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    @AP: Twitter announces expansion to 280 characters
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    @DNC: The Democratic Party stands with its President and is proud of the firm bipartisan support of the nomination of Senator Marc Baudin to be Vice President. @DNC: Marc Baudin is a proud Democrat who has shown that he is thoughtful and pragmatic and has the ability to unite the country. @DNC: Marc Baudin used his legal prowess & expertise to give back to his community by working as a public defender. #DidYouKnow @DNC: Marc Baudin and his wife built the distinguished Cleveland Children’s Center for children in at-risk neighborhoods. #DidYouKnow @DNC: Marc Baudin served his country honorably in the United States Foreign Service for 15 years, including embarking on tours in Africa. #DidYouKnow
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    Democrats Defend Kelly While Bipartisan Calls for New SC Nominee Increase The Democratic Party has finally found life on the Kelly nomination, led by President LeClavers who has finally responded to the long-established GOP attack on her. The nomination has been stalled by the inability of the Democratic Party to find the votes to either achieve cloture, requiring 60 votes, or change the rules of the Senate, requiring 50 votes. The lynchpin has been Sen. Savage (I-IL). who has refused to support the "nuclear option". The discussion on Kelly has largely been led by Republicans, who have forcefully and en mass criticized her for her lacking record and her short stint on the federal bench. In terms of policy, the biggest sticking point is the belief articulated by Sen. Coburn (R-KY) that Kelly's opinions on death penalty cases, who called the judge a "radical" for the position. Other concerns in committee were raised on Kelly's position on religious freedom, regarding the forced inclusion in religious programs for convicts. The only voice refuting the GOP in the press or in the Senate on substance was Senator Savage who vocally defended Kelly, saying she "did what was absolutely correct to defend the religious freedoms that we cherish in this country." Other Republicans have focused on her lack of strong precedence, and citing the decision to try to go nuclear as a way of solidifying their positions, such as former GOP Leader Diego Zamora (R-NM). The Democratic response lacked much spin or specificity until the last ((week)), primarily leaving their argument to repeating the word "qualified" as much as possible. However, that has changed. The recent move by the Democrats to defend Kelly was led first by now-VP designate Marc Baudin (D-OH), who held a press conference that included a full-throated defense of the nominee. He began by striking out strongly against the GOP narrative on Kelly, defending her record on religious freedom and condemning the GOP position as inherently partisan. Ultimately, Senator Baudin responded to GOP opposition by saying "The people want to see their government functioning. The Republicans have offered very little in regards to a legitimite defense for their obstruction on [the Kelly nomination] and I think the American people will see that." Following that, President LeClavers went to twitter to say "Justice Kelly has been the subject of a vicious smear campaign by the right. To say that her experience makes her unworthy for the court is blatantly false. She is eminently to serve on the high court. Our nation's last Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, spent 0 days as a judge before joining the Supreme Court. Our current Chief Justice spent half the time as a judge that Kelly spent, and was then nominated to serve as the Court's Chief. Was he unqualified? The GOP argument against Kelly has no legs to stand on. We should demand honesty from Our representatives, and give Kelly the vote she deserves." The emphasis on Chief Justice John Roberts was echoed by the WH Press Secretary as well, and did a good job highlighting possible issues with the GOP opposition. However, the long-uncontested GOP narrative has clearly skewed polling on Judge Kelly's nomination. Currently, 39% of Americans believe she should be on the court while 44% do not support her nomination, with a largely partisan split. Most Americans (51%) have a negative opinion of Kelly's qualifications. Now, Republicans are calling on President LeClavers to remove her name from consideration and appoint a new Supreme Court nominee. The call is catching fire in conservative circles, and even many liberals want to see the President find another nominee with a chance at success. Even Independent Senator Benjamin Thomas (I-VA) tweeting "While I support Senator Kelly's SCOTUS nom, if the cloture motion fails, then simply we need a new nominee. GOP ideological obstruction is deplorable, but so is leaving a seat vacant after months of failed legislative trickery and exec indifference." In fact, polling of the topic shows that 64% of Americans support the President pulling the nominee. Of those, a third of them say the reason behind that is a belief that Republicans will never support Kelly. Asking around capitol hill, it appears that the Democrat Caucus are very split on the issue of pulling the Kelly nomination. Some Democrats are strongly supportive of keeping the nominee, saying "The nomination should not be pulled. The Republicans should stop the obstruction and the literally baseless rhetoric and confirm the nominee we have on the floor." Another took a more nuanced approach, saying "Personally, I feel like Judge Kelly is qualified, and that means every effort should be made to put her on the court. If the President wants to try someone else, that is his prerogative, but it would be very cruel to put Judge Kelly’s career and reputation on the line and then abandon her when things get difficult." However, others in the Democratic caucus are more open to a new nominee, saying "The leadership and White House had plenty of time to make their pitch, and while I disagree with the GOP's position, it obviously sold nobody on that side of the aisle. So yes, sadly the time for a new nominee for the good of country I believe has come." Another anonymous source told us "The President has not been vigorous in his pursuit of Kelly as a nominee. The Democratic Party has not done a quality job of presenting her experience, qualification, or fitness, despite them being obvious. They have not fought for Jane Kelly, so they might as well move on to someone who they will actually put effort into." It appears that the debate in Washington has turned towards the future of Kelly's nomination now that the Nuclear Option appears gone and Republican opposition has been strictly partisan in nature. Despite the newfound strength of their counterargument to Republican opposition, now beginning to look blindly partisan, the path forward for Kelly's nomination remains unclear.
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    Bangs gavel. This committee shall begin hearings on the nomination of Marc Baudin to be Vice President of the United States. These hearings shall last 72 hours, which shall begin immediately following the opening statements from the nominee... @Baudin
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    Anderson Cooper, CNN Don't you think that Democrats should base whether they support Senator Baudin on all his views not just one? And do you think being pro-choice or anti-abortion is the top issue out of all the current issues happening in the country, the most important to Americans when deciding a nomination for the vice presidency?
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    @DutchSavage: Since this is becoming a larger issue, I would like to state two things. The first is that I consider myself pro-choice. The second is that I do not consider someone holding pro-life views to be an immediate disqualification for federal office. If Senator Baudin performs well in committee and shows that he is qualified to lead this country in a time of emergency, I will have no qualms about voting in his favor.
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    I thank @JClay for doing the right thing and appointing Sen Bennet as Chair of #ASFAJ
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    Michelle Stenson: Welcome to the Washington View, I am Michelle Stenson. Breaking news this morning, the governor of Hawaii is soon expected to veto a bill in the state legislature to raise the minimum wage in the state to $15. Speaking to local businesses has apparently changed his mind to the point where he has asked the state legislature for an amendment to make it $13.25. This news appears to deal a small blow to the "Fight for $15", the Democratic initative to raise the minimum wage to $13.25. President Pro Tempore Osiris Storm recently issued a press release proclaiming his support for the increase. Senate Minority Leader of John Saunders of Texas issued a tweet over the weekend about the minimum wage increases across the country calling them "harmful". Saunders also commented for this story. Whether this will stop momentum for the "Fight for $15" remains to be seen. What also should be taken into consideration is the recent appearingly reduced standing of Senate progressives. What should be the big factor in whether the "Fight for $15" survives is if President LeClavers continues to stand by it. Coming up next.. Bad times on the horizon for auto racing? Financial struggles related to federal funding are creating issues at many race tracks across the country including some prominent ones. More details after the break.
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    @DutchSavage: While I have no moral opposition to a committee of the whole, I believe that doing such a thing would distract us from critical Senate operations while we are trying to keep everyone on deck and focused on the hurricane situation. (1/3) @DutchSavage: The committees have handled every nomination in the history of this country since their creation, and they can continue to do so. There is nothing to be gained by this accept having every US Senator line up to grand stand and keep us from focusing on important work. (2/3) @DutchSavage: I encourage everyone, in the spirit of accomplishing the most critical task before this body and preserving our long-standing traditions, that we do business as usual on the nominations and stay focused on the hurricanes. (3/3)
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    Kamaka Nikolao - @KamNikolao
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    Senate Minority Leader John Saunders would meet the press, flanked by other Republican Senators Good afternoon, Recently, the President of the United States, Harrison LeClavers, nominated Senator Marc Baudin of Ohio to become the next Vice President of the United States. This nomination is subject to a confirmation vote in both houses of Congress, the only one that is. Such a requirement, mandated by the Constitution, shows how much of an importance this position is. Vice Presidents have been asked to step up to the podium multiple times in our lives, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and Vice President Gerald R. Ford to name a few. I want to keep it short, the Republican Party will back the nomination of Vice President-designee Marc Baudin, however we will motion for a committee of the whole to allow the full Senate to ensure this nominee is eminently qualified to serve as the next Vice President of the United States. I just wish President LeClavers Supreme Court picks were as appealing as his Vice Presidential pick. *laughs* Will now take questions.
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    Biographical Information Name: Micheal Tucker Bennett (Goes by Tucker) Date of Birth: July 4, 1982 (36 years old) Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan Place of Residence: Maddison Heights, Michigan Religious Affiliation: Catholic Political Affiliation: Democratic Party Family Information Parents: Richard F. Bennett (68) and Cecilia M. Bennett (61) Brothers: Revan F. Bennett (41) and Robert F. Bennett (34) Wife: Casey Keller Bennett (37) Children: Reece Finnigan Bennett (11 years old) -- Ivy Jade Bennett (5 years old) Educational History 1999-2003: American University (Political Science) Occupational Information 2003-2005: Legislative Assistant, United States Senator (MI-D) 2005-2007: Legislative Director, United States Senator (MI-D) 2007-2012: Political Director for United Auto Workers 2012-2018: United States Representative (MI 9th-D) 2018-present: United States Senator, Michigan Class 1
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    Justice Kelly has been the subject of a vicious smear campaign by the right. (1/5) To say that her experience makes her unworthy for the court is blatantly false. She is eminently to serve on the high court. (2/5) Our nation's last Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, spent 0 days as a judge before joining the Supreme Court. (3/5) Our current Chief Justice spent half the time as a judge that Kelly spent, and was then bnominated to serve as the Court's Chief. Was he unqualified? (4/5) The GOP argument against Kelly has no legs to stand on. We should demand honesty from Our representatives, and give Kelly the vote she deserves. (5/5)
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    Syria Stuck in Stalemate UNICEF Report: 500,000 Dead over Six Years WASHINGTON D.C. -- The civil war in Syria continues to drag on as the death toll climbs to new heights. UNICEF released a new report this morning estimating casualties had soared to over half of a million since the beginning of the conflict in 2011. News from the country remains grim as neither the Assad regime or the numerous rebel factions have been able to gain a foothold or make significant ground. “Neither side is any closer to winning today than they were a year ago,” said BBC international affairs correspondent Alfred Bingham. The dynamics of the war are clear. The Assad regime has the upper hand via the skies, but is struggling on the ground, ultimately failing to make the most of their aerial advantage. The rebels are dug in, but the constant pounding from the Syrian Armed Forces and lack of any sort of Air Force has dragged down morale and desolated towns and communities. The Kurds meanwhile are holding their territory quite steadily but are handicapped by the lack of international support and he controversy over their territorial rights in both Syria and Turkey. “The real question here is what will break first?” declared foreign affairs expert Doug Grantham. “Will the rebels and Syrian people crack under the constant barrage from the skies? Or can the opposition create a cohesive strategy and accrue the resources necessary to finally put the Assad regime on its heels?” But perhaps most tragic of all in the midst of the conflict is the suffering of the Syrian people. Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee their communities for safer territory with many attempting to escape across the Turkish-Syrian border. While numerous nations are providing humanitarian assistance, the United Nations estimates further resources are necessary to alleviate the immediate needs and concerns of the Syrian people. Ultimately, Syria remains a battleground and a country stuck in the throes of a seemingly never ending conflict.
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    I support Baudin for VP.
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    Executive Branch Nominations & Appointments By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I appoint the following individual Robert Franz Bennett as White House Chief of Staff By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I nominate the following individuals Henry Rex for Secretary of State Tracie Hattie Butler for Attorney General Marc Baudin for Vice President of the United States
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    The following players are officially signed out for inactivity @Jellybeans @Tapp @Ashcroft The following member is given a warning for approaching the edge of activity limits: @Rangerboy
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