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  2. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES QUARTER 1 Mr. Blackstone, for himself, introduces the following bill; A BILL To make public transportation free for all during federal elections. SECTION I: SHORT TITLE This bill may be referred to as Public Transport for Voters Act SECTION II: CREATION OF PROGRAM This bill makes it mandatory that all public transportation programs within metropolitan cities be provided free of charge on the date of federal elections. SECTION III: DEFINING KEY TERMS This bill defines “metropolitan cities” as cities with populations totaling over 250,000 citizens. Public transportation programs - refers to all service involved in the transportation of passengers for hire by means of street railway, elevated railway, subway, underground railroad, motor vehicles, or other means of conveyance generally associated with or developed for mass surface or sub-surface transportation of the public SECTION IV: IMPLEMENTATION Any service company within the public transportation sector must provide free service to customers during the date of a federal election. Failure to do so will result in a 180 day suspension of their business license. PES: Makes Public transportation free on federal election dates.
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  6. David Johnson Republican Party Reaganite Texas 22nd congressional district November 8th 1953 Houston Texas Houston Texas University of Texas at Austin in economics Evangelical Christian Male White Owner of the Daily Liberty 1972 -1978 David Johnson was born on November 8th 1953. In his teen years he discovered Ayn Rand and other conservative-libertarian economists. In college he was a member of the Young Republicans Club and was a die hard card carrying Republican except on the issue of the Vietnam War which he was adamently opposed. In college he started a libertarian conservative newspaper called The Daily Liberty.in 1976 he was a massive supporter of then Governor Ronald Reagan for president. In 1978 he ran for the House of Representatives. In 1980 he again supported Ronald Reagan for president.He was a massive supporter of Reagan's economic policy but did criticize some of his foriegn policy decisions.
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  9. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mr. Storm, Mr. King and Mr. Boxer (for themselves and for others with special thanks to Mr. Rockefeller) introduced the following bill A BILL Section 1.Short title This bill shall be known and cited as the ‘The Stand Against Apartheid Act of 1987.’ Section 2. SENSE OF CONGRESS. General Provisions - Expresses the sense of the Congress that the President should: (1) denounce the use of violence by the South African Government and call upon the South African Government to immediately terminate the nationwide state of emergency and release all detainees; (2) urge the African National Congress to condemn the practice of "necklacing" and to take actions against such practice; (3) clearly, state that the United States does not condone the use of violence as a means of achieving or thwarting political change in South Africa. (4) demand the immediate release of all political detainees, anti-apartheid activists, and journalists (5) demand that the South African Government abolish its system of Apartheid and begin immediately a truth and reconciliation council to mediate the horrors dealt to the South African people (6) demand the South African Government end the banning of all racialized political parties currently under banning orders (7) the US government in agreement with the South African and ANC representatives will establish an envoy to begin negotiations for immediate transfer of power from white minority rule to majority rule without preconditions or special status politically for the minority. (8) assert that the President should immediately enforce all provisions contained in the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 as well as this bill upon its enactment (9)Demand that the President cut all economic ties to the South African Government until apartheid is abolished 10)Requires the President to confer with other industrialized democracies in order to reach cooperative agreements to impose sanctions against South Africa to bring about the dismantling of apartheid. Requires the President to report to the Congress concerning such efforts. Requires the President to seek United Nations Security Council adoption of the same sanctions against South Africa as are imposed by the United States. (Present law only encourages the President to take such actions.) 11)Requires the President to impose penalties against foreign persons taking significant commercial advantage of U.S. sanctions against South Africa or comparable sanctions of other industrialized democracies. (Present law only authorizes the President to impose such penalties.) Includes as such a penalty the restriction of such a person from contracting with U.S. Government entities. Allows the President to waive such penalties for foreign persons of an industrialized democracy that is a party to a cooperative agreement to impose sanctions against South Africa. Requires the President to revoke such waiver if the industrialized democracy is not adequately enforcing the measures provided for under the agreement. Requires that information concerning the extent to which import restrictions were being enforced by other industrialized democracies must be included in the Secretary of State's annual report to the Congress. 12) Prohibits any U.S. person from providing transport to South Africa of a commercial quantity of crude oil or refined petroleum products. Specifies that such prohibition includes transport on a vessel of U.S. registry or on a vessel owned by a U.S. person. 13)Prohibits the Secretary of Energy from authorizing any person to engage, directly or indirectly, in the production of special nuclear material in South Africa. Section 3. Visas. Visa-Allowance: 5% of the F-1 visas allowed in FY1988 should be reserved for South Africans who can present hardship due to apartheid 10% of refugee Visas shall be reserved for South Africans who can present hardship due to apartheid Section 4. PROHIBITION OF South African IMPORTS. (a) As long as the South African Government maintains a system of Apartheid all trade with South Africa shall be illegal Section 5. Travel Ban. Until the system of Apartheid is dismantled, travel to South Africa will be banned. Section 6. Money Ban. Until the system of Apartheid is dismantled, federal US funds cannot (treasuries, bonds, trade debts, or otherwise) be used to support the political or economic interests of the South African government.
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  12. FCC Repeals the Fairness Doctrine Former FCC Chairman Mark Fowler was the architect of the Fairness Doctrine Repeal. Washington D.C. - In an impressive victory for the Reagan Administration, the Federal Communications Commission has repealed the Fairness Doctrine by a 4-0 vote. The effort to repeal the Fairness Doctrine began back in 1985 during the tenure of former FCC Chairman Mark Fowler. The mantle of the repeal has been carried over by current FCC Chairman Dennis Patrick who, after the vote, was quoted stating, "We seek to extend to the electronic press the same First Amendment guarantees that the print media have enjoyed since our country's inception." Liberal activists groups have expressed their dissatisfaction with the FCC decision and the lack of effort by Congressional Democrats to consider any effort to block the repeal or codify the Fairness Doctrine. The proposed "Truth Style Doctrine" made public by former House Majority Leader Augustus King (D-CA) was seemingly rejected by liberal activist groups due to the lack of congressional efforts to make that idea a tangible reality. Liberal activist groups were similarly upset with the support of the repeal from Boll Weevil Democrats, such as Douglas Seymour (D-SC), who was quoted stating, "Nothing would stop certain media from continuing to abide by the Doctrine, and greater competition in the marketplace will enhance opportunities for the average voter and citizen to make up their mind." Congressman Seymour similarly criticized the "Truth Style Doctrine" and promised to oppose any effort to pass legislation of that nature in Congress. The Fairness Doctrine is no doubt a victory for the Reagan Administration as a long-sought goal has been achieved. How the repeal impacts the state of media remains to be seen but experts expect that politically ideological media outlets could rise in prominence within the public sphere. The end of the Fairness Doctrine also opens the door to an unprecedented amount of independent media outlets gaining in prominence and influence in Washington and beyond.
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  14. Character Name: Michael Keane Political Party: Democrat Faction: Progressives Seat Held: Massachusetts 11th Date of Birth: November 21st 1945 Place of Birth: Boston Place of Residence: Boston Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Catholic Family Information: Wife - Lara Keane (February 18th 1947 - Married, 1968) Son - Michael Keane (April 10th 1970, 17) Son - Rory Keane (March 28th 1972, 14) Daughter - Catherine (April 14th 1975, 12) Educational History: 1964-1968: Boston University (Political Science - BA) Occupational History: 1963-1964: Intern for Rep. James A. Burke 1964-1966: Aide for Rep. James A. Burke 1966-1973: Policy Advisor for Rep. James A. Burke 1973-1987: Chief Policy Advisor for Rep. Brian J. Donelly 1987-Present: Representative for Massachusetts 11th Congressional District Biography: Third generation Irish immigrant, Michael's family immigrated to America due to the hardship of the Irish Potato Famine. The Keane family set up a new life in Boston like many Irish immigrants. Since then the family has moved from poverty in Ireland, to relative success in America. The Keane family have owned a chain of bars in Boston since the early 1900s, which have proved to be successful. Michael however wants a different career from the family tradition, looking to help those in need by fighting for them in Congress, giving a helping hand to those who need it, much like America did for his family.
  15. The vote was made before the Congressman of South Carolina was appointed to this committee, therefore the Speaker's vote is valid and is to be counted.
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    Axel Storm is to be placed on the HELP committee.
  17. The committee will now vote on this bill. 24 hours for voting. Aye
  18. The Chair withdraws this bill from the docket due to the absence of a plain English summary.
  19. Upon further reflection, the points raised by the minority members are well taken. The Chair withdraws this bill from the committee's docket.
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