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    I'd like you all to join me in welcoming @Recks to the Administrative Board!
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    Hi there. So most if not all of you know me, I'm Conrad and I've been appointed by the triumvirate of owners as the new Chief Administrator of Virtual Government Simulation. My previous experience involves being a player, administrator and of course owner and Chief Administrator of the game directly preceding this one, Virtual America. As most of you know, Virtual America was a relatively successful/active game and I plan on making VGS as active as possible also. I recognize there was a level of bad blood following the closure of VUSA and the emergence of VGS with myself and Christopher Reed, I would hope given previous going on's in this game that the bad blood people had with me has cleared up. With my appointment as Chief Administrator, I want to take this opportunity to alert members of the community that had previous feuds or problems with me that they can now come to me and talk about it. I want VGS to succeed and return and to do this we must come together as one community. When I was approached to take the role of Chief Administrator just over a month ago by one of the owners, I told them I would think about it and just a few days ago I went back and told them that I would take the job. I recognize that certain could-be players will/do have issues with some of the owners, but as a condition of my appointment, I requested complete and total control over game affairs, which includes direction of resets, rules and what some sceptical players/members are concerned about: discipline and punishments. Despite my often trollish behaviour, I'm sure most of you recognize me as a generally serious and fair person, where needs be. With this in mind, I hope it will help assuage concerns regarding what could happen to members if they return to the community and I want to give them an opportunity to read this post, which I have no doubt they will or get wind of. My decision to head the revival of VGS lies in my belief that we ought to see a return of a traditional medium level sim, different from what I categorize as the "capitol hill model". I am confident that a chunk of players hold this belief as well, and I'm willing to test that. Over the next few days after spreading word that there will be a new round etc, I will open up the particular threads surrounding things like reset dates and other gamely functions which we traditionally look at, fundraising, house/senate and others to name a few. I will also be reviewing the rules in order to make the place work better. I will say, and I will go back to my reputation for being tough on those that don't conform to the rules. I will not allow the type of flaming, insulting and otherwise damning behaviour that occurred before throughout the community to affect it again, the administrative board will operate a zero tolerance policy on this, for the good of the entire community. Members can be assured that they can play the round without facing open harassment from other members. That's it from me for now, I will continue to update the community via forum and telegram over the next few days and I hope to see a return of our previous members who migrated in the past.
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    Name: Michael Preston Madison Date of Birth: December 8, 1959 Place of Birth: Boston, MA Place of Residence: Philadelphia, PA Party: Republican Party State and Seat Class (use this for help) : Pennsylvania, Class III Avatar: Rick Santorum (y’know I had to do it) Family History: -Father and Mother: Edward and Catherine Madison -Siblings: Jackson Madison, Kaitlyn Campbell, George Madison, Theodore “Ted” Madison, Kathleen Warren, Elizabeth Madison -Wife: Melissa, aged 40 -Children: William (19), Edward (17), Carl (13) Educational History: -Abraham Lincoln High School, Class of 1978 Employment History: -United States Marine Corps, 1978-1989 -Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, 1989-1998 -US Senate, 1999-Present Anything Else You Want To Add: Bio: Michael Madison is the son of two immigrants from Northern Ireland. Edward, a British veteran who served in the RAF on a bomber crew, hailed from Northern Ireland, as did Catherine. Edward’s original last name was Madigan, but after the fierce fighting of the ‘20s, Michael’s grandfather, a staunch loyalist, changed their name to the similar-sounding (but English) Madison. Edward and Catherine immigrated to the United States in 1950, seeking a better life away from the declining British Empire. Settling in Boston, they made a living for themselves in the prospering post-War United States. They moved to Philadelphia in 1960, where Edward worked in a steel plant and Catherine worked as a homemaker for their many children. Originally Anglican, they began attending Mainline Protestant churches while living in Pennsylvania, before becoming evangelicals in the late 70s. Michael’s values were shaped by his childhood religious experiences, and he remains an evangelical today. Michael attended Abraham Lincoln High School, and he was known for being an exceptional student. Sometimes reserved, but very talented and intelligent, he was the star of his class. Instead of attending university after high school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He’d always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, whom he had admired since childhood, but he decided to forge his own path and join the Marine Corps instead of the Air Force. He served honorably until 1999, when he was honorably discharged and began work at Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. [more to come on service] In 1998, he decided to throw his hat in the ring to run for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat on the Republican ticket. After a close victory, he defeated the Democratic candidate to become Pennsylvania’s Class III Senator. A dedicated conservative, he has railed against abortion and the Assault Weapons Ban while supporting religious freedom, low taxes, a balanced budget, and low regulation. He criticized the Washington establishment for selling out to China and ignoring theft of American intellectual property and loss of jobs when President Clinton and Congress enacted normal trade relations with China in 2000. After 9/11, Senator Madison supported the AUMF and use of military force against Afghanistan. He has sharply criticized Islamic extremism, calling it “one of the most dangerous threats America faces today”.
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    This will be the official thread for discussing the start date of the upcoming latest round of VGS. As always, the players will have a huge input over the reset era which will ultimately be selected. As discussion goes on, choices will be narrowed down and we will have votes if need be.
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    Statement to the Press 2Q 2003 (7/21/2019) Good afternoon. I have a brief statement. I will not be taking any questions at this time. I am pleased to announce that I will be serving as Chair of the Senate's Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Commercial. I am already talking to Republican Ranking Member Leo Walker of Texas, and Democrat Ranking Member Thomas Jenkins of North Carolina, with the intent of the committee, to the greatest extent possible, operating in a bipartisan manner. This will, hopefully, mark the beginning of the return to the concept of politics stopping at the water's edge. Thank you.
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    Thanks to @Anthony for pointing out I hadn't set the party group permissions. You should be able to post in the hopper now!
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    Avatar: Harry Reid Personal Info Name: Jack King Born: 1/15/1939 Age: 64 Place of Birth: Albany, New York Place of Residence: Bay Ridge, NYC, New York State: New York Senate Class: 3 Party: Democrat Religion: Catholic Economic Status: Upper Class Gender: Male Race: Caucasian Family Parents: Marilyn King 1913-1996 Patrick King 1910-1990 Spouse: Sarah King 1942-Present Children: Lori King 1960-Present Madison King 1962-Present Francis King 1965-Present Kathrine King 1970- Present Education: Bay Ridge High School University of Pennsylvania Columbia Law School Degrees: B.S. in Political Science with a Minor in History, and later a Law Degree from Colombia Occupational History: New York ASDA (1964-1972) Chairperson of the Kings County Democartic Party (1972-1973) Kings County District Attorney (1975-1977) Congressman from New York’s 5th district (1977-1987) Chairperson of the New York State Democratic Party (1982-1985) U.S. Senator (1987-present)
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    Let's say that we go with the House. What happens? Usually, we go with a Senate to have younger and/or more inexperienced people play for them. What happens? Many seats (sometimes half) default before the new Congress is signed in. The parties switch out Senators without accountability, in which the game suffers because we can't handle the large player player base needed for a sim. The player base swears to itself it won't do another House-based sim until when the next reset ends when someone has a bright idea that'd make it better. Personally, I'd rather have a functionally-unicameral sim than kid ourselves to think we're able to fit two houses. I'm not at all experienced when it comes to polsimming (December is gonna be my fifth anniversary of it), but I can't help but see us repeating ourselves. Though, I must ask, does a Senate really produce opportunities for new players or are we kidding ourselves?
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    Idk what Conrad has planned, but as the author of most of the old bio guidelines you cite I can say that there wasn't a prohibition on being famous, just a prohibition against claiming things that inherently would make you sound like more of a hero or give you more of a name rec on the campaign trail then your fellow Senators without earning it, which is why like A-list celebrities, NY Times Best Selling Authors, winners of like top prizes for civil rights or peace etc was prohibited, to curtail campaigns being too focused on bio-claimed accomplishments rather than policies and IG accomplishments.
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    I would rather use Discord for general chat / party chats, because I'm on it already, and VGS would be the only reason I'd ever use Telegram. But I'm not that particular about it.
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    So the fundamental question in my view is the political context in which players prefer to play. 2016 gives you the rise of right-wing and left-wing. So if players want intense primary fights and lots of party soul-searching, this is the year for it. Neither party has a clear advantage in this year. 2012 is pointless to play; there's nothing interesting here. 2008 is a policy-heavy year. So if players want to spend time trying to resolve the Great Recession, the Iraq War, the healthcare crisis, the national deficit, and all our other problems, this is the year to do it. The Democrats have a clear advantage in this year. 2004 is the post-9/11 year. People are still scared, and the big issues are foreign policy related. Want to have a war-focused and fear-focused game? This is it. Neither party has a clear advantage in this year. 2000 is the "good" year, especially if we decide not to have 9/11. Want to play in a positive period in which the economy is growing, there's a surplus, and America is the respected leader of the world? Pick 2000. Neither party has a clear advantage in this year. Nothing prior to 2000 really offers anything that one of these dates does not offer, unless you want to go WAY back (e.g.: 1968, 1946, 1860, 1776).
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    “Gentlemen! I don’t want to interrupt your party of speaking of the war but would anyone care to share a blooming onion with me?”
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    "Arguably, yes. But as the saying goes, if you want to see what you will look like in a war, look at your enemy. How many democratic governments did we overthrow because we thought their views were wrong? We may have started with the best of intentions, but in the end, sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between us, the Viet Cong, and the ChiComs."
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    "Iced tea, unsweet, extra ice, please. No lemon. And I will take the tab for that gentleman's first order sitting at the far end in the opposite corner, Senator Waller."
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    Waller enters, mumbling the lyrics to "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" to no one in particular. He grabs a booth as far away from his colleagues as possible and attempts to avoid eye contact.
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    Molly Kiely Fowler @Fisher I have already introduced multiple bills that would make farming a viable profession once more by allowing farmers to sell their crops for fair prices in weak seasons and rewarding commodity pool members with trust certificates. These reforms will benefit your home state and mine. I encourage you to place them on the HELP docket.
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    *walks in and shakes his head before taking a corner table seat with his back to the wall.*
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    Senator Rick Daniels, responding to criticism of the Blue-Collar Jobs Act from U.S. Senator Molly Fowler Newsline: "Senator Fowler is clearly out of touch with her constituents' needs. Her state runs one of the largest per capita trade deficits of any state in America. The Blue-Collar Job Act would give every business owner in Hawaii the relief and investment they need to expand and become competitive. Instead of backing bills that send pillows and baby bottle to terrorists in Gitmo, Senator Fowler would send Hawaii businesses some of their money back on their next tax form."
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    Press Office of Rick Daniels U.S. Senator from Mississippi Press Release #002 Topic: Blue-Collar Jobs Act Daniels Proposes “Blue-Collar Jobs Act” WASHINGTON D.C.-- U.S. Senator and Ranking Member on the HELP Committee, Rick Daniels, proposed the Blue-Collar Jobs Act of 2003. The proposal will slash corporate tax rates, eliminate loopholes, and allow businesses to fully deduct the cost of capital investments. Daniels spoke to the press about the bill and described its economic impact: “For far too long, blue-collar workers and small business owners have been ignored by Washington D.C. The pride of our economy comes from small towns shops, the working class neighborhoods, the ranches, and the plants and mills. We are a nation of hard working, no-nonsense go-getters. The time has come for our public servants to remember the Americans who make this country great. That’s why I proposed the Blue-Collar Jobs Act to provide tax freedom for small businesses and make America the best place to invest in new jobs. By allowing companies to fully deduct capital investments, businesses big and small will have the resources to expand their operations, workforce, and profits. And we will make sure the United States is the best place in the world to do business and find a job. This bill is for all the hardworking friends and neighbors back home in Mississippi and all across the heartland of the United States.”
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    NOTABLE VOTES: 2001 - Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 - AYE 2001 - Authorization for Use of Military Force against Terrorists (9/11) - AYE 2002 - No Child Left Behind Act - NAY 2002 - McCain-Feingold - NAY 2002- Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 - AYE (Stole the list from @Fisher. I would say sorry but that’s what you get for trying to sign in to MY STATE as a Democrat lol)
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    Name: Stephen Vanterpool Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1957 Place of Birth: Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania Place of Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Party: Democratic State and Seat Class (use this for help) : Pennsylvania Class 1 Avatar: Bob Casey Jr. Family History: Elizabeth Vanterpool (Wife, b. 1959), Jon Vanterpool (Son, b. 2001) Educational History: undergraduate- University of Pennsylvania (1976-1980) Law School- Yale Law (1980-1984) Employment History: Private Civil Defense Lawyer (1986-1990), Pennsylvania State Senator from the 45th District (1990-1998), Senator from Pennsylvania (2001-present) Anything Else You Want To Add:
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    Molly Kiely Fowler I'm proud to be introducing the Equal Rights Amendment to the Senate. True equality under the Constitution for men and women is long overdue and I am proud to be working toward this bill's passage in Congress.
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    Signing In Name: Alexander Winter State & Party Affiliation: D-NM Committee Position: Member
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    Whoops, had a brain fart there. Thanks for catching that.
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    Mr. President, A quorum being present, the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Committee has been called to order, and is ready to begin work. I yield,
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    Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary Ranking Member: Thomas Jenkins of North Carolina Member: Wesley Worthington Jr of Rhode Island Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Ranking Member: André Harris of New York Member: Alexander Winter of New Mexico
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    How about a committee seal/logo/sign?
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    The Democratic Leadership masking doesn't have moderation controls for the DNC WR. Could we please get these? It already starting to grow a bit messy and chaotic in there without being able to pin permanent topics Likewise, if you get the chance could the DNC WR get an archive subforum?
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    From The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senator Kyle Fitzgerald (R-CA) spoke to the press after introducing the Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act. “I believe in the Second Amendment, but I also believe that we need well-regulated gun laws in accordance with that amendment. The Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act would renew – for a period of ten years – the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Research shows that immediately after the Assault Weapons Ban took effect, it saved lives and achieved its goals. Assault weapons traces declined 20 percent, gun murders declined 10 percent, and murders of police officers by offenders armed with assault weapons declined from an estimated 16 percent of gun murders of police to 0 percent. The results of the past ten years have more than justified another ten years, and that’s why President George W. Bush also supports the assault weapons ban. Even President Reagan supported it. I’m hopeful that we can get this reauthorization passed so that we can protect our citizens and police officers from dangerous gun violence. Like I said, I’m a supporter of Second Amendment, but there are certain weapons of war that should only be used by our men and women in uniform who are fighting for our freedom.”
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    Thanks for putting the offer out there! If you would make one for me similar to the one for Giovanni Pagnotto but with New York and the text being two shades of blue rather than red and blue.
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    "My congratulations to John Allen on being elected as Senate Majority Leader. I look forward to working with him and my colleague across the isle in finding common sense solutions for the American People this session."
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    It'd be awesome to have one if you can make it!
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    JFK Airport closes due to BA Flight 5678 running of the runway JFK Airport in New York has been temporarily closed due to a British Airways flight overshooting the runway. The aircraft involved was a Boeing 747, which touched down from London Heathrow. National Transportation Safety Board Officials have arrived at the airport and have began looking into what happened. No casualties have been reported as of yet.
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    Worthington Responds to Worrying Reports from Yorktown Naval Station Washington D.C.-- Upon hearing of the explosion at a U.S Naval Weapons Stations in Yorktown, Virginia, Senator Wesley Worthington (D-RI) was quick to re-assure his constituents that the government had everything under control, and commented on the situation: "While we don't have all the facts yet, it's important to note that explosions like this often do not just "happen". An attack by terrorists striking at our heartland remains a very distinct possibility, and if this does turn out to be the case, there is certainly no shortage of freedom-hating agents of chaos that may have been responsible for such a dastardly attack. As we can see, President Bush’s abdication of responsibility has already potentially emboldened our enemies to strike once again at our homeland. It also serves as a poignant reminder that these animals speak in only one language: violence, and we must combat any unchecked aggression against the free people of the world with a strong, muscular response." "I can think of a few potential candidates for a depraved attack against the United States other then Al-Quada" continued Worthington, "chief among them being the Islamic "Republic" of Iran. Their deranged theocracy has long stood opposed to all the American principles that we hold dear, and stand as the ultimate obstacle to a lasting peace in the region. And it is a near certainty that these cowards would not pass up any opportunity to do harm against American Heroes, especially since they know they can not stand against the armies of God on the battlefield. However, we can not make any definitive statements on the nature of this explosion for now. We must instead continue to trust in the stellar work of our intelligence agencies to inform us on the ultimate result of these investigations, and determine if a response is necessary. Until then, I advise all citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to local authorities. Our enemies surround us, and we can not afford to let our guard down until evil is wiped off the face of the Earth."
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    I was waiting on you to complete the bio. Approved!
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    Avatar: Ritchie Torres Name: André Harris Date of Birth: Jan. 6th, 1966 Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York Place of Residence: Harlem, New York Party: Democratic Party State and Seat Class: Class 1 Family History: Patrice Harris (father) Harriet Harris (nee Roberts) Educational History: Howard University (B.A. Political Science) Class of 1988 Employment History: District Staffer - Office of Charles B. Rangel (1988-1991) Legislative Coordinator - NAACP New York Chapter (1991-1995) Senator - New York State Senate (1996-2001) Senator - United States Senate (2001-Present)
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    As discussed with @Conrad previously, signing out this character bc the Dems sign-ins right now are quite outnumbered by the GOP
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    Joining back, this sounds awesome 👍
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    2004 would be good, IMO. That lets me relive my most active period in politics, ironically also when I had the ability to be most active playing these types of games. Like Terrus stated, political power was shifting, but still a toss up and it is not to far back in time to radically change cultural norms, technological development, or even party politics. If you try to play into the present and future, I think it is too easy for ideological beliefs to impact the story telling aspects of the game.
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