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    I 'd like to thank @Reed for his service. I think he did a wonderful job and we're going to miss him. Good luck on your LSATs dude! @TexAgRepublican will be taking over as CA starting March 1st.
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    @realDonaldTrump: If GOP senators don't support our National Emergency on the Southern Border, I will personally recruit and fund candidates to replace them who do. @TexAgRepublican @realDonaldTrump bold words from a man who will be replaced by one of those Republicans in two years time.
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    U.S. Senate Descends into Chaos During Congressional Battle Royale Washington D.C- The carnage on Capitol Hill was apparent from miles away as the first annual Senate Battle Royale commenced this Wednesday. Wielding armor, googles, and paintball guns, Senators across the Hill duked it out for ultimate supremacy in an attempt to appeal to younger voters. Elizabeth Sawyer (D-MD) struck the first blow in the competition after finding an automatic paint rifle hidden by the Candy Desk in the Senate chamber, using it to zap Senator James Sutherland (R-IL), who was desperately searching for armaments up in the gallery. From that point on, it was open season for the members of Congress’ upper house, with no clear favorite emerging. During the mid-game, it appeared that a bi-partisan Gang of Six was going to wipe the floor with all contenders, but paranoia got the better of Senator Jared Elkins (D-NJ). Elkins first shot fellow New Jerseyite Gio Pagnotto in the back before turning on the other members of the group, which erupted into a fracas that left none of the former front-runners alive. Joe Dotson (D-WA), who had been tracking the group, was able to pick up the pieces of the melee, looting weapons from the cold, proverbially dead hands of his Republican colleagues. In the end, the contest seemingly came down to Dotson, Sawyer, Wilson Baudin (R-AR), and Luke Recks (R-AZ). Recks then pulled off the play of the game, dispatching Dotson and Sawyer in a three-way battle before sniping Baudin from long distance. The accomplished economist, mistakenly claiming victory, returned to the Senate House to claim his reward as the final zone began to close in. At press time, Republican Senator Grayson Manado of Washington had won the contest. Manado, who had been hiding under the Senate clerk’s desk with a paint pistol throughout the duration of the contest, claimed victory by shooting Recks in the lower leg as he returned to the chamber.
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    Interest Groups Scramble as Congressional Trade Deadline Approaches Washington D.C- Rumors were swirling across the Beltway this Thursday as corporations were faced with tough choices to make at the United States Congressional Trade Deadline. Perennial legislative contenders Exxon Mobile and Lockheed Martin were hoping to bolster their roster of purchased congressmen, while formerly major players in the law-passing game such as the American Coal Council were left staring down a long rebuild. After Exxon re-signed company favorite Senator Bill Malcolmson (R-AL) to a multi-year extension during the last lame duck session, many were wondering whether they had enough in the budget to trade with NARAL for highly sought after Senator John Hawkins (R-OK). But the petroleum giant proved doubters wrong, dealing Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and a third-round pick in the 2019 Freshman Congressman Draft for the rights to the hard hitting lawyer from OKC. In the Democratic Conference, JP Morgan Chase was looking for a partner with which to offload former 2017 first round draft pick Chet Winger (D-NC). Once a highly touted prospect for the banking conglomerate, Winger’s stock within the tight-lipped organization reportedly fell after the centrist Democrat began to spout some left-leaning populist dogma during a press conference at the the end of the 115th congress. In the end, the best they could do was swap him with Time Warner Cable for some cash and several state legislators, with CEO Jaime Dimon rationalizing that it worth worth swallowing an imperfect deal in order to move what they saw as a cloakroom cancer off the company books. The other big story of the day was the AFL-CIO’s fire sale, as they offloaded Senators Justine-Sana Bauer and Anderson Whitman for a haul of 2020 and 2021 draft selections. When asked if the organization was calling it quits on getting anything done in the 2019 legislative session, union president Richard Trumka urged his members to “trust the process”. At press time, fans of the USC were groaning and preparing for another year of legislation dominated by the NRA dynasty, who's entire roster took pay cuts in order to keep their squad together.
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    The full Senate is now meeting to debate the Georgia Support Act, numbered per the orders of the Majority Leader as Senate resolution 6. The members of this noble chamber, especially my fellow Southerners should please note that this bill is pertaining to the Country of Georgia not the great state of Georgia which is on my mind.
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    Approval Rating Postscript: Is California a Microcosm of a Larger Battle? When polling the popularity of US Senators across the country recently, one common thread across many states with Democratic Party US Senators was a real struggle to find a balance within the growing ideological duels within their own party or otherwise members willing to simply draw a line in the sand. Nowhere is this more evidence than in the State of California, where both of the state's Senators have been subject to Presidential buzz and are currently embroiled in growing neighborly feud with one another. Although she doesn't totally fit the progressive mold, with more hawkish approach to foreign policy at times and having faced a lot of criticism for her initial outreach on a bill dealing with the divisive "Mexico City Policy", Catherine Williams has started to find some real support among social media-friendly younger and progressive voters due to her outspoken nature which seems to court controversy. Her approach has often been blunt, and her rhetoric on the poverty gap, race relations in this nation, and taking on the more traditional liberal elements in her party such as Joe Dotson of Washington have won her just as many admirers on the movement left as they have stern critics both within her party and beyond from moderates. In the latter group, many point to her strong opposition from the left to TANF Reauthorization (joined by fellow emerging progressive voice in the Senate, Randy Rivera of New Mexico) which most of her own party supported and her roundly criticized moment on the Senate with Rutherford Kong, an African-American Republican from Rhode Island, which many saw as her challenging him on his "blackness" as examples of her being outside the mainstream within her own party. However, with the much more enthusiastic left-wing in the aftermath of the 2016 elections and the 2018 midterms that saw several notable examples of a new generation of progressives ascend to Congress, she has also found an increase of followers who ascribe to the idea that the left needs their own blunt-force personalities to take on President Trump and the Republican Party.  Martin Arroyo on the other hand, couldn't strike much more a different figure if he tried. Vocal but more cautious with his word, critical against the Trump Administration but willing to compromise, Arroyo comes across very much as the type of center-left Democrat which dominated the party's leadership and public face throughout much of the Obama Administration for better or worse. Coming to prominence as one of the lead combatants in the battles with the former Attorney General whose resignation and followed not long after by the successful bid he spearheaded to bring the new Amazon HQ2 to his home city of Los Angeles has his star shining bright in the Sunshine State right now although with battle lines between his counterpart being drawn clearly and in public. Although broadly popular within the extended LA metro area, it wasn't long that Catherine Williams began to set her sights on Arroyo and the Amazon deal despite her early endorsement of a new HQ coming into California. Citing many of the same the areas of criticism that ultimately led to the original bid's failure in New York in regards to labor and business practices, Williams wasted no time attacking not only the decision but Arroyo himself for the way in which he handled the bid and the several other major cities in the state which were overlooked. Arroyo quickly shot back by both highlighting the previous endorsement of a California Amazon location by Mrs. Williams as well as promoting the estimated economic benefits the deal would bring to the state. While certainly the possibility of a Presidential primary showdown between the two has heightened tensions of late with their shared homestate being the biggest delegate prize, it also seems to act as a microcsm and the growing divides between insurgent progressives and more traditionally center-left Democrats in the country as seen on issues such as the Green New Deal, minimum wage increases, and the TANF re-authorization where some like Mrs. Williams, Randy Rivera and Senator Dave Bautista of New York have openly challenged perceptions of how statewide officials in their states traditionally carry and align themselves while the more entrenched traditionalists like Senator Arroyo, Joe Dotson of Washington, and Elizabeth Sawyer of Maryland are faced with navigating the landminds of becoming targets of their party's own left flank. 
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    The official twitter of Senator Eugene Chillings of North Carolina Proudly representing the Tar Heeled state.
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    National and Congressional News 1. Senate Majority Leader Orson Wilder of Utah introduced legislation on behalf of the White House to ratify the USMCA, essentially a renegotiation of the divisive NAFTA trade agreement which was a central focus of President Trump's campaign in 2016 and of his Presidency thus far. Many early responses of Democrats ranging from Speaker of the House Trent Haynes to West Virginia Senator Andrew Swift and New Mexico Senator Randy Rivera, have largely been focused on wanting increased labor protections included in the agreement while there has been little Republican reaction outside of the SML himself at publishing time. 2. Senators Catherine Williams (D-CA) and Cassius McKnight (R-GA) have introduced an amendment to the Opioid Action Act currently being considered in the Senate HELP Committee which would authorize an additional $10 billion worth of funding over the next 10 years for various programs dedicated to addiction prevention and treatment. The Committee had previously approved an amendment, from New Hampshire Republican Emily Vincent, which struck the bill's proposed increases to maximum penalties for illegal distribution or manufacturing of Schedule II and Schedule III narcotics. 3. While awaiting a final vote count, a vote to censure Senator Rutherford Kong of Rhode Island seems poised to fail primarily along party lines with several Democrats either voting to abstain or against the motion. The censure motion came as a result of comments Senator Kong made accusing the Democratic Party of racism during debate of the Choices in Education Act which he later requested be struck from the Congressional record. 4. The ASFAJ Committee has begun voting as to whether to recommend the nomination of Attorney General-Designate Sarah Elizabeth Vincent of Michigan to the full Senate for confirmation. Vincent faced some tough questioning regarding the Mueller Report as well as the actions of her notorious predecessor by members of both parties on the committee, as well as outlining a judicial philosophy which many seemed to believe was fairly moderate in comparison to past Attorneys General in the Trump Administration. Judicial observers have largely given Vincent positive marks for her handling of the hearing, and no Senate Democrats have yet announced support or opposition to the nomination.
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    Interviewing Agency: The Virginia-Pilot (Norfolk, Virginia daily newspaper) On the construction of the border wall: "What nobody talks about is the impact that the President's imaginary emergency is taking critical funding away from our armed forces at a time when they need it. By diverting money away from military construction, tens, potentially hundreds, of millions of dollars that were meant for providing critical upgrades to military bases like Norfolk Navy Yard, Naval Station Norfolk, and Joint Base Langley, are being diverted to building this wholly unnecessary wall on the southern border. We're putting constructing quality housing for America's troops here in Virginia, and even across the ocean in Korea and Germany, in the back seat - hurting America's military families - just so that this irresponsible President can achieve his right-wing talking point that, at the end of the day, will do nothing to make America safer. This irresponsibility must end today. America's military families and military facilities must become a top priority for defense funding. We cannot have a partisan, pathetic, poorly planned pet-project weaken the strength of America's brave men and women in uniform and their families."
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    I've been troubleshooting some of the major masking and mod groups to make sure everything is working how it should, I've created some new ones for those who needed it, and I've moved the Senate, House, and Library of Congress back home to the The Capitol Hill forum out of the White House. Please let me know if there are any issues.
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    I want to let everyone know that @Brink has decided to resign from the AB due to time constraints. I had the pleasure of working with Brink in the GOP last round and then on the AB. He was always a team player and a lot of fun to be around. Hopefully when he has more time on his hands, he can return as an active player. Please join me in thanking him for his contributions.
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    @AG must publicly release the Special Counsel's report.
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    Character Name: Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: New York Date of Birth: Dec. 8, 1975 Place of Birth: Harlem, NY Place of Residence: Brooklyn, NY Race/Ethnicity: African American Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: African Methodist Episcopal Church Family Information: Father: Amhose Howard Mother: Edith Howard (nee: Garvey) Educational History: Lincoln University (Class of 1997) Political Science Occupational History: Community Organizer 1998-2001 Brooklyn Democratic Party Treasurer (2000-2005 New York City Council Member (2003-2007) Congressman (2007-2009) Senior Senator for New York (2009-Present) BIOGRAPHY Born to Amhose and Edith Howard in 1975, Isaiah Amhose Howard grew up in Harlem, New York during the height of the 1970s. His parents who migrated from Tennessee in the late 1960s Isaiah grew up learning much about the civil rights movement along with understanding the issues facing his community and African-Americans across the South. After graduating from high school, Isaiah attended Lincoln University, a historically black university in Pennsylvania where he studied political science. Here he became a brother in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. After graduating from Lincoln with high honors, Isaiah relocated back to New York City in Brooklyn where he worked as a community organizer until 2001. As an organizer, he worked with families and advocated for public housing reform, better quality in Education and was a strong critique of Mayor Guliani. He later worked with the Brooklyn Democratic Party where he became the treasurer of the party until 2007. During the 2006 election, Isaiah was asked to run for congress to represent the 11th Congressional District where he represented parts of Brooklyn. As a member of the House of Representatives, Isaiah advocated for Mass Incarceration Reform, Fair housing, voting rights and food safety. Later in 2009, Howard was asked by Governor David Paterson if he would accept replacing Hillary Clinton after her appointment to Secretary of State which he accepted. Later in 2010 Senator Howard won the special election with 63% of the vote. As a US Senator Howard has been a strong supporter of Agriculture, workers rights, criminal justice reform and voting rights. 2012 and 2018 Howard won re-election with more then 60% of the vote. 2010 Special Election Results Map Isaiah Howard - 63% Joe DioGuardi - 35.1% 2012 Election Results Map Isaiah Howard - 72.2% Wendy Long - 26.3% 2018 Election Results Map Isaiah Howard - 67% Chele C. Farley - 33%
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    @SenRabin: @realDonaldTrump consider looking for my primary contender @SenRabin: A wall will not secure the border, we need a bipartisan solution not threats. @SenRabin: But Mr. President after serving 30 years and in two military conflicts, your threats dont scare me.
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    @SenatorSawyer - Congrats to Senator Bill @Baudin for standing up to leaders when they're wrong. Country over party isn't dead yet in the GOP, it seems.
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    Character Name: Jared Elkins Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: New Jersey Class I Date of Birth: October 17th, 1970 Place of Birth: West New York, New Jersey Place of Residence: Westfield, New Jersey Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Family Information: Wife: Christina Elkins, m. 1995 Children: Kathrine and Alison (b.1999), Dexter (B. 2000) Educational History: (Include school names, specific degrees, and years of graduation) Memorial High School, High School Diploma, Graduated 1989 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, B.S in Statistics, Graduated in 1993 Columbia University, MPH, Conferred 1995, Concentration Bio-statistics Columbia University, Ph.D. in Public Health, Conferred 1998 Occupational History: (include specific job titles and employers and years in which that job was held.) Graduate Teaching Assistant, Columbia University, (1993-1998) Clinical Research Statistician, Johnson and Johnson, (1998-2003) Health Statistician, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2003-2005) Associate Professor of Public Health and Statistics, Rutgers, (2005-2008) Assistant Professor of Public Health and Statistics, Rutgers, (2008-2011) Mayor of Westfield (2011-2015) Representative for NJ's 7th, (2015-2019) Class I U.S Senator from New Jersey (2019-Present)
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    One of the reasons I’m not running for another term is because I don’t want to end up like @SpeakerHaynes and long outlast my welcome. America wishes that he wasn’t running for another term.
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    Anderson News Channel (ANC) Founded in 2015, the Anderson News Channel is a leading voice of non-partisan broadcast news combined with a vibrant social media presence. Type: Television News Director: Walter Anderson Host: Anderson Scooper (Avatar Anderson Cooper, obviously) Host: Rebecca Longley Correspondent/Host: Charlotte "Charlie" Reynolds ( @Evan ) Shows: The Andy Hour, with Anderson Scooper – This fast-paced news show does several segments on the key political news overtaking Washington. Through regular interviews and political analysis, Anderson addresses the daily political news. Beyond the Beltway – This show focuses on leaving DC, and travelling the country to track political campaigns, public opinion, and the impacts of legislative decisions in Washington. Narrated by Anderson Scooper, Walter Anderson, Charlie McDowell, or guests. ANC’s Longley Night, with Rebecca Longley – A late night talk show hosted by Rebecca Longley. The show includes an introductory monologue on events in the news, recurring comedy segments, and political and pop culture guests.
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    "Thank you Pat. I've never ran or considered running for the Presidency but I'm pretty sure that his assertions mean that his base of supporters are now looking for others to support and it would be quite hard for him to backtrack on that. As for the second part of your question, I don't believe impeachment would be necessary in the case that he isn't running for President again, impeachment is designed to protect the highest office in the land from those that would abuse it and he is leaving it. Although, I would be interested to see the outcome of the NDA scandal and the Mueller report and what actions President Trump would take, including a self-pardon. If it turns out that the President is seeking to absolve himself of the crimes he committed - if any - then impeachment would be considered a viable option."
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    Character Name: Paul Vang Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: Wisconsin (I) Date of Birth: 04/18/1977 Place of Birth: Wausau, Wisconsin Place of Residence: Madison, Wisconsin Race/Ethnicity: Asian/Hmong Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Atheist Family Information: Mai Vang (Wife 03/15/80) Andrew Vang (Son 01/17/04) Educational History: (UW-Madison, bachelor's degree in World Geography 1999, master's degree in secondary education 2001, ) Occupational History: (World geography teacher at DC Everest High School 2001-2015, adjunct world geography professor at UW-Steven's Point at Wausau 2015-2016, adjunct world geography professor at UW-Madison 2016-2018)
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    Today I had the honor of signing the Iraq and Afghanistan War Memorial Act. Our vets deserve the utmost respect!
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    Authorized for immediate release: HML John Shultz (D-TX 22nd) spoke to reporters on two new bills for protecting and compensating federal workers affected by the shutdown in January of 2019. "At the end of last year, President Trump chose to precipitate the longest government shutdown in our country's history. Though there is much to be made of this petty behavior, from the President's open boast that he would and did inaugurate this crisis willingly, to his desperation to construct what is nothing more than a monument to his lack of manhood, we often forget of the consequences of this decision. How the President's choice directly harmed the livelihoods of millions of government workers, who were obliged to work without pay and to struggle to make ends meet. Furthermore, given the choice to stand up for millions versus confronting the President of their party, Congressional Republicans refused to act before the new session began. It fell to us, the Democrats, to resolve this issue and reopen the government. But justice has still not been done for those who suffered. Full restitution for their trial is owed by us and a guarantee that something like this will not force them to suffer such privations again." "To this end, earlier today I introduced two new bills into the House relating to protecting our hardworking federal workers from another shutdown. One bill will provide those who were affected with backpay for the days they spent without. The other will greatly expand the protections they are entitled to under the law by limiting the extent to which they are punished for lack of appropriations for their jobs. These two bills are not long term solutions to preventing a repeat of the January Shutdown, but they are a crucial step towards ensuring some justice for those who were left twisting in the wind."
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    Because a few of you have asked, yes ARs are in the process of being done, and yes they will be slightly late. The amount of material I had to wade through was a bit more than expected, and I got derailed by having to spend more time out of the house running errands today than expected, so probably expect them sometime Tuesday night (EST). On the plus side, the delay does mean that I can incorporate the Amazon bid results into the numbers for those individuals who participated.
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    The Fake News media is focusing on the Russia Hoax but the real collusion is between @MartinArroyo and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the owner of WaPo who has treated me so unfairly. Now @MartinArroyo is about to run for President after Bezos gave him the Amazon deal. Collusion!
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    Mr. President, I rise today to urge the Senate to pass this resolution as soon is practical. The Senator from Washington with all credit to our good friend the Speaker, has put forward a bill that continues to defend the established norm in this country that the President is constrained by law and may not act as he sees fit. When the President speaks of what is happening on the border, he claims it to be a crisis, an invasion, so many things that I simply cannot recall them all in one sitting. But we do know the truth: there is no crisis at the border. The only crisis in the making is the one the President has chosen to inaugurate with this rash and foolish decision. A decision that, notably, is not supported by those who live on the border of our country, let alone a plurality of the American people. In times like these, it is more important than ever that we in Congress constrain the President's actions and that we do it with haste. Every moment we delay, emboldens him to act in ways to further destabilize our government and undermine the role we in Congress play as purse keeper. Perhaps we need a permanent solution on the Southern border of this country but we must do it in a way that does not violate the norms our government is expected to function under. All of this must be undertaken within Congress through debate and action. I yield.
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    Don’t believe any FAKE NEWS reports that say I’m not happy with @AG. He’s doing a great job!
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    Also, looks like I'm going to be taking over approval ratings. Given that we have a lot of time and activity to cover, it's probably gonna take me a few days to handle that over the weekend, so expect them to come late Sunday or Monday. PLEASE include any relevant links in your signatures including Press Offices, Voting Records, Twitter, Biographies, public activities, etc. Let's aim for a cutoff for things to make into the AR grading at about 6 PM EST on Saturday the 9th.
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    Sorry to my player media folks, I've been dealing with a pretty rough cough since the weekend, I promise y'all will get your first grades tomorrow with a little bonus for having to wait a few day plus some AP stories to scoop on a new scenario I'm launching.
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    Press Release 02# "Its time to end the national emergency" Washington, D.C: Speaking to reporters outside his senate office, Senator Aaron Rabin announced plans to move forward with ending the president's national emergency concerning the country's southern border. The senator who has vocally disagreed with some of President Trump's actions and decisions told the press that he had moved forward through the foriegn affairs committee to bring up the Democratic sponsored resolution in ending the national emergency for debate would be strongly supporting it this time through committee and eventually the senate. Rabin stated he had no need to insult the president but strongly has come to term with the fact that the president does not have his priorities in order, from the attempt to create a "space force" to the failure of him meeting Kim Jong Un for a supposed agreement. "I believe strongly that President Trump has some good ideas, criminal justice reform and infrastructure spending, however in everything else it has been an utter failure. On foreign policy including North Korea and Syria, the president has gotten it wrong and we will have to disagree. However I can not and will not support his attempt in declaring a national emergency to build a wall on the southern border. I have long called for a bipartisan solution to the border issue which has largely fallen on deaf ears by both Democrats and Republicans, however forcing a national emergency is not the way forward. We need more border security agents, we need biotechnology and we need to reinforce the already established security fence agreed too by both Democrats and Republicans. We also need to continue President Obama's use of deporting illegals who commit violent acts, while establishing a way for those don't commit crimes a pathway to citizenship. We need moral courage on this issue not blatant populism. I would gladly meet with the President to find a solution to the border and immigration, however at this time I will not support the current action he has taken."
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    Senator Giovanni Pagnotto(R-NJ) shall replace Senator John Hawkins(R-OK) as the Majority Ranking Member on the HELP Committee. Senator Zander Kahuhu(R-WA) shall replace Senator Giovanni Pagnotto(R-NJ) as a regular member on the HELP Committee.
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    Thanks to everybody who has given me a warm welcome back to the AB, and thanks to Fitz and Sweet Daddy for giving me the opportunity to once again serve the game. Just wanted to let all our player media people know that later on today the guidelines for player media will be posted, and that the first grades will come on Monday, March the 4th and will be coming every other Monday after that point. If you have any questions after the guidelines are posted, feel free to either message me on the boards or on Telegram at @LastAmericanAntiHero
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    Mr. President, I rise to state my firm support for this legislation as it was originally written. I support this bill because I entirely reject the premise that to be pro-woman is to be pro-abortion. I am hardly the only woman who takes this stance. I stand with all of the women, in their millions, who uphold the value of their children and all children, born and unborn. I stand with Norma McCorvey. I remind this Chamber that Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade fame, was used as a pawn by the pro-abortion forces in this country to push a fraudulent claim of being pregnant as a result of rape, which led to the Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion. She was indeed pregnant, and thank God, and yes I say thank GOD, her unborn daughter was born safely. Many years later, Norma McCorvey turned away from advocating death to advocating life. Her testimony is a devastating refutation of the pro-abortion mentality that pits mothers against their unborn offspring, a mentality that insists that their interests must be opposed, and that if one side wins, the other necessarily loses. That is nothing more than the law of the jungle, and I reject that, because I know that as human beings created in the image of God, whether born or unborn, we all have the same claim to dignity, to life, and to love. I stand with Abby Johnson. Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood as a clinic director. She knew precisely what Planned Parenthood was about. It was not, and is not, a place of care and compassion for women. It is instead a place of the crass bottom line, the nation’s massive abortion franchise, a business that kills far more than it helps. They perform over 300,000 abortions annually, as compared to facilitating a few thousand cases of pregnancy care, and a few hundred adoptions. They have been credibly accused of trafficking in aborted body parts. This is one of the most sinister organizations in existence today, an organization founded by a racist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, who writings proved influential in Nazi Germany. Planned Parenthood must be cut off from any public funds and support. If our tax dollars are to go to women’s health, then let them go to women’s health and pregnancy support clinics, rather than mucking around in the swamp of Planned Parenthood. I stand with Mildred Jefferson. Mildred Jefferson was the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She has always opposed abortion as an almost always unnecessary procedure that does not save lives but destroys them. I stand with all of the women who regret their abortions, thousands upon thousands who were sold this bill of goods that an abortion would be good for them, would help them, would free them from oppression. They know better now. I stand with the tens of thousands, indeed the hundreds of thousands of women of all ages and races, and yes, sexual orientations, who march every year against abortion in our nation’s capital. There has been nearly a total media blackout about the March for Life, unless the media wanted to smear Catholic schoolchildren marching for life. But all of us here in this Chamber know about the March for Life, and we know that most of the marchers are women, yes, women! Edmund Burke wrote long ago that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” The members on the other side of the aisle would have us do nothing to confront the horrifying reality of hundreds of thousands of abortions performed every year in this country. They, the party of Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton, say they are the party of women’s rights and women’s dignity. But I am here to say the right to kill is not a right I claim for myself, and I am here to say that more and more women are standing up and saying “enough.” Enough with pushing abortion. Enough with pitting mothers against their children. Enough with advocating death. I stand with all of those women who advocate life. I yield.
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    February 26, 2019 This morning, I told Cyril that I was resigning effective the first of March 2019. I thought about this decision for a long time and I think it is time for me to step down. I have been DCA since December 26th and CA since January 23rd. That, in my mind, is more than enough time at the helm of the game. During that time period, the Administrative Board has gone through extremely challenging times. To say the least, we did not anticipate some of the challenges that came our way. We managed a reset, we managed some very difficult bans and difficult punishments, and deep conversations about the direction of the game, and we brought to a conclusion a historical reset while revamping game mechanics. The major objectives of managing the reset and concluding major issues that I faced when becoming Chief Administrator have been achieved. As much as they can be achieved in two months. A reset is happily underway in the hands of a capable AB. And we are a game, still, despite the perilous situation we faced a month ago. I always thought that the best time to quit was when things were going well. And with a new reset, and most of the mechanics set, it’s time for someone to lead the reset and shape it as they see fit. I recognized, on some level, I was an improbable figure to lead the game and I always operated, quite frankly, on the premise I was an outsider on a lease who relied on his constituents to keep him in office. I hopefully ran the place in a fashion that benefited no clique, or group of insiders. I still feel as strongly against the cliques as I did when I first took the job. They have killed multiple communities and I didn’t want people to feel like they had to buy into insider groups to succeed here. I want to give immense, enormous, and profound gratitude for my Administrative Board. I was the least of four talented, remarkably intelligent, and astute and aware people. From Ed, who quietly managed the reset and defended this Administrative Board’s many tumultuous decisions to people who weren’t my most obvious supporters and took the arrows to Kyle Fitzgerald who gave sound, practical and often earthy advice and told me I was wrong to my face to the hard working Brink who loyally carried out the work of the game, I am profoundly grateful for these people who made my job so much easier. I was the least of these three, and many people (rightfully) thought so. And I am profoundly grateful for Cyril, an owner who often stood by me, and often offered constructive advice that was sound. And I want to thank the player base for their support (or tolerance, at least) of my rule. If I have made any mistakes or erred, I hope you can forgive that and I hope you all believe that I did the best I could. I know I ruffled feathers and I apologise for that. I don’t know where I’ll go from here but I don’t think I’ll be returning to the player base for a while or reprising my role as a divisive pro-Trump voice or what have you. Nor will I emerge as a critic of the new AB or whatever happens. Nor do I want to go back to playing. Obviously, the AB ethics rules I instituted means I’ll spend some time outside the game. And with that, thank you very much.
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    Mr.President, To simple defund an organization because we disagree with who they donate to or policies they support is a very slippery slope. Today Planned Parenthood but tomorrow let's say someone gets upset because Big Bird is green instead of yellow and thus launches a crusade to defund PBS, a radical and far fetched example sure but by defunding Planned Parenthood because of a policy disagreement is a very very dangerous and unstoppable precedent to set. Now if anybody has proof Planned Parenthood is in-fact using taxpayer dollars or even one of their affiliates are to fund abortions I'll withdraw my amendment right now and we can move on and pass this great bill. I yield.
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    Character Name: Rutherford KongPolitical Party: RepublicanSeat Held: Rhode Island Class IIDate of Birth: December 15th, 1969 (50)Place of Birth: Kingston, Rhode Island Place of Residence: Kingston, Rhode IslandRace/Ethnicity: African AmericanGender: MaleReligious Affiliation: Roman CatholicFamily Information: Married to Juliana Kong (nee Brown), Children (4) Rutherford Jr (20), Denard (20), Jacob (20), Bart (20)Educational History: Graduated with Associates degree in political science from the Community College of Rhode Island, Bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science (double major) minor in environmental policy, Ph.D. in Political Science Brown UniversityOccupational History: Political Science professor Community College of Rhode Island (2007-2010), Strategist Lincoln Chaffe Governor Campaign (2009-2010), Special Advisor to Governor Lincoln Chaffe (2010-2014), US Senator for RI (2014-Present)
  37. 3 points
    Mr. President, One's liberty has long been understood to end at the rights of another human being. Indeed, this thought goes back to even before the founding of America. It is widely understood and accepted that your rights end at the rights of another. No one's rights inherently eclipse another's. The right of the parents or would-be parents to not have a kid ends when they make the decisions that lead to them having a kid. It is also quite evident that the right to one's life is supreme among the rights, for without that right, no other right matters. Moreover, this is not an issue of "my body, my choice". A baby is very clearly a separate being with a separate body. It has unique DNA (that is, unless there are twins or triplets, etc.) and separate organs. It is time for this body to act and protect the most vulnerable in our society. I yield.
  38. 3 points
    Mr. President, From the party that claims to champion smaller, less intrusive government this bill is a giant pile of hypocrisy. For too long we have had to listen to the other side complain, fear monger, and outright lie about the role of government in our lives. And now, on the very first docket of this new Senate, they seek to dramatically, dangerously, radically expand the role of the federal government to be involved in the most intimate part of a woman's life and physiology. Shame on them for their hypocrisy. And shame on them for supporting this unconstitutional, radical, and dangerous power grab of a bill. There are several pieces of this legislation that I vehemently disagree with in addition to the overall agenda that it sets. I would like to take this time to piece by piece dissect this bill and explain fully to the American people why it must never become law. First, this legislation takes the decision making ability away from millions of women and firmly hands it to Washington bureaucrats and politicians. Throughout this bill we see the new draconian requirements of counseling and consent forms, paperwork and waiting periods all of which treat women not as people with free will and agency, but as mere repositories for other biological manner. This bill strips the ability of women to make extremely difficult decisions for themselves in consultation with their medical providers and their loved ones. Instead it injects layer after layer of mucky, arbitrary and capricious government bureaucracy all in order to slow down a process until a woman is deprived of her ability to make a decision after an arbitrary deadline set by this legislation. This isn't about freedom or liberty it's about control and I refuse to allow any of my colleagues to tell me, my daughters, or America's women what medical care they can or cannot receive especially when so many of the supporters of this bill will never have to deal with making these decisions. Second, this bill fundamentally denies millions of Americans their ability to access the quality healthcare that they deserve. Whether it's stripping more than 300,000 women living here in D.C. from having any say in their healthcare to preventing millions of lower income women across this nation from affording care this legislation is a healthcare demolishing bill. I understand clearly that my colleagues do not agree with abortion. That is an opinion they are perfectly entitled to have. But they are not allowed to shove that opinion down the throats of other Americans by stealing their healthcare away in the dead of night. By removing healthcare subsidies for any public plans that cover abortion millions of American women will be priced out of paying for healthcare. This will cause prices to skyrocket, uninsured rates to rise, and the quality of life for millions of Americans to plummet. By seeking to impose their will upon District residents who do not have a voice in these halls of power the majority is violating their equal protection rights. I understand the opinion of the other side. But this unconstitutional power grab is not about abortion. It's fundamentally about whether or not government should control some of the most intimate parts of a woman's life. It is unconscionable that this is where we are. Third, this bill violates the fundamental federalism structure of our government. Our Founders established a system whereby both the states and the federal government had certain powers and zones of control. For the party that claims to respect states' rights so much it is very apparent in this bill. Currently states are the arbiters of what sort of parental notification or consent laws are required. Some states are stricter, some are looser, and some, such as my home state, do not have these laws. Ultimately this is an issue that should be left up to the legislatures of the respective states. Instead this legislation would do away with federalism and impose a national restriction regardless of the feelings of Mainers, or Iowans, Ohioans or Californians. It would impose a blanket solution to a non existent problem and dramatically increase the control the federal government has over the states. This legislation is a violation of our constitutional principles and our founding ideals. This bill belongs in the dustbin of history. It belongs there because of its dehumanization of women. It belongs there because of its inherently awful ability to strip health care from millions of Americans. And it certainly belongs there because it violates the freedom and liberty upon which this nation is founded. I am a woman and I can make my own decisions as can every other woman in this nation. We get to choose what happens in our lives; not a bureaucrat, not a politician, we do. So scrap this bill and toss it out. Because we should never, ever pass legislation that treats any American as if they are incapable of making some of the hardest decisions in their lives for themselves. I yield.
  39. 3 points
    And yet, @AG decided to use his official account to express approval. Still abuse of power, still needs to be investigated.
  40. 3 points
    If @ILoveSenLucy wants to joke around with ethics violations, she lacks the ability to be Senator and must resign.
  41. 3 points
    @AG's stunning abuse of authority with regards to Amazon HQ is a clear ethical violation. He must be investigated for conflicts of interest.
  42. 3 points
    Raising the minimum wage will greatly benefit American workers all over the country.
  43. 3 points
    Could Congress Act to Raise the Minimum Wage this Session? The heads of political pundits everywhere were turned this weekend as President Trump released the latest in a long line of political tweets from his personal Twitter account. For once though, Democrats weren’t rushing to condemn the President for a barrage of sensational remarks, because this tweet appeared to give support to an increase in the federal minimum wage to ten dollars. The current wage, set at $7.25 an hour, has not been altered in more than a decade despite broad support across party lines and one poll indicating that 71% of Americans support the move suggested by the President. For Democrats, the tweet is a welcome sign that a major policy initiative of theirs may finally come to fruition. As a whole, the party has been pushing for an increase to at least the 10-dollar mark, with progressive elements in the party preferring a raise to 15 dollars per hour, which would more than double the current mark. Both progressives and moderates would also love to see any increase tied to an inflation index in order to maintain the wage’s purchasing power, but that might be too much to ask from a Republican Senate. Overall though, Democrats seem receptive to Trump’s apparent overture. When asked about passing a bi-partisan wage increase, Minnesota Senator Justine Bauer said the following. “I look forward to working with the president and passing a $10 minimum wage. This will be a great step to ensuring all Americans have a living wage and can live the life everyone deserves to enjoy”. Another source within the party noted that they were “glad to see the President has broken from the misguided notions of GOP orthodoxy” on the topic. Despite vocal support from Democrats on the issue, Senate Republicans were much quieter when quizzed on it. When the President signaled some support for the proposal, they became the only potential element of obstruction for the legislation, and its not quite sure what their ultimate move will be. On one hand, it may be one of the few items on the President’s legislative agenda that might get backing from the Democratic-controlled House. On the other, passing any bill raising the wage would give Democrats a powerful issue to campaign on in 2020. When asked about the issue, the office of Senate Majority Leader Orson Wilder (R-UT) declined to comment, implying that discussions within the caucus about it were ongoing. This interpretation was corroborated by another source within the caucus, who confirmed that the party was working to determine their position on the policy. The source itself also indicated that it be open to the increase as long as it was done in a gradual manner. Perhaps the best strategy for Republicans hoping to torpedo the bill might be to let the bill come to the Senate floor. Once there, they could pass poison pill amendments that force Democrats to oppose their own bill. In this way, they could act on the President’s words while ensuring its defeat. In the end, the answers to these questions will only be revealed when the first docket of Senate legislation is announced. Until then, the only thing observers can do is wait and see.
  44. 3 points
    @SenRabin: Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 is simply ridiculous, taking into account the low cost of living for some states, it would be disastrous for their economies. @SenRabin: Let state legislatures decide whether to change their minimum wage, rather than forcing it upon them.
  45. 3 points
    @SenRabin: I will be opposing the effort to create a "space force", it's a waste of time and money @SenRabin: When Between 2012 and 2018, only 30 percent of maintenance was completed on schedule. In particular, most Navy attack submarines have suffered maintenance delays. @SenRabin: The shortage of Marine Corps fighter pilots quadrupled to 24 percent between 2006 and 2017, while the Navy has been scrambling to fill pilot vacancies. @SenRabin: That's just problems involving our navy, are we really going to waste money on such a silly proposal when we need to focus on overall improvement on our armed forces?
  46. 3 points
    Serving God and Country from Little Rock, Arkansas Our founder, Butch "Bear" Baudin The Bear News Group is a media enterprise founded by Butch Baudin in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founded in 1982 as a newspaper from his house in Little Rock, Butch Baudin has transformed the Bear Enterprise from print to broadcast journalism. BNG now also operates a Think Tank, as well as their mainstream media. Meet Our Staff Orin Melvin, Host of Real Talk; Marc Baudin, Director - The Bear Institute; Matt Andre Co-Director - The Bear Institute; Bruno Baudin, The Nightly Globe Real Talk, with Orin Melvin Investigative Journalist Orin Melvin delves into the hot button issues of today and yesterday on BNG's Domestic News Show. A native of Western New York and a graduate of both St. Bonaventure University and Ole Miss, Orin's fresh perspective on domestic issues is much needed in the toxic climate of US politics. The Nightly Globe, with Bruno Baudin The son of a U.S. Diplomat, Bruno Baudin covers a range of issues in Foreign Affairs ranging from the United States policy to investigative journalism in nations around the globe. A graduate of New York University, Bruno brings an international perspective from an international lifestyle to our little corner of the world. The Bear Institute The Institute, commissioned by Butch Baudin, was founded by his uncle Marc Baudin, who previously served as President of the National Right to Life Committee. As the Institute began to expand to global issues, Matt Andre was brought on as Co-Director, leading the Foreign Desk. The Institute serves as a source for the general public, as well as the Bear News Media.
  47. 3 points
    @SecOlliver working hard to make the Space Force a reality. The future is now!
  48. 3 points
    Character Name: Overseer Political Party: Independent Seat Held: Overseer of Earth Date of Birth: Sometime between the Big Bang and the separation of Pangea Place of Birth: The core of the Sun Place of Residence: Jacksonville, Florida Race/Ethnicity: Half-Angel, Half-??? Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Godly Family Information: The father is an angel. His mother was an unknown entity who existed briefly before ascending into the heavens. Educational History: Bachelor of Science from the Book of Knowledge Occupational History: Overseer of Earth (40 AD-Present) Secretary to the Judge of Heaven (????-40 AD)
  49. 3 points
    David Bautista @SenBautistaNY America needs an ambitious climate plan. I'm extremely proud to join Congressman Ocasio-Cortez in leading the way on that front. #ForAGreenNewDeal
  50. 3 points
    @RecksAZ: "As we see murderous abortion practices expanding in places like New York, it is time for the federal government to step up and say: enough is enough. That is why I have always fought for the unborn" - Read my remarks to the Cntr for AZ Policy here.
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