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    If you're up for an approval rating, I need to know if you're alive, dead, or in between. Create an emoji response to this post to let me know you're alive. And please update your voting record, link it to your last voting record, and to make sure it includes everything including bills sponsored, bills cosponsored, things you've voted on, and your press office.
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    A Quick News Roundup from USA Today 1. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Houston Oilers in Super Bowl XXIII in Seattle, Washington 28-21. Joe Montana threw for three TDs and Jerry Rice was named Super Bowl MVP, catching two of them. This will be the final Super Bowl presided over by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. 2. Serial Killer Ted Bundy was executed Friday in Florida by use of Electric Chair. Bundy was convicted on several counts of murder and attempted murder and later confessed to many more murders and assaults after being sentenced to death. 3. Singer Madonna has been on top of headlines this month with her announcement of testing positive for HIV. Madonna has announced she will be partnering with ACT UP, a growing AIDS advocacy group, to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS. She announced her first single from her new album, Like a Prayer, will be released in late March. 4. Boxer Mike Tyson was involved in an altercation outside of a club in Hollywood and cops were reportedly called when security was unable to stop the altercation. Tyson was escorted from the club and reportedly banned for life. 5. The New York Southern Circuit Court is hearing the case filed against the US Government by several alcohol companies this Sunday. The suit was filed over a recent labeling law passed by Congress which they argue violates their first amendment rights.
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    Name: Matthew Hawks Date of Birth: May 29, 1931 (57 years old) Place of Birth: Desoto, TX Place of Residence: Mcallen, TX Party: Republican Family Info: Mother: Kathy Hawks-Collier Father: Gilberto Hawks Wife: Edna Hawks (m: 1949) Children: Evie and Veronica Military History: United States Marine Corps (1950-1956) Private (1950) Private First Class (1950-51) *Served in Korean War* Corporal (1951-53) *Served in Korean War* Sergeant (1953-56) United States Marine Corps Reserve (1956-1963) Sergeant (1956-63) United States Marine Corps (1963-1967) Staff Sergeant (1963-67) *Served in Vietnam* Educational History: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, University of Texas (1956-1960) Occupational History: Cashier at Sears in Dallas, TX (1948-1950) Manufacturer at Textron in Dallas, TX (1956-1961) Owner of Hawks General Store in Mcallen, TX (1961-1975, 1977-1983) General Manager of Hawks General Store in Mcallen, TX (1961-1963, 1967-1971, 1977-1983) U.S. Representative, Texas’s 15th Congressional DIstrict (1971-1975) Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (1975-1977) Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, U.S. Department of Commerce (1983-1988) Texas Campaign Chairman, Republican National Committee (1988) White House Chief of Staff (1989-present)
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    Thank you all. I look forward to serving the Administrative Board. Some quick notes. I'll be looking to do approval ratings every 2 weeks. I will also be revamping fundraising rules. I don't think emails were a thing in 1988, lol. Also, if you have things to ask, or whatever, I'm going to prefer private messaging to Telegram for a couple of reasons. One, I don't want to wade into the ethical minefield of possibly telling someone x but a legitimate y party x. Two, it's easier for me to keep track of things. Three, it's just cleaner. You can Telegram me if you need something urgently handled and I'm at work (I usually can do some stuff, I'm on my phone there a lot, as you all know :P). If you have concerns, complaints, unless they are of an emergency nature, please PM me them. It's just a lot of drama to deal with things in Telegram. To address a few elephants in the room - I will be canning my political commentary in Telegram because I don't want any side to feel that I have a bias or set of opinions while Administrating. I will also be avoiding all chats related to the game that isn't the Administrative Board Chat or the Main Chat. Thanks to Ollie for bringing me aboard and thanks to Storm and Avner for their service.
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    Dems Seek Funding for HBCUs As the 101st Congress kicks off, one of the early battles taking place has been over legislation to secure funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities throughout the nation. Congress has taken up two bills regarding HBCUs, one on the floor of the House itself, the other currently working its' way through the House and Ways Committee. Both bills are much needed to secure a future for these important institutions argue the Democrats. “The bill on the House Floor currently creates important grants to these universities and colleges to allow them to preserve and rejuvenate their buildings, the places where students go to learn and to gain an education. It is so critical that we have an educated populace in the future and that we are able to face the future with knowledge and understanding, and this is an opportunity to ensure that these colleges and universities are turning out people that can do exactly that. We must invest in higher education, and this begins that investment in a place where it is much needed” said DNC Chair Thomas Blackstone of Massachusetts. Over the last decade, enrollment in these HBCUs has mostly been steady, but over the last two years has sharply increased, placing a greater demand and strain on an already in need of rejuvenation infrastructure at these colleges and universities. In 1986, HBCUs accommodated just over *223 thousand students nationwide. Now heading into the final year of the 1980s, that number is just shy of *240 thousand, with an expected additional enrollment of 10 thousand more students by the end of 1989*. The additional students at these colleges and universities is a welcome occurrence for our country's higher education system, but it does place a strain on these historic fixtures. Democratic leadership is fighting to ease that strain and get these grants to where they are needed to preserve the campuses and allow the students enrolled in these colleges and universities to be better served. "I am a 1964 graduate of Fisk University. I know first-hand the power that HBCU can have on the economic, political and social connections of black life in America. We need more settings like HBCUs, to protect the historic value that HBCU have. I fully support HBCU Historic Building Restoration and Preservation Act being debated in the House today. In fact, no set of institutions better exemplifies the American ideals of civil rights and equality than historically black colleges and universities” Congresswoman Evelynn Withers told the Tennessean. Congressman Frank Stokes also spoke regarding the legislation on the House Floor as well as that in committee. “These colleges have contributed to the advancement of education to hundreds of African-Americans in this country, many of the facilities and buildings on these campuses have been home to the birth of movements and great minds and have made significant impacts on American history”. “It is really quite simple. An investment in education, and an investment in colleges and universities as historically significant, and as important to the future of our country as these campuses, is anything but “pork spending”, said Congressman Blackstone. *https://nces.ed.gov/pubs/96902.pdf, pg 29
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    Don’t @ me for anything I say in the Daily. If you have a problem, take it up to the owner of the paper, namely Jacob Olliver. If I made an error, PM me and I’ll run a correction. Yes, it's a Catholic paper. Deal with it. A forthcoming announcement will tell you how the Washington Daily will affect your ratings and so on. The Washington Daily Catholic, Faithful, and True January 30, in the year of our Lord 1989. Republicans rally to Percy’s defense … After media outlets said that Republicans Minority largely silent on the Percy nominations, major Republicans sprang into action … House Minority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-Tex. 7th) declared “Charles is well known as a pragmatic moderate – a throwback to Rockefeller style Republicans. He’s the kind of open-minded statesman that we need at this position.” … Senate Majority Leader Jack Edwards (R-Mt.) noted he had served as Senate Foreign Relations Chair, and argued his response to Linnas was “false, Senator Percy simply said that he should not be deported to the Soviet Union, which illegally took over Estonia and thus was not recognized by the United State.” The Majority Leader vowed to move the nomination forward … U.H. Earle argued “The core job of the Secretary of State is not picking favorites in international disputes.” … The White House Makes Hay of Teddy King’s Nepotism Scandal … Press Secretary Culpepper archly commented, “The Administration is disappointed that former Speaker King is looking for political retribution for the scandal that erupted around his family and forcing him to resign last year.” He went on to say, “He’s a guru on the Middle East, where his proposals on Saudi Arabia have given us greater energy security and a strong ally to keep the Soviet Union out of the Middle East.” ... while Democrats continue their barrage … House Majority Leader Axel Storm (D-NY. 17th) expressed concern, saying, “Mr. Percy's comments on the PLO is concerning and is something we should all be concerned about.” Former Speaker Teddy King (D-Calif. 13th) snorted, “If the Kaine Administration can only bring up my apparent "ax to grind" over an alleged family scandal when his nominee is terrible for Israel, they must be really panicking to create some kind of response. The president's press secretary should stick to the facts instead of presenting ridiculous attempts at spin.” The lone Republican hold out, Susan Kronk (R-Tex. 21st) said, “The Kaine administration's decision to appoint Sen. Percy is a disappointing gesture and a smack-in-the-face for the millions of pro-Israel Americans who voted for him last November.” Percy’s Polling Standing at Precarious Precipices … With AIPAC galvanized, Democrats pushing the issue, and Republicans on the defense, the President who won a 5% victory and 365 electoral votes is facing his first serious test in the White House. 41% of voters approve of Percy, including 23% of Democrats, 64% of Republicans, and 39% of independents. 34% disapprove, including 55% of Democrats, 12% of Republicans, and 34% of independents. The remainder are undecided and public opinion could shape the outcome. Powell Power House Notes Energy Secretary John Anderson … The Powell Hour has noted that John Anderson, 1980 independent candidate for President, is the new Energy Secretary and is a fan of alternative energy and opposed to nuclear energy. This could throw a monkey wrench with Republican donors who include oil and gas giants. Read more here … Powell Hour has Rundown on Percy Nomination … Here. Axel Storm becomes House Majority Leader … House Democrats elevated their second African American Majority Leader in the form of Axel Storm (D-N.Y. 17). The Democratic Party leadership has become a lot more diverse compared to the Republican leadership. William Fenris Submits Repeal to National Maximum Speed Law … Libertarian and man wearing weird ten gallon hat William Fenris (R-Nevada 2nd) said “The outdated speed limit, imposed on a national level, is not only a violation of state's rights, but it is poor policy.” In light of the Reagan Administration forcing states to adopt a 21 year old drinking age in response to drunk deaths, it is hard to see if major lobbying groups will be comfortable with this in a new age of conservative social sensibilities, but who knows? “Integrity in Governance Act” sponsored by Republican Hugh Scott … Freshman Republican Hugh Schott (R-Ct. 5th) submitted a bill that would set a five year moratorium on lobbying for legislators leaving office (so, no King family lobbying under the law!). The Republican Congressman noted the support of House Majority Whip Frank Stokes (D-N.Y. somewhere). Susan Kronk of Texas Sponsors Constitutional Term Limits … The aforementioned Republican from Texas pushed constitutional term limits limiting senators to two terms and Representatives to six terms, citing the need to “return our government to the people” The House is in Session … The House of Representatives, under Speaker Elizabeth Callaghan (D-Pa. 14th) took up several measures, including to help at risk-youth, cracking down on drug trafficking near parks, authorizing the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Historic Preservation Program, and a mobile clinic care center to help veterans. All of this largely helps recent constituencies that leaned Democratic in 1988 and it makes sense the Democratic-controlled House would be aligned with these constituencies … and so is the Republican – controlled Senate … which moved to consider measures to consider sanctions against countries backing international terrorism, a permanent Hyde Amendment act, and eliminating the earnings test for older Americans. The last bit is interesting, since the New Deal generation of older Americans are still heavily voting Democratic, while younger Boomer cohorts are voting Republican.
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    Name: Susan Kronk Party: GOP Agency: San Antonio Express-News "The Kaine administration's decision to appoint Sen. Percy is a disappointing gesture and a smack-in-the-face for the millions of pro-Israel Americans who voted for him last November. Nominating some pro-Arab hack, who has openly and loudly called for the terrorist PLO to run its own nation, sends a striking signal of desperate weakness to our allies in the region. Ronald Reagan taught us that peace can only come through strength, and this nomination will further neither."
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    Press Release 05# "If you think Yasser Arafat is a moderate, there's no such thing as "broad approach and open mind to the Middle East." Washington, D.C: Congressman Teddy King struck back at Republicans attempts to try and clean up secretary of state nominee, Charles H Percy in particular comments that indicated that the former senator had a broad approach and open mind to the Middle East. The former speaker attacked what he called, "The most stupid words to ever come out of a senate majority leader's mouth." "Yasser Arafat has indirectly murdered hundreds of Israelis due to simply being Jewish, he has organized several terror attacks, the organization he leads has hijacked school buses and killed innocent children simply because their Jewish, according to Senator Percy this is "moderate Palestinian leadership", according to Senator Edwards this is the broad approach and open mind this state department will have, openly saying terrorists are moderate when one of our greatest allies in the Middle east struggles to hamper these deadly attacks." The congressman stated he would wholeheartedly listen to what Senator Percy had to say, may even change his mind on the issue. But the former senator's actions and words severely complicates matters til even AIPAC opposes his nomination as secretary of state.
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    Approval ratings are slightly delayed a couple of days as the Almanac of American Politics I had was 1982 and used 1970s congressional districts - I hadn't realized this until I discovered Ben signed into a Oregon Congressional district that was in the eighties, not the seventies. So hopefully the new 1988 book will be here soon and I can appropriately cover your districts. Thank you for your patience.
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    Name: Edward "Teddy" Thaddeus King State: California Party: Democrat DOB: December 20th, 1940 POB: Los Angeles, California POR: Oakland, California Religion: African Methodist Episcopal Church Faction: Progressive Avatar: Mmusi Maimane Father: Leroy King (December 19, 1894-December 20th 1986) Mother: Patricia King nee.Armstrong (March 19, 1912-?) Brother: Augustus King Brother: Reginald King Wives: -Coretta Wilder m.1963 died.1970 =Martin King b.1964 -Dr. Rebecca Cohen m.1977 =Thurgood King b.1983 =Ruth King b.1985 Education: BA in History (1958-1962) University of California Berkeley J.D focusing in civil rights law (1962-1965) UC Berkeley School of Law MDiv at Chicago Theological Seminary (1970-1973) Phd in African History from Boston University (1973-1976) Military Rank and Commendations: Captain(1965-1970) =National Defense Service Medal =Purple Heart Medal 2# =Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Medal =Marksmanship badge for rifle =Bronze Star Medal 1# Occupation: Student Minister at Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Chicago (1971-1973) Youth Minister at Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal in Boston (1973-1976) Civil Rights Lawyer for the NAACP (1971-1980) Senior Minister at First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Oakland (1976-1983) Vice Chair of the California State Democratic Party (1980-1984) Adjunct Professor of African History at the University of California (1980-1986) District Attorney for Alameda County (1981-1986) Congressman for the 13th District of California (1986-1987) Speaker of the US Congress (1987-1987) Congressman for the 13th District of California (1988-?) Teddy was born on December 20th 1940 to Leroy and Patricia King in Central Avenue, Los Angeles, Teddy was named after his father’s only favourite two republicans, Congressman Thaddeus Stevens and Teddy Roosevelt. Leroy was a WW1 veteran who served in France with the 92nd Infantry Division. Serving with distinction during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Leroy was wounded several times rescuing fellow comrades who had been wounded while leading an assault on several German trenches and while his commanding officer recommended him for the medal of honour, the recommendation was “lost in official paperwork” resulting in his bitter resentment towards the US government. Once he returned home from the war he went into his father’s profession as a Baptist minister preaching “radical sermons” about race inequality and the KKK in California resulting in several cross burnings on the family’s front yard. Patricia King was a teacher at a segregated school in Los Angeles and a coordinator for the Los Angeles NAACP fighting to remove several Jim Crow laws concerning African-Americans and Chinese-Americans in the city and state wide. Both parents instilled in Teddy and his siblings about the injustice they faced as African-Americans in America and that they must stand up for themselves rather than wait for others. This passion for civil rights and social justice led Teddy to enroll at the University of California Berkeley studying history during the era of the civil rights movement. Inspired by Dr. King and other civil rights leaders Teddy joined the SNCC and activity took part in sit ins, voter drives, and the freedom riders’ movement. At one sit in at a restaurant in Georgia, Teddy was beaten repeatedly by a group of young white men resulting in significant injuries that almost killed him, however he continued his work from support from his father and civil rights leaders at the time. Once he finished his Bachelor of Arts, Teddy went on to law school and while he was not the top of his class (he was persuaded by his mother to pursue a law degree) he nevertheless earned his J.D and passed the California bar exam. Growing tired of the struggle for civil rights and believing he could make a difference, Teddy enlisted to the US army against his father’s wishes and his mother’s anger, both of whom believed Teddy would either work for the NAACP as a lawyer or join the theological path and become a minister in fact his older brother Reginald refused to speak to him for many years due to his enlistment. In 1963 however he married fellow law student Coretta Wilder an African-American woman from Baltimore in which they had a son the following year. Shipped out to Vietnam, Teddy served with distinction for five years with the rank of captain, wounded twice; he would later go one to earn the Bronze Star for carrying six wounded comrades during heavy fire from the enemy. However, during his last two years of service, Teddy became increasingly troubled with the war and depressed, even attempting to commit suicide. After being a witness to a fragging and the treatment of Vietnamese citizens by US troops Teddy became disillusioned and after he returned to the US in 1970 he ended his service the following year. He would later join various Vietnam veteran organizations condemning the war while he was known to claim former President Lyndon Johnson as a “butcher” and Nixon as a “war criminal.” After returning to his family, Teddy moved his family to Illinois where he enrolled at Chicago Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity, it was at this time, his wife of seven years Coretta died from stomach cancer. In grief he stuck to his studies living off donations from his older brother Reginald, while his young son was sent back to California to be raised by Teddy's parents. During this time, he worked as a student minister at Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church where he ran programs for drug addicts and low-income families within the community while preaching sermons for Christians to help others instead of waiting for God to help. It was at this time he began a partnership with the Black Panthers in helping running breakfast programs for young Black students. After he finished his masters, Teddy went on to Boston to obtain his doctorate in African history where he was hired as a youth minister at a local AME church where he led community redevelopment programs, gave talks to teenagers about teen pregnancy and working with drug addicts and low-income families. After he finished his doctorate, Teddy returned to California where he was offered the job as a senior minister of First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Oakland. At his time there, he preached against racial injustice and economic injustice, led food drives, he led protests against apartheid in South Africa, most controversial of all and against advice from his family and community leaders he extended his ministry to those with HIV/AIDs in Los Angeles and San Francisco, going to hospital wards and hospice care centers to pray with those who wanted it, give comfort to those dying in hospice care and to lobby intensively for better care for HIV/AID patients, gay or straight. During this time, he met a young Jewish doctor named Rebecca Cohen who he eventually married in 1977. By this time Teddy had also became a professor of African history at his alma mater, he was also elected as the vice chair of the democratic state party and served as vice chair for four years. From 1981 to 1986, Teddy served as the district attorney for Alameda County where he fought against using enforcing harsh punishments for drug users but attempted to get them help. During his four-year tenure, Teddy launched various alternatives to incarceration programs for young offenders. In 1986, Teddy's decided to run for congress in the 13th congressional district, while he worked in Los Angeles, his family which by now included two young children and first son Martin lived in Stockton. The primary campaign was brutal where he faced off against incumbent Norman Mineta in which he won by a slim 51% to 49% margin. Since his time as a congressman, Teddy has had a liberal streak, supporting Roe vs Wade, opposing Reaganomics, supporting the congressional fight to place sanctions on South Africa, fighting for universal healthcare, while also having a strong pro-second amendment belief calling on more African-Americans to legally purchase arms to defend themselves. However, he has been hesitant on the growing gay rights movement and has declined to voice an opinion. Teddy also has two brothers, (Reginald and Augustus while closest to Augustus has great respect for his elder brother Reginald) who are former congressmen in California. The congressman is a keen jogger, gun collector, a civil war buff, and a member of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War through his great-great grandfather Sergeant Major John Rawlins King. He is also a keen sailor and his owns his yacht, The General Sherman. Electoral History: United States House of Representatives elections, 1986 Teddy King: 107,696 votes Bob Nash: 46,754 votes United States House of Representatives elections, 1988 Teddy King: 143,980 votes Luke Somner: 63,959 votes
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    Official Press Release From The Press Office of John White for President John White Concedes Miami, FL — After a disappointing election night, John White called Anderson Kaine to concede the race and congratulate him on becoming the next President of the United States. John White addressed his supporters stating, “tonight is certainly not the results we wanted. However, I want to personally thank each and every one of you, my family, Elizabeth Callaghan, staffers and supporters all over the United States who believed with me in a new path forward for our nation. I want to extend a congratulations and well wishes to Anderson Kaine, as his success is now our nation’s success and I wish him the best.” John White continued, “the issues that were brought up in this campaign are ones that I still believe strongly in. I believe that we must empower the middle-class, fix the inequality and ensure that our nation’s economy is placed on a strong foundation. I look forward to working with Anderson Kaine to achieve that. Tonight, we show the world why we are one of the greatest nations in the world, though. As America has elected their next leader and we must move forward, putting this election behind us, and moving forward working together to help the many Americans needing support.” John White closed with, “thank you all again. We made great strides and we will not rest on the issues we believe of. Tonight, we wish Anderson Kaine the very best and we wish the nation a stronger tomorrow. Thank you, God Bless you and God Bless America!”
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    Yay I’m not the token black dude anymore.
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    It was an honor to serve you all. It has truly be an experience. I shall be resigning now.
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    1988 United States Senate Election Results House Congressional Race Democrats:227 -11 Republicans: 208 +11 California Democrat:Richard Bauer:50.67%- Winner Republican: jack Swanner: 49.33% Florida Republican: Christopher Alexander Reed- Winner by default Connecticut Democrat: Antonin Baudin-Winner by default Montana Republican: Jack Edwards-Winner by default  Mississippi Democrat: Judson Maddox:50.73%-Winner Republican: Micheal J Anderson:49.27% Senate Final Count: Democrats:50 Republicans: 50
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    As Clay has signed out, the Democrats will default the Montana race. Republicans will pick up the seat.
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    Moving forward, to make things interesting, congressman and women can now send letters lobbying a particular senate bloc to either pass or fail senate bills. In general I'd rather not make it confusing for all, so you can send a letter addressing a particular senator who's serving currently, or a group you think are most likely to flip or try to flip in voting for bills.
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    Name: Andrew Sutherland Party: GOP Interviewing Agency: Chicago Tribune "The inaction of this Congress proves that the Democratic Party and John White cannot lead this country. Our country is begging for solutions and Democrats won't even acknowledge amendments being offered that will achieve laudable goals for our country."
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    ASFAJ Frank-Chair Avner-Vice-Chair DMH HELP: Avner-Chair Bolster-Vice Chair Storm
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    Madam Speaker, I would like to reiterate my requests to the sponsor of this bill, the Gentleman from California. How much will this bill cost? As far as I can read, it doesn't include a single dollar amount, but instead relies on vague statements like "authorizes appropriations." How much, Madam Speaker? Will the sponsor at least show up for debate on his own bill? Or is he expecting the fact that he has a "D" behind his name to carry this bill forward? We are being expected to vote on this piece of legislation without a clear indication of what is being asked from the Treasury. The fact that this half-cooked bill made its way to the first docket is laughable, and shows that the Majority Party is out of ideas! I yield.
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    Mr Marshall for himself introduces with thanks to Mr Prescott, Mr Cavalieri, Mr Hall, Mr Collins, Mr Seymour, Mrs Boxer and Mr Kahuhu... A BILL To prohibit federal funding for abortions. Be it enacted by the House of Representatives and the Senate in Congress assembled. Section 1. Short title (a) This act may be cited as the Respecting Life Act. Section 2. Prohibition on Funding for Abortions. (a) Prohibition - No federal funds as authorized by the Congress of the United States may be used to carry out an abortion. (b) Exception - There shall be an exception to Section 2(a) in the case of continuing a pregnancy which would danger the life of the mother.
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    Democrats Prepare to Challenge Charles H. Percy Nomination (Washington, D.C) – Secretary of State – designate Charles H. Percy (R-Illinois) came under fire by former Speaker Teddy King (D-Calif.) for allegedly supporting a Nazi concentration camp commander, Karl Linnas. Representative Teddy King said that the nomination would be opposed unless “absolute commitment to Israel’s security” was made during the confirmation hearing. To date, the Republican Caucus has largely not mounted a defense for Senator Percy while Senate Democrats are expected to challenge the nomination. AIPAC also issued a statement, requested by the Powell Power Hour, opposing the Percy nomination, noting they had opposed his re-election campaign in 1984, due to his behavior of not being for Israel. Comments, and a vote to give Saudi Arabia AWAC aircraft, had deeply alarmed AIPAC. In a recent Gallup poll on the Israel and Palestine issue, 49% of Americans support both/neither/no opinion, 37% Israel, and 15% Palestine.
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    HISTORIC - ELIZABETH CALLAGHAN ELECTED SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Washington D.C. - House Democrats have made a historic decision with the successful nomination of Pennsylvania Congresswoman Elizabeth Callaghan to serve as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. Elizabeth Callaghan will be the first female Speaker of the House in the history of the United States and the highest-ranking woman in the U.S. Government in its history. The nomination comes after the departure of Dr. Alphonse 'Al' Baudin. Congresswoman Callaghan's nomination was unanimously approved by House Democrats. Elizabeth Callaghan represents Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional District, encompassing most of Pittsburgh. Elizabeth Callaghan brings over twenty years of law experience to the House Democratic Leadership with her service as a federal prosecutor and as the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania from 1977 - 1981. The congresswoman made a name for herself with her keynote address at the 1988 Democratic National Convention and her successful efforts to hold the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Pittsburgh. A statement from Congresswoman Callaghan can be read below:

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