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    Character Name: Jonathan Roosevelt Howards State: Rhode Island Character Type: (Senate, Media, or Executive) Senate Party: Democratic Date of Birth: July 8, 1969 Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York Race/Ethnicity: White Sex/Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic Family Information: Wife, 2 children (Wilma; Grace and Robert) Educational History: B.A., Economics (1989-1993), Syracuse; J.D., NYU School of Law (1994-1997) Occupational History: (1) Assistant state DA (1998 - 2004) (2) United States Congressman, Rhode Island, 1st (2004-2010), United States Senator (Class 2)
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    You are going to need more, I would look at this for some guidance.
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    To clarify... The AB reserves the right to make exceptions to the independent candidate rules if parties seek to limit the options of players.
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    Senator Sandra A. Barnett (R-MS) Class II General Information Name: Sandra Ann Barnett DOB: April 9, 1970 Place of Birth: Vicksburg, MS Place of Residence: Vicksburg, MS Religion: Southern Baptist Political Party: Republican Educational Information B.S.C.J. in Criminal Justice, University of Mississippi (1992) J.D., Duke University (1995) Occupational Information Law Clerk (1995-1997) Prosecutor (1997-2005) Mississippi State Representative (2005-2011) Talk Radio Host (2012-2015) United States Senator (2015-) Electoral History Mississippi State Rep: - 2004, Won (68-31) - 2006, Won (63-35) - 2008, Won (65-34) Mississippi Attorney General: - 2011, Lost (57-43) U.S. Senate: - 2014, Republican Primary (49.8-49.3-0.9) - 2014, Republican Primary Runoff, Won (51-49) - 2014, Won (64-34)

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