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  2. Sutherland Opposes Federal Overreach Washington, D.C. -- The U.S. House of Representatives recently considered legislation that would mandate a 60-day notice requirement on plant closures or mass layoff notices. Congressman Andrew Sutherland (R-IL-6) issued the following statement opposing the legislation. “Once again instead of finding ways to lift up job creators, Washington insiders have used their clout to line their pockets why hurting the middle-class men and women who depend on the jobs being created,” Sutherland said. “Instead of creating government overreach into the private sector, how about we find ways to protect these jobs and create more of them.” Sutherland is ready to work with any member of Congress who wants to find real solutions to the real issues the country is facing. ###
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  4. MrAnderson

    Press Office of Anderson Kaine for President 1988

    Kaine-Saroyan Stand for Teachers and Students, Calls for Innovation in Education The Kaine-Saroyan campaign is redoubling its commitment to improving America's education system. With the world economy changing, better education is required for Americans to maintain its place as the best in the world. Kaine-Saroyan promise a three-step plan to guarantee the best students in the world are right here in the USA. First, ensure a computer in every classroom, so students may learn the technology that is a key component of top tier jobs in the new economy. By making technology a central component of education, our students will have a deep knowledge and understanding of technology, making them more capable of innovating and keep America at the world's pinnacle. Second, expand the quality of education by helping encourage competition through teacher incentives. As a former teacher, Anderson Kaine knows the dedication this profession takes. This component includes expanding tax breaks for teachers who invest in their classrooms, and providing incentives to push better quality educators into the cities where more students are left behind than anywhere else. As schools improve Third, the Kaine-Saroyan administration will encourage innovation in the American education system by promoting more competition in the education sector. Their administration will support widespread adoption of magnet and charter schools within the public school system, increasing opportunities and competition to ensure the highest quality education for all of our children. Their plan is the only comprehensive and specific plan that can bring our schools backs to the top. Even John White's own running mate, Jackson Clay, agrees, endorsing the platform when introducing the Computer Literacy Act of 1988 that attempts to enact a first step of the Kaine plan. This bipartisan support for the Kaine-Saroyan plan to put a computer in every classroom is a sign that Kaine-Saroyan can govern America effectively, and deliver on these plans. If you want a strong education plan for all Americans over the next four years, support the Kaine-Saroyan ticket.
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  8. PR #4 - Callaghan Expresses Disgust Over Inclusion of Schlafly at RNC Washington D.C. - Congresswoman Elizabeth Callaghan expressed her disgust over the decision by the RNC to allow noted anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly to speak at the Republican National Convention. Mrs. Schlafly famously led the movement that resulted in the Equal Rights Amendment not being ratified by the required number of states to place it in the Constitution. Congresswoman Callaghan connected the decision to allow Mrs. Schlafly to speak to the Kaine Campaign's contempt for issues that matter to women voters everywhere. She concluded her remarks reaffirming her support for John White for President. Her full statement can be read below:
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  10. The Chair thanks the Ranking Member but will take the gavel for this debate.
  11. John White

    Illegal Immigration Control Act

    The Chair thanks the Ranking Member, but will take the gavel for this debate.
  13. Clay

    Committee Roster

    White will Chair ASFAJ now
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  15. Clay

    Press Office of Jackson Clay

    Clay Joins Ticket, Passes Bills Q3 1988 | Press Release #7 Dayton- Leader Jackson Clay, the Representative of Indiana's Second Congressional District, has been selected by Congressman John White as his running mate for the 1988 election. Representative Clay is happy to join a true warrior for the Democratic cause, and to have the opportunity to continue his service to his country as Vice President. He will continue, for the time being, in his role as House Majority Leader, and will continue to advocate for the legislative agenda that Democrats have been pushing in the House of Representatives since the start of his leadership. Under Indiana law, he is also allowed to be on the ballot for both Vice President, and Representative, and he intends to continue his congressional campaign while running for higher office. Under that leadership, the Democratic Party has passed many parts of its agenda into law. These include the Rural Health Improvement Act, which will help rural communities like those Rep Clay represents in places like Winchester, and Daleville, that aren't close to major medical centers. Thanks to House Democrats, these rural towns are closer to getting local medical care than they ever have been. If this bill is passed into law, they will all benefit greatly, thanks to the leadership of Congressional Democrats. Other bills include the Real Right to Work Act, which is a bill that would help workers who are in danger of losing their jobs have the time they need to look for new employment or look into potential actions against their employers if things have been done improperly. Congressional Republicans, including Representative Kaine, the Republican nominee, voted against this bill. Their decision has proven to all the people of this country that they are not as pro-worker as they claim, regardless of their attempts to spin their votes. Leader Clay intends to push more bills that will help his constituents, and to build on the good work that has already been done by Congressional Democrats.
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  19. PR #2 - Bauer Addresses Social Security at DNC Pittsburgh - California State Controller Richard Bauer addressed the Democratic National Convention in Pittsburgh where he spoke on the issue of social security. State Controller Bauer endorsed John White for President of the United States before criticizing GOP efforts to cut essential programs like Social Security and Medicaid. Bauer outlined why voters shouldn't trust Republicans who claim to want to protect social security when they have consistently cut spending. His full remarks can be read below:
  20. PR #1 - Bauer Criticizes Incendiary Language and Dog Whistles Used By Opponent at RNC Sacramento - California State Controller Richard Bauer recently criticized what he described as "incendiary language" used by his opponent for the U.S. Senate, Congressman Jack Swanner, in his criticisms on illegal immigration. While also a proponent of strengthening border security, State Controller Bauer expressed his displeasure with the idea propagated by Congressman Swanner that a new swath of illegal immigrants may attempt to enter the United States due to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. State Controller Bauer's full remarks can be read below:
  21. PR #3 - Callaghan Delivers Keynote Address at Democratic National Convention Pittsburgh - After successfully lobbying the DNC to hold the Democratic National Convention in Pittsburgh, Congresswoman Elizabeth Callaghan delivered the keynote address in what can be summed up as a triumphant success. Congresswoman Callaghan closed the first night of the convention with a well-received speech aimed at criticizing the actions of the Reagan Administration, highlighting the successes of the Democratic Congress, and providing a positive vision for what a White Presidency would be like in contrast to Anderson Kaine. Her full remarks can be read below:
  22. PR #1 - Maddox Addresses Democratic National Convention Pittsburgh - Mississippi Congressman Judson Maddox (D-MS-01) addressed the Democratic National Convention in Pittsburgh. Congressman Maddox expressed his endorsement of fellow congressman John White before using the rest of his time to advocate for veteran issues. Reviews of the speech indicated that it was both effective in highlighting why John White is the stronger candidate for leadership on veteran issues and for its change in pace in highlighting the need to address crucial issues facing veterans regardless of party. His full address can be read below:
  23. MrAnderson

    Kaine Press Conference on RRTWA

    Kaine: "Thank you, Thomas. My voting record is actually among the most pro-worker in Congress for either party, with key co-sponsorships and being more outspoken than anyone else in Congress on their needs. But those bills you're asking about don't help working Americans. They hurt them, and I can't in good faith support that. Minimum wage should be handled at the state and local level, because there are a lot of problems with a national policy that races so far ahead of the states. And I have been clear and consistent in that regard in my public statements to that affect. A national minimum wage increase encourages outsourcing not just to other countries, but out of the rural districts that make up much of this country and move to big cities that would still be tantamount with poverty wages there. Let the states, and communities, raise their minimum wage to address their cost of living, and let people in the rural parts of the country have a wage that let's them keep their job and keep regional inflation low. Supporting a national minimum wage is picking winners and losers in the economy. I'd rather all Americans won. And as I've said now several times, the RRTWA doesn't help workers. It kills jobs, plain and simple. The bill is just bad policy."
  24. John White

    Press Office of John White for President

    Official Press Release From The Press Office of John White for President DNC Convention - "Unity Over Division" Pittsburgh, PA -- After the convention, John White was excited and energized to hit the campaign trail again and continue to meet countless Americans. John White has made it a point to meet as many Americans as he can, listening to their stories and concerns and working to find solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis. The Democratic National Convention, which just concluded, was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Civic Arena. Throughout the three day event, the new path forward was laid out and explained in great detail. "When you look at our convention, we discussed every issue that Americans for worried about. You heard our plans on the economy, jobs, restoring the middle-class, healthcare, education, social security and how we will restore our image on the international stage. I am proud that we were able to provide real policy initiatives that work for all Americans, not just a select-few." John White stated when asked about the convention. John White also stated, "I am proud that we were able to, as a Party, reject the policies of trickle-down economics and understand that our hard-working middle-class must be strengthened and helped. This campaign will continue to push those ideas, initiatives and ensure that on election day, we finish construction on our bridge to a new path forward." The stark difference between conventions was clear. The Republicans, led by Congressman Kaine, doubled-down on trickle-down, pushing for more tax cuts for the select-few wealthiest Americans.
  25. John White

    Press Office of John White for President

    Official Press Release From The Press Office of John White for President Convention Speech Highlights Pittsburgh, PA -- John White's convention address focused on the new path forward he is offering to our nation. John White spoke of unity, togetherness and building a bridge towards a stronger tomorrow for our nation. His speech touched on the need to reject trickle-down economics, strengthen the middle-class, invest in our children, rebuild our communities and coming together as a nation as well as his foreign policy agenda. Below are just a few of the highlights from the speech: "I remember like everyone in this room, when President Reagan spoke about the Shining City on a Hill, almost eight years ago. Where our nation was full of hope for a brighter future and where so many Americans were excited. However, what we have gotten, is a Shining City on a Hill for the select-few wealthiest of Americans and a forgotten about city, run-down and left behind for the millions of middle-class Americans. What we have received from the policies of President Reagan, Congressman Kaine and the Republican Party is continuous tax breaks for the select-few wealthiest Americans, a hard-working middle-class forgotten about and pushed aside, a shaky, uncertain economy, jobs leaving our nation and broken promises." "Tonight, is about a building a bridge, embarking on a journey, so that every American, regardless of race, color or gender can achieve the American Dream. The journey includes a renewal of hope in our nation. I believe that America is a beacon of hope and freedom, a light of democracy for the world to see. It is a shame that the world looks us this way, but we have so many men and women in our nation who have lost hope and belief and we must restore that. We must reverse the policies that Congressman Kaine has supported that has equated to so many facing and feeling income inequality, struggling just to make ends meet, feel a lack of opportunity, are stricken with violence and crime and faced with discrimination because of a feeling that we do not care or do not listen as a government. Tonight, my friends, tonight we change that. Tonight, we lay the first bricks on the bridge, we take the first steps in our journey." "Our path forward, includes a nation of inclusion not rejection, a nation of unity and togetherness instead of division and separation. Men and women around our nation should not be rejected opportunities because of the color of their skin, their economic status or their gender. America is the greatest country in the world and that beacon we discussed. We must protect what made our nation this beacon - tearing down divisions, promoting unity and giving every American the opportunity to achieve their dreams. This new path forward puts focus back on that and rejects the calls against that, the calls that you have heard from Congressman Kaine and the Republican Party. Tonight, we not only reject trickle-down economics, but we reject the continued politics of hate, fear and separation and turn towards unity, hope and change."
  26. Conrad

    Illegal Immigration Control Act

    24 hours for debate
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