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    The 2017 Game Calendar July 3rd - End 114th Congress July 4th - Game Holiday July 5th - 115th Hopper Opens July 7th - 115th Congress Begins July 9th - Inauguration Day Q1 2017: July 5th - July 14th Q2 2017: July 15th - July 24th Q3 2017: July 25th - Aug 3rd Q4 2017: Aug 3rd - Aug 12th
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    Yes, Congratulations Jefferson for getting everything except the POTUS race right!
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    Welcome to the party!
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    @Zamora4NM: It has been an honor serving the American people as your Senate Majority Leader. But effective at the start of the new Congress, I am going to put all of my efforts into New Mexico.
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    Looks like Jefferson won!
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