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    Despite being after the 24 hours, I'm going to allow it since I clearly didn't get around to following up last night.
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    Mr. President, Furthermore, I would like to talk about the issue of qualifications, since this has been a regular point that has been brought up. When John Jay was nominated to serve on the United States Supreme Court as the first Chief Justice, he had no experience as a judge. Neither had our second, the more famous John Marshall. Earl Warren and Charles Evans Hughes were never judges - they had been elected Governor, but never presided over a court case. The list goes on and on. Byron White, Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black, Louis Brandeis, Lewis Powell, William Rehnquist - no experience as judges. William Brennan had experience as a state judge, but never at the federal level - the same kind of experience shared by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Sandra Day O'Connor. Jane Kelly has now been a federal judge for four years. Take four as a standard. By that, she has served as long as a federal judge as Antonin Scalia did when he was nominated. Clarence Thomas had been a federal judge for a year. David Souter served all of five months as a federal judge before being promoted to the Supreme Court. If Judge Kelly is not qualified, neither were these judges. Neither was Sri Srinivasan, who was nominated to the federal court system the same year Judge Kelly was and that this body approved without raising one single question about his qualifications. Make no mistake - Judge Kelly is as experienced, if not moreso, than some of our most celebrated judges in this nation's history, and quite a bit more experienced than some of them. Judge Scalia, when he took his seat on the bench, had argued before the Supreme Court one time. He had never clerked. Yet, Republicans did not gather to question his qualifications. So, when I hear things like what the Senator from New Mexico is saying about her being qualified, I have to think that there is a revolving standard of experience for Mrs. Kelly that few other judges have been subjected to. If those obsessing with her qualifications will not vote for her, then they should not vote for the proposed Sandoval nomination either. Fair is fair - if Kelly is not qualified, neither is the proposed replacement. Jane Kelly has written over eighty decisions for the eighth circuit court of appeals. We have seen a handful of them presented to this body as reasons to oppose her nomination. The vast majority of them have not been discussed. In fact, in those cases that have been discussed, we have seen an anonymous dissent attributed to her without evidence and arguments how forcing individuals to attend religious services that they did not want to attend is an act of religious freedom. This has not been a fair process at all. This has been a travesty. I yield.
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    @EllenOBrien - After looking over Mrs. Kelly and her qualifications, the more that the GOP opposes her the more I think her confirmation is a drive-by character assassination. #ConfirmKelly (1/3) @EllenOBrien - The Republican party has long decried the polarization of the SCOTUS, yet their rabid opposition of a decent, honorable woman is proof that the GOP has nothing but partisanship to show for leadership. #ConfirmKelly (2/3) @EllenOBrien - The definition of patriotism is not to edge around a clouded version of your own cause, but to sacrifice and compromise for the good of the country. Confirming Justice Kelly is a good start. #ConfirmKelly (3/3)
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    Read the Press Secretary's statement on U.S. humanitarian aid to Syria.
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    Justice Kelly has been the subject of a vicious smear campaign by the right. (1/5) To say that her experience makes her unworthy for the court is blatantly false. She is eminently to serve on the high court. (2/5) Our nation's last Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, spent 0 days as a judge before joining the Supreme Court. (3/5) Our current Chief Justice spent half the time as a judge that Kelly spent, and was then bnominated to serve as the Court's Chief. Was he unqualified? (4/5) The GOP argument against Kelly has no legs to stand on. We should demand honesty from Our representatives, and give Kelly the vote she deserves. (5/5)
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    Vice President Baudin? Early Republican Support Makes Confirmation Likely WASHINGTON D.C. -- President Harrison LeClavers' decision to nominate U.S. Senator Marc Baudin of Ohio to succeed former Vice President Revan Bennett may already be paying off. Numerous prominent Republicans have announced their support for confirming Senator Baudin. United States Senator Calvin Coburn of Kentucky, a prominent conservative in Republican circles, praised the pick. "Senator Marc Baudin has demonstrated middle of the road ideological beliefs that span from his pro life convictions to his belief in raising the minimum wage among other issues... He has demonstrated a desire to cross the aisle and has shown a thoughtful and thorough consideration of the issues." Joining Senator Coburn are Senators Christopher Donnelly and Kyle Fitzgerald in their support for the confirmation of Senator Baudin. With more Republicans backing the President's nominee, it appears more likely than ever that Marc Baudin will join the LeClavers Administration in the coming weeks. The news of bipartisan support for Senator Baudin's confirmation has many political pundits speculating on the ramifications of his selection as vice president. "This move was clearly an attempt by President LeClavers to appease the Blue-Dog base he depended upon in 2016," declared MSNBC's Chris Matthews. "What we have here is the president recognizing the importance of party unity and finding an individual who can expand the Democratic Party's tent in 2018." Sean Hannity of Fox News had a somewhat different take on the matter. "We all now know who runs the Democratic Party. It isn't Harry LeClavers. All this time, it's been Jackson Clay who no doubt handpicked his own lieutenant in the Blue Dog caucus to serve." Presidential historian John DuBois offered his opinion, meanwhile, on what picking Baudin would do for the LeClavers legacy. "Tapping someone like Senator Baudin gives the president the chance to not only unite his party now but slow down the retreat of the Democrats in the Midwest. Remember, this president got swept in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. And if the Democrats had not done so well with Blue-Dog Democrats down south, we wouldn't even be discussing a LeClavers presidency right now. Selecting Baudin not only gives the moderate Democrats someone to root for, but may also help flip Ohio in future elections." The Senate is expected to vote on Senator Baudin's nomination in the coming days. We will keep you posted on the developments as they happen.
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    I've had *several* questions about it, which only seem to be increasing over the last week or so, and we need a concrete answer. Even Wilder has asked me directly, and I have delayed making a ruling. But it is time... President LeClavers' official inauguration date was Jan 25, 2014. He is not eligible for another term as President.
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    Executive Branch Nominations & Appointments By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I appoint the following individual Robert Franz Bennett as White House Chief of Staff By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I nominate the following individuals Henry Rex for Secretary of State Tracie Hattie Butler for Attorney General Marc Baudin for Vice President of the United States
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    Hey, the game needs more Republicans and DMH is instantly among the most competent, so right party for what we need.
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    @EllenOBrien - The further that the GOP push for a partisan SCOTUS, the more likely that the Senate Majority will push through the nominee whether they like it or not. #ConfirmKelly (1/2) @EllenOBrien - What is clear is this: The Republican party is no longer the party that puts America first. Thanks to John Saunders, the good of the party supersedes the good of the country. Make of that what you will. #ConfirmKelly (2/2)
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