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    Lisa Spicer: So, to almost no surprise, Senator John Moreno has not sought reelection to be the Republican party’s chair. Of course, a party chair cannot run for president to receive their own party’s nomination and in the case of Senator Moreno, well, he’s one of the GOP’s inevitable presidential candidates. However, an RNC aide speaking on condition of anonymity has told WNC that John Moreno didn’t even get a simple nomination to retake his job atop the political organization. Now if there’s anything nefarious about that, something like ‘Republicans in Congress don’t particularly think Moreno would be a good leader again’, then one could say that returning the gavel of the U.S. House into the hands of Nancy Pelosi in an election in which the budget he had a primary role in negotiating was a major issue….and perhaps tilted the scales of the election to Democrats..maybe, possibly hurt John Moreno in terms of internal support from the party. Idk! Maybe...right? But let’s say that’s just a very cynical way of looking at things. Perhaps everyone knows he’s running for President and said, ‘well, you know, he’s running, so we won’t even consider him to be our chairman again - he did a great job, absolutely stellar, but he’s running for president, so no - don’t even consider him!’. Maybe that happened. Well, operating by that same logic, get this. Republican Benny Knuckles, one of North Carolina’s senators, has also been considered a candidate for president. Now, let’s be clear, his ‘inevitability’ is not even close to that of John Moreno. Nevertheless, he had been considered a possible 2016 contender for the GOP nomination for president. Senator Knuckles...he got a nomination to be RNC Chairman. Now, let’s go back. If party insiders are saying ‘anyone who is possibly running for president shouldn’t even be considered to run our party because they’d have to oversee those primary elections’ and therefore declined to nominate the incumbent chair - John Moreno - to continue leading the party because he’s a possible 2016 candidate, wouldn’t that same logic apply to potential candidate for president Benny Knuckles? Apparently not. Or maybe my previous - did I say nefarious? - point...is reality. Maybe John Moreno’s political support within his own party is dwindling after perhaps being seen as the reason Nancy Pelosi is becoming the new House Speaker and not, say, Paul Ryan. I don’t think that’s too far from the truth, and it certainly isn’t very far. Now, to be clear, our GOP source didn’t exactly express why they themselves thought this entire RNC chair nomination-election phenomenon surrounding John Moreno took place...there were no cues on the GOP internal temperature regarding John Moreno. But David Krol. Boy, oh yes. We’ll get to that when we get back. COMMERCIAL Lisa Spicer: We’re back on WNC Tonight, I’m Lisa Spicer. As the new Congress commences, leadership elections have taken place. The noteworthy leaders: Nancy Pelosi is Speaker, fending off a challenge from a younger Tim Ryan from the Midwest; John Boehner was roundly rejected to lead the House Republicans in favor of Paul Ryan, a budget hawk seen as capable of bridging divides between the establishment and the tea party. In the Senate, Lewis Clayborne - a well-respected Democratic leader - was picked to atop the new Democratic Senate minority. For the Republicans, of course, David Krol leading their Senate caucus. But what about the deputy? What about the new Senate Majority Whip? What about John Moreno, who made a name for himself as the second in command atop the Republican Senate leadership? Well, an RNC aide shed some light on the GOP’s nomination process in these internal elections. First, he shed light on the fact that John Moreno didn’t receive a single nomination to be RNC chair, a position he held during last year’s midterm elections in which the Republicans won the Senate but returned the House to Democrats and Nancy Pelosi. After the fact, he went on a radio show and said this about his future in the leadership. Lisa Spicer: As a presidential candidate? Yeah, we know. Everyone knows. The real question is why, just a few questions prior, John Moreno completely and utterly dodged on whether he’ll run in 2016 - even when his ‘inevitability factor’ is through the roof? I don’t know, but I digress. Back to the leadership elections. Senator Moreno says he decided not to be in the leadership. This came after receiving not a single nomination to be RNC chair. Was this dwindling in influence among his GOP colleagues a reason? Who knows, that’s just speculation. A better question is why no one has accepted the nomination they were given by their colleagues to run for the position John Moreno is now shunning? Because that is exactly what is happening. According to an internal aide familiar with the Republicans’ leadership election processes, ‘nobody’ has accepted their nomination to be David Krol’s Senate deputy. Why? ‘Because David Krol likes to run his own whip operation’, says this source. In more, say simplistic terms, David Krol is seen as a control-freak, perhaps uneasy to work with. By the looks of things, this alleged sentiment is leading many in the Senate caucus to think to themselves, ‘Who wants to be Krol’s lapdog, because I surely don’t’. As of right now, no new Majority Whip has been elected by Republicans in the Senate. We’ll be right back.”
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    Character Name: Robert Gallivan Character Type: Senate Party: Democrat Date of Birth: October 15th, 1961 Place of Birth: Worcester, MA Race/Ethnicity: White Sex/Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic Family Information Spouse: Christine Gallivan Son: Alexander Gallivan Son: Patrick Gallivan Educational History Worcester Public Schools Assumption College, Bachelors of Arts in History and Secondary Education. Worcester State University, Masters of Arts in Education Occupational History Worcester Public Schools, Social Studies Teacher 1974-1989 Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1989-1999 Massachusetts State Senate, 1999-2003 Massachusetts Secretary of State 2003-2013 United States Senator 2013-Present Robert Gallivan is a former Forest Grove Middle School Social Studies Teacher. In 1989, he was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives where he would serve as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Education. During his time in the State House of Representatives, he also served as the Treasurer and Vice Chair of the Massachusetts State Democratic Party. Gallivan would later serve two terms in the Massachusetts State Senate, maintaining his position as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Education. During the 2002 midterm elections, Secretary of State Bill Galvin announced his retirement as Secretary of State. In a contested primary, Gallivan won the nomination with 39% of the vote. He would go on to defeat Republican State Representative Bradley Jones in the General Election with over 58% of the vote. Gallivan would serve in his position for ten years, being re-elected twice to the position. When Republican Scott Brown, who was elected to the Senate in 2010, ran for re-election in 2012, Gallivan ran for the Democratic nomination, defeating Congressman Mike Capuano in the primary, and then Brown in the General Election with 55% of the vote.
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    "Politics and Eggs" from the The New England Council (NH) "Politics and Eggs" is a bipartisan forum with local business leaders in New Hampshire. It is not a single large event, but rather a series of speeches on separate days. Characters should give a speech not to exceed 500 words to give to the organization and post them in this thread. Further, each character can also choose one New England industry they wish to hold a private meeting with to speak about any issue of their choice. I will PM each person to role play the conversation. These should be noted in the same post as your speech. Posts are due by April 30th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.
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    @JohnSMoreno: (1) "Excited and proud for my friend @PaulRyan and the new House GOP leadership! He is a pillar of strength for conservatism in congress." @JohnSMoreno: (2) "@WNC I appreciate the coverage, it's an honor and you guys do nice work. But I informed my colleagues well before leadership elections I would not stand for another term as chair." @JohnSMoreno: (3) "@WNC Next time, feel free to call me at my office. The free press and honest reporting are important parts of a healthy democracy which I hope to facilitate."
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    @SandraBarnettMS: Paul Ryan has been going to bat for conservative policy his entire career. I believe strongly in his ability to do the same as HmL. (1/2) @SandraBarnettMS: However, to my Republican colleagues in the House: hold feet to the fire. Be bold. Fight for what we know to be right. #WalkTheWalk (2/2)
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    @DutchSavage: Anyone else get late night calls from rival media corporations asking you to roleplay as a Republican staffer?
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    @SandraBarnettMS: The President gives a good speech. Time now for actions. #WalkTheWalk
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    Media Guidelines How player media will work will be based largely upon what was done in VUSA, 1. Readership will be determined by the following ratings: Low, Growing, Large, Influential These ratings will determine whether your radio station or paper will be picked up by the more established AB run media while also determining the amount of money you will get. At later periods I may also start to show the numbers of how much Americans and yes even international viewers are reading articles or watching your news station. There will be the following news forms that players will be allowed to use: Traditional Newspapers Radio Stations Think Tanks Or simply creating an actually character for media(More will be discussed below) 1. Player Media must not be your stepping stone for launching your political career ie. No promoting your own agenda or how many bills you wrote, or using your player media to endorse yourself for an election race. (granted this only applies if you are also playing a congressperson) you will got no rewards and no money period. However to keep things interesting and fun you will not be penalized for heavily partisan media, not all media will be fact-based as we saw in VUSA, partisan player media deserves a chance to flourish. 2.Creativity increases your readership, the idea of the game? Experiment and try new things that you think will increase readership and increase revenues. 3.Money that your media platform earns can be used to upgrade your organization/upkeep costs. 4.You are to uphold journalist ethics, for example you don’t leak the name of a Democrat congressperson who gave you juicy info concerning the DNC to Dem leadership, if I find out you have done this, you will be punished severely. 5. Golden Rule: I view media separately from a political character. Meaning if you decide to also use player media alongside playing as a congressman/woman; there is a fine line of separation between both. You cannot be punished by your party if you write an article or host a panel or show etc that’s critical of said party. 6.I will be grading articles etc every two weeks; an expectation for grades will be three substantial pieces of work within that time. Quality over quantity applies however.
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    Mr. President, As Majority Leader of the United States Senate, I request the following bills be brought to the floor: Balanced Budget Amendment American Health Care Act of 2015 National Infrastructure Bank Act The Senate Minority Leader is invited to place one (1) item on this docket. /s/ David E. Krol, Sr. Senate Majority Leader
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    KWWS - #1: The Continental League In 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants both moved from their New York homes to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively. After attempts by Mayor Robert Wagner to bring the National League back to the City That Never Sleeps for the 1958 season failed, plans for the introduction of a third major baseball league took off. There was money, there was public interest, and there were interested cities. The idea was put to rest when both the American League and the National League agreed to add two new franchises in the largest single expansion in Major League Baseball's history. But what if those expansions never came and the plans for the Continental League went forward? That is the topic of this edition of Krol's Wide World of Sports.
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