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  2. The vote was made before the Congressman of South Carolina was appointed to this committee, therefore the Speaker's vote is valid and is to be counted.
  3. Avner

    Committee Rosters

    Axel Storm is to be placed on the HELP committee.
  4. The committee will now vote on this bill. 24 hours for voting. Aye
  5. The Chair withdraws this bill from the docket due to the absence of a plain English summary.
  6. Upon further reflection, the points raised by the minority members are well taken. The Chair withdraws this bill from the committee's docket.
  7. Rangerboy

    Final Vote: Fighting Childhood Poverty Act

    Change to Aye
  8. Rangerboy

    Leave of Absence

    Taking LOA starting Tomorrow and coming back Monday night. I might pop in but no promises. I'll be on telegram tho
  9. As the Plain English Summary and Purpose Line are distinctly different components of a bill, I believe the chair is fundamentally wrong. I do not necessarily oppose the bill, but I do believe we should follow procedure. I move to appeal the decision of the chair.
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  11. Clay

    Ron Tilsley (D-WA-5)

    Sorry to see you leave. You've been signed out.
  12. Clay

    Theresa Kelly (R-AK)

  13. Clay

    James Parker (R-CA-44)

  14. TexAgRepublican

    Final Vote: Fighting Childhood Poverty Act

    Change to aye
  15. Madam Chairwoman, The schools that would be subject to this grant program aren't simply the author's favorite schools, but historic African-American land-grant colleges and universities. These schools have played a vital role in providing higher education to African-Americans, particularly in the fields of food and agricultural sciences. As the average age of farmers and producers continues to rise, and as so many African-Americans still find themselves socially and economically disadvantaged, these schools are more relevant than they've ever been. African-Americans need more paths to a middle class lifestyle, and America needs more farmers and producers -- the younger the better. By addressing both issues with more funding to these schools so they can continue to provide this needed education, this bill is a win-win and should enjoy bipartisan support. I yield.
  16. The Chair interprets the following to be a sufficient plain English summary: The request to withdraw this bill from the docket is therefore denied.
  17. TexAgRepublican

    James Parker (R-CA-44)

    Nice to see you here!
  18. Christopher Williams

    James Parker (R-CA-44)

    Welcome to the game and the party!
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    Leave of Absence

    Taking another LOA. I'll be back on the boards by Saturday, but still avail via tele.
  20. Name: James (Jimmy) Taylor Parker Jr. Avatar: Dan Quayle Date of Birth: July 26, 1951 Plate of Birth: Oceanside, CA Residence: San Diego, CA Party: Republican Faction: Establishment Religion: United Methodist Family Information: Father: James Taylor Parker Sr. 1919) Mother: Amelia Arlene Parker (b. 1921) Wife: Maryanne Parker(formerly Daniel) Married 1978 Son: James Taylor Parker III (b. 1980) Daughter: Daniela Amelia Parker (b. 1984) Educational History: B.A. Political Science - United States Naval Academy 1973 J.D. - University of Southern California 1983 Occupational History: United States Marine Corps (Active Duty), Captain - 1973-1980 United States Marine Corps Reserve, Major - 1983-Present RAND Corporation, International Law Consultant - 1983-1986 James Taylor Parker Jr. was born on July 26, 1951 in Oceanside, CA, to James and Amelia Parker. James Parker Sr. was a career Marine Corps officer stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time of Jimmy's birth. Jimmy grew up traveling the world as his father was stationed in California, Okinawa, and North Carolina. After Jimmy graduated high school in 1969, he went on to the Naval Academy like his father. Jimmy graduated the Naval Academy in 1973 with a degree in Political Science. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the USMC in 1973 and began flight training. In 1975 he joined his first operational squadron, VMFA-232 in Iwakuni, Japan, where he flew the F-4 Phantom. In 1978, at this time he was a Captain, he returned to his native San Diego to be an instructor at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School at NAS Miramar. He married his wife, Maryanne at this time. In 1980, Jimmy decided to resign his commission and go to law school. He attended the USC law school and earned his J.D. in 1983. After graduation from USC, he worked as a legal consultant at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica dealing in international law. While doing this, he returned to the military, this time in the Marine Corps Reserves as a JAG officer. He is currently a Major. In 1986 he was encouraged by his father's good friend Donald Rumsfeld to run for congress, which he did, and won.
  21. Madam Chairwoman, I would note that this bill does not have a plain English summary as required by the rules and ask that it therefore be withdrawn from the docket. I am also slightly confused as to as to the purpose of this bill. It appears designed to hand out hardworking taxpayers’ money to a limited selection of the author’s favorite schools. What evidence is there that the schools need these funds? Is there really no better use for these funds? I yield
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