republican Party (1989-1991) Mississippi State Senator (1991-1995) Republican Nominee, Mississippi's 2nd Congressional District (1996) Law Professor, Ole Miss (1997-2001) United States Attorney, Northern District of Mississippi (2001-2007) United States Senator from Mississippi, Class I (2007-)
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    Zamora Backs Baudin for Vice Presidency WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Diego Zamora (R-NM) recently took to Twitter to announce his support of Senator Marc Baudin's nomination to serve as the next Vice President of the United States. Zamora wrote on the social media site that he backs Senator Baudin's confirmation "after reviewing committee hearing and his record." Zamora further commented on the nomination process stating, "While I would've appreciated the opportunity for every Senator to question the Vice Presidential nominee in a committee of the whole - something Senate Democrats were unwilling to countenance - I do believe Senator Baudin is qualified to serve as our nation's second-highest officer," Zamora said in a statement to the press. Continuing, Senator Zamora said, "Of course, with President Kline and, indeed, President LeClavers taking the oath of office from the position of Vice President, Congress must be very careful to assess the quality of each nominee. When President LeClavers nominated Senator Baudin, I was very optimistic about his chances of receiving bipartisan support to be confirmed as our next Vice President. And now, after his hearings before the Senate's Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Committee, I am extremely happy to announce that I will support Senator Baudin's nomination once it reaches the Senate floor." Senator Marc Baudin, a Democrat from Ohio, spent fifteen years serving in the Foreign Service and over a decade as a private practice attorney. He was elected to the US Senate in 2006, and has been a pro-life voice in the Democratic Party. "I applaud the President for looking at the most qualified of candidates rather than simply a 'yes-man' who fit a narrow ideological mold. Marc will be an independent voice of reason in the LeClavers White House, and he will serve with a great deal of distinction, considering he has ruled out a 2020 presidential bid. I look forward to doing my part to support Senator Baudin in the Senate, and urge my House colleagues who also get to vote on a Vice Presidential nomination to support Marc as well," Zamora concluded.
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    @Zamora4NM: I am proud to announce my support for Sen. @Baudin to serve as our nation's next Vice President after reviewing committee hearing and his record. #VP
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    Other parts of Louisiana bore the brunt of Hurricane Muriel's pathway News Orleans, Louisiana: As Muriel moved ashore Louisiana, it produced a high storm surge that reached 11.0 ft in Shell Beach. The large storm brought high winds across the state, with sustained winds of 167 mph and gusts to 145 mph on Grand Isle. As of Wednesday afternoon, over 600,000 customers were reported without power in Louisiana, mainly in Metropolitan New Orleans. Flooding was reported in Slidell, Louisiana, as pumping stations were unable to keep up with rainfall rates. The strong storm surge, in combination with strong winds forced the Mississippi River to flow upstream for nearly a day, rising as much as 10 ft in Belle Chasse and 8 ft in New Orleans. In nearby LaPlace, 5,000 homes were flooded by the surge. Upon the issuing of hurricane watches warnings, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency for the entirety Louisiana, recommending evacuation of areas unprotected by levees or areas south of the Intracoastal Waterway. Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu took the same course of action for his city. St. John the Baptist Parish was one of the hardest hit areas. A lack of a hurricane levee system and 8–10 ft storm surge caused massive flooding of hundreds of homes. Over 3500 residents have been rescued and evacuated. While New Orleans suffered some flooding, the city remained secure due to the reinforced new levee system built after Hurricane Katrina while the IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrier was also built to reduce the risk of storm damage to some of the region's most vulnerable areas - New Orleans East, metro New Orleans, the 9th Ward, and St. Bernard Parish. While the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure Complex made up of a navigable floodgate, a pumping station, floodwalls, sluice gates, foreshore protection, and an earthen levee all offered major protection for the city. Total only 6 deaths have been reported by state officials. Hurricane Elizabeth which had lost strength to a category 4 after hitting the Cayman islands has again upgraded to a category 5 and is expected to hit Galveston and Houston tomorrow morning.
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    @C-SPAN: "Marc Baudin tweet is trending as many across social media voice support for beleaguered VPOTUS nominee."
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    Part of being an adult is the ability to talk to others about your concerns, and follow up. No one in the ASFAJ Committee told me of any problems with my answers.
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    I think the Protect Medical Innovation Act is a common sense bill which will help consumers and boost the inherently American ideal of ingenuity and I'm proud to be a co-sponsor and vote in favor of cloture.
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    @AP: Twitter announces expansion to 280 characters
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